Friday, November 30, 2007

What Are A Chef To You?

I were on the phone with my friend few days ago and all of a sudden, we begin to bring back old stories about our working life in hotel. Ya, ya, ya! I am a ex-hotelier. Nothing to be hu-har about. Hotelier life is fun and also boring at times. But, what me and my friend were talking about that day is about the chefs. Yes, those CHEFS who think they are the smartest. So, what is a chef to you? And let me share with you what are a chef to us. I am going to make a very simple way of explanation.

To us there are many types of chefs. Here it goes :-
Ok! You might say that I am talking nuts here. All chefs can cook mah! You just read on. To us, cooking chefs means he or she can really do their work one - whom can cook deliciously and also having consistency all the time. A good chefs will know their ingredients well and able to accept customers criticism to improve themselves.

IT chef is a person who damn good in using his pc or laptop but cannot handle pan and pots properly. It's true. Don't underestimate this chefs. They can be better than any of us at anytime. What do a IT chef do? Apa lagi? Stick with the pc or laptop all the time lar. Ahem!!! Not that they are doing work with the pc but looking for some other interesting site. What else? Searching and looking at those humsap pictures lar. I no bluff you one. That is what 1 of the chef did when I were in his office. Lagi, he dare to tell me that girl got big boobsss wor........... What were my reaction? I f*ck him no time lar.

That is our favourite phrase to many chefs among me and my other colleagues last time. Why? Most of the time they will just sit down in the office and write and write. Don't know what they hell they write. Why we call them paper chef? Very simple, can write but cannot cook. That's simple. Not that they are busy planning or writing recipe but don't know what the hell they write also.

Ok. No deny men are born to be humsap. But being humsap also must have gaya and standard lar, rite or not? Sometimes, I find this chefs make men look so cheap. Sorry lar for saying that but it's so true. Eyes see, mouth also want to talk ok BUT hands also want to touch, that is too much liau leh. Some sales person who are ladies normally like to wear sexily to visit the chefs during their sales-call. That is purposely one lar. Then, some chefs will off look mah. Aiyah! Free one who don't look, I also will do the same lar. Afterthat, the mouth also open and begin his humsap talk. Later, pretend to put the hand on the should and raba raba. No deny, some sales girl allow that to happen. Why? Because they want to get sales lar. Even this humsap chefs also dare to disturb their own fellow colleagues one.

There are also chef who are 'chicken' with no balls. They will talk like a loud speaker in front of people but when problem comes, they cabut liau and don't dare to come out to face it. Who will get it? Off course the assistant and the rest of his team lar.

There are more but this are the quite famous one the we normally call them. To me most chefs had got very bad temper. It's true! In front of a customer they are damn so good but at the back of the kitchen ................ fly pan and pots lar. Sometimes plate also. At times, if they are not in the good mood, I pity the subordinate who kena f*ck with no reason. Also, most chefs cannot accept people comments and criticism. It's very very true. I have come across where I told the chef that my customers commented on the dishes and the answer given is, the food is like that already and we are not going to change. Ok lor! Don't change mah don't change lor. If GM ask, I will just answer like how the chef tell me only mah. Apart from that, chefs are very old-fashion at times. They can't accept new stuff. 1 example, have you eaten konnyaku jelly in a hotel? NO RITE? But everyone know about it and most properly our mum had been making it very often too. Chefs always think that they have a good food bible and that's it. They are going to follow it and not going to change. Come on! Technology are improving and so does food ingredients. That is why certain company wanted to hired foodtologist. For what? To improve lar.
Maybe, you could be a hotelier or a ex-hotelier. You can be a non-hotelier too. So, have you come across any chef that you know that have funny attitude that you wish to share?
Note : The above comments are base on my experience. Photos are taken from


Sweet Jasmine said...

wuah..ha..ha..erina...u make me laugh until my perut also sakit..!!
i have heard many stories about chefs recently..becoz son H is doing his industrial a 5 star hotel..and he told me so many stories of these chefs when he was working in the kitchen...he told me about the humsup chefs..and how they use to boast about their humsup a novice like my son was so suprise that they used the four letter word so freely as if they are u know what#### besides their cooking....!!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

What sort of chefs am I ??? I really don't know how to cook whorr?? He! He! Interesting & funny post! Have a nice weekend!

erinalaw said...

-Sweet Jasmine-
Oh! Your son is in this industrial? Hahaha...... he surely have lots to learn. They are very good in 'cakap kosong'. He soon find out more about them who can just talk but cannot do. Your son is in Penang?

You? You are surely a Horny Chef. LOL. It may be funny to some people but this is the fact about them. At least you dare to admit you are horny but they dare not. They just want to boast about themselves - how great they are. They are just talking rubbish most of the time.

L'abeille said...

Aiyor yor...I thought chef is chef until I read your post today *LOL*

Big Boys Oven said...

Hahahah this is so eye opening and incredible funny! love it!