Friday, July 25, 2008

Yummy Noodle

I have been to place a few times and I really like the way they serve their noodle. Maybe some Penangnite will know this place - Wan Zhao Jun Restaurant at Rangoon Road. Do give it a try if you are getting bored of having the old same Wan Tan Mee, Char Koay Teow, Hokkien Mee or Curry Mee for breakfast.

Wang Shao Jun Restaurant
73, Rangoon Road, 10400
012-555 9046 / 012-4709549

Fried Noodle with Braised Pork Rib

Tai Pan (Flat Noodle) with Steam Fish

This is very unique. Not tomyam beehoon. It's beehoon in sour & spicy soup with fried fish meat. My favourite.

Side Dish - their very own way of cooking the taufu

This place is always quite pack in the morning. You might have to stand and wait for awhile. With the fuel price that shoot up like nobody business, many of us have been saving in lots of things but we have been working like cows and donkeys wor............................. maybe should pampered ourselves once in a bluemoon, agree?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lum Mee

Lum Mee is actually quite similar to noodle soup but in Lum Mee they give you lesser soup and the condiments given are different too. The condiments are such as chicken meat, meat ball, fish ball, sliced fried egg, fried onion and sambal. My father in law make good lum mee and I learn it from him. Moreover, hubby loves this very much. Well, another way to the man heart is thru his stomach.

This type is for hubby, my sister and myself. My sister was trying to be funny and ask me, 'cheh why the egg got red and yellow color only? Where is the green color? Then, it will look like a traffic light................' Niamah. Cook for her lagi talk so much.
This is for my kids. Don't it look lovely with the smiley star fishball?
Recipe for the soup
3 pcs of drumstick
1kg of chicken bones
2 liters of water
salt & pepper to tasting
2 tbsp cornflour mix with some water
1. Place the drumstick, chicken bone and water in a pot and boil for about 1 hour.
2. Then, take out the drumstick and remove the meat. Put the bone back to the pot and let it cook. Add salt and pepper to tasting.
3. Then, mix in the cornflour mixture to slightly ticken the soup. Not too much otherwise you will have starch instead of soup. A little bit of the cornflour mixture is to make the soup taste smooth.
Other ingredients (below items are depends on how much you want to consume. So, buy according to the number of person that you will be serving)
Yellow Noodle
Bihun (Rice Noodle)
Fried Shallot
Shreded chicken meat from the drumstick
Some slice fried egg *
*Slice Fried Egg
2 to 3 eggs
a little red colouring (optional)
1. Beat the egg and add some colour.
2. Pour some oil in the pan and put some egg to fried with low heat.
3. Then slice it.
It's just like the normal way we cook our noodle soup. Put the noodle in the hot water and toss it a while. Put the fishball or meatball in the boiling water to cook. Then, place all the things in a plate/bowl. Pour some soup and serve it with some sambal.
Lum Mee is also known as Birthday Noodle too. Don't ask me why ok?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Teatime Liau Lor....................

Everyone had got their favourite food during the teatime. Few days ago when I were back to my parents house, mum make some snacks for teatime. Well, my mum is a good cook and loves all of us very much. Whenever we go back, she will take the trouble to go to market early in the morning to shop and cook good food for us. Even thought, I am already in my early 30's but I am always a young girl to her. *face red*

Goreng cempedak for her grandchildren (that are my kids lar) Char Siew Pork (BBQ Pork) Pastry for the family
Inside are charsiew, onion, carrots and green beans. It's super yummy. Me and mum enjoy it so much
I make some doughnuts for the kids and dad
This I gave to my friend. Doughnut with apple filling and raspberry filling. Yum yum......
Me and mum always love to bake and cook. Whenever the 2 of us sit together, we have got lots and lots of topics to talk about. If we ever have a chance and time, the 2 of us will cook together and have some fun time. Oh yes! I and mum love doing experiment on food too. Once it's fail, we will throw and begin again. *I know there are wastage but we want to make good food for the family mar*

Friday, July 11, 2008


I got an email from a friend and I would like to share it with all of you.
FYI... One real story from a friend....My husband was working in a hospital as an IT engineer, as the hospital is planning to set up a database of its patient. And he knows some of the doctors quite well. The doctors used to tell him that whenever they have a headache, they are not willing to take PANADOL (PARACETMOL). In fact,they will turn to Chinese Herbal Medicine or find other alternatives. This is because Panadol is toxic to the body, and it harms the liver. According to the doctor, Panadol will reside in the body for at least 5 years. And according to the doctor, there used to be an incident where an air stewardess consumes a lot of panadol during her menstrualas she needs to stand all the time. She's now in her early 30's, and she needs to wash her kidney (DIALYSIS) every month. As said by the doctor that whenever we have a headache, that's because it is due to the electron/Ion imbalance in the brain. As analternative solution to cope with this matter, they suggested that we buy 1 or 2 cans of isotonic drink ( eg.100PLUS), and mix it with drinking water according to a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 (simply,it means one cup 100plus, one cup water.or 2 cups water).
Me and my husband have tried this on several occasions, and it seems to work well. Another method will be to submerge your feet in a basin of warm water so that it bring the blood pressure down from your throbbing head. As Panadol is a pain killer, the more Panadol you take, the lesser would be your threshold for pain (your endurance level for pain). We all will fall ill as we aged, for woman, we would need to go through childbirth. Imagine that we had spent our entire life popping quite a substantial amount of Panadol (Pain Killer) when you need to have a surgery or operation, you will need a much more amount of general anesthetic to numb your surgical pain than the average person who seldom or rarely takes Panadol .. If you have a very high intake of Panadol throughout your life (Migraine, Menstrual cramps) it is very likely that normal general anesthetic will have no effects on you as your body is pumpedf ull with panadol and your body is so used to pain killer that you would need a much stronger pain killer, Morphine?? Value your life, THINK b4 you easily pop that familiar pill into your mouth again.
What do you think now??? I am a person who have migraine but I never want to take Panadol when it attack me. In return, I just have a cup of warm water and take a break for a while. My aunties (in fact all my dad sisters are nurses) do not encourage us to take panadol too. Why not give it a try on 100plus the next time if you have got an headache. Is there any doctors or nurses out there to comment on this?
It's not that I am afraid of death. Everyone will have to go thru that one day, just a matter of time but love our health. Going thru dialysis is a very painful thing. I have seen people experiencing it. Very very painful. Mei Leng, if you are reading this - stop taking panadol liau har?

Laksa? Hokkien Mee?

There are lots and lots of laksa and hokkien mee (prawn noodle) in Penang. Anywhere you go, you can easily find the laksa and hokkien mee stall but are they good? That is the question, rite? For holiday makers, most of them will visit stall at Gurney Drive and Lorong Selamat. That are the popular spot. Everytime, when our friends come from outstation without fail they must have this 2 type of food apart from Char Koey Teow.
Normally, we take them stall that are not know by many people from the outstation. Off course, these stalls are serving good stuff. One of the good laksa in Penang is located at Balik Pulau. It's not located in the town. This is at the residence near the fishing village. I guess most Penangnite know this place. They only open on Saturday and Sunday. However, it is save to call before you go.

Business hour and contact no. Please call before you go.

This is the owner.
Lots of fish meat in the laksa but some people do not like it. It depends.
They also serve hokkien mee. The soup is sweet coz they used alot of prawn shells. Don't forget they are living at the fishing village.
As you go in you will pass by a riverbank and lots of boats park by the side.
As you turn into this house for laksa and hokkien mee, you will see a malay stall that sell laksa too under the pokok assam (tumeric tree). Most of them call this stall Laksa Pokok Assam. Do drop by to enjoy a bowl of laksa. This is a different taste. It's a malay style. The best part is - self service. It's RM1/bowl. The man will give you a bowl and you do the rest of the stuff yourself. Put how much of noodle that can fit into your bowl. Cut the onion, chillies and cucumber by yourself. Stuff the ingredients to the maximum, pour in the soup and you only pay RM1. Don't it sound fun? We took our friends there the last time and he enjoy it. This stall is near a river and it's cooling too. Fun....................... that's all I can say.
Since is going to be a holiday tomorrow for Penangnites, do check it out if you haven't been there before.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Corn Soup

Weather was quite hot few days ago and today it rain like nobody business pulak. Nowadays weather is very hard to predict.
Normally, I don't boil soup when it's raining day. I rather cook something spicy. What to do? I have got all my stuff ready and I want to cook them for my kids. This is a good and simple soup to prepared.
Pork rib/lean pork/chicken 500g
Potatoes 4nos -cut cubes
Carrot 2 nos - cut cubes
Corn 3 nos - break into 3 pieces
Water 2liters
Method :
1. Put the meat/chicken in the boiling water for a few minutes to rinse away the dirt.
2. Put all the ingredients in the pot and boil for 2 hours with medium fire. You can also put that in the slow cooker - but cook it a big longer, about 3 hours on slow.
3. Then, season it with salt and some light soya sauce.
4. A nice bowl of hot and good soup is ready to consume.
Potatoes and pork meat
Carrots and corns. I have used the pearl corn in my soup.
A bowl of piping hot soup for my family
Anyway, born in the Cantonese family SOUP and DESSERT are very norm. Since young, I have soup for my meals almost everyday. Sometimes ago I had read on some articles talking about carrots and corns.
Carrots - source of beta carotene. Research from USDA saying that carrots helps in lower down cholesterol level too . Beta carotene is linked to reducing chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Good source of vitamin A too.
Corns - it's also called maze. Rich in proteins and carbohydrates.
Potatoes - Good source of vitamins. A medium-size potato (3 per pound) provides 1/3 the vitamin C recommended daily for an average adult. Potatoes also supply thiamin, niacin, iron, carbohydrates and small amounts of vegetable protein. Potatoes are low in sodium, virtually fat free and easy to digest. It said that potatoes are highly acceptable in almost any diet. Any comments???
This simple and easy to prepare soup will make your kitchen smell good. Kenny, remember to make some soup for yourself too since the weather there is super duper hot. You do take care.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Where To Buy Fresh Fish?

Where to buy fresh fish in Penang? I found out about this place few months ago and all I can say is - their fish is absolutely FRESH. Price is reasonable. The fishermen boat come back about 2pm and after they have clear their stuff, they will open their stall around 3.45pm to 4pm. They open everyday. It's located at Jalan Tanjung Bungah. If you are coming from Gurney Drive area, drive up to Paradise Sandy Beach Resort. Go further up and you will see Maxim Cake House. The stall is just opposite. For those who do not want to walk across, you can drive further up till the traffic light and make a turn back. The stall is also near to Tejani Clinic. There are lots of people who buy here. I go there at least twice a week to buy my seafood.

There are lots of choices but it also have to depends on the weather. Fish, prawns, crab and squid. All are fresh.................
They also help those customers to clean the fish. He is a very nice man.
Ever since I buy my seafood from here, hubby had been commenting that the fish he eat outside is not so nice. Last week, when we were at my parents house he told my mum that the fish from the market not so nice one. He tells her that next time when we go back, we will pack for her. Even my dad had reminded me to buy 2kg of kembung when I go back this weekend. He want to BBQ wor.
Do give it a try at this stall and I am sure you will go back again. Off course, there are also other stall but I am not too sure where it is. The others I had heard off is at Sungai Dua and Batu Maung. Anyone want to share where they buy fresh seafood?