Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No $$$ Then, Got No Rice To Eat Lor.....

No rice for everyone today!!!! WHY? No money mah eat roti lar. Hehehe............. Actually, due to the bad weather everyone at home is sick. The kids are sick, hubby is sick, my sister is sick and I am the only one - the only lucky one that is still healthy. Since everyone are sick, so no rice for them. Therefore, I made them my special tuna sandwich which my sister say she miss eating it so much. So, I wanna share the recipe with you. It's easy and healthy too.

2 cans of tuna. Any brand that you like.

1 lemon but we only need to have 1tablespoon of the juice only.

Mayonnaise. About 1 cup

2 green apples. Cut cubes.

1 onion. Chop please.
Sugar, Salt and Pepper to your taste.

This is the tuna with apples and onion. If you want it to be more tasty, add in some filamen stick

Tehreng! Tuna filling in the bread with some other condiments. Lettuce & tomato. Yumyum Here is my sandwich. Look yummy or not?

You can make the tuna and keep it in the fridge. No bread??? You can also used biscuit leh. Taste good too. You can also treat it like a salad. All you need to do is add in more tomato and lettuce. Horny, you should give it a try. Stay healthy mah.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Do They Look Nice?

I had been going thru a very busy week so, I could not write much. Yesterday, I were so busy in the kitchen with my sister with some baking and my hubby were playing with our son. We could hear their conversation from the kitchen. Then, after awhile I hear my hubby asking my son this, "what do you want daddy to draw"?. My son love to see drawing. Honestly, I am bad artist. I admit that. I am good in other art but not drawing. Both of them draw quite a lot of stuff. While my hubby draw, he actually teach our 4years old son what are those things.
My hubby did not know that I have scans a few pieces of the drawing and post it here. *darling, it's too late. by the time you see you, there are more people who know about it liau*. My son wanted all the pictures to be stick on the wall. Another way to decorate my wall?

Which one you like?
Is that a cat or a tiger? Opps! Better not comment so much as I am a worst artist.
Doremon, Bob the Builder and another character from the Japanese cartoon -My neighbour Totoro
This one is from the cartoon called Pocoyo. The elephant is called Elly wor......
Another picture of Pocoyo, Elly and the duck. Eh!!! Mickey is there too
So, how do you find my hubby art? Funny? Anyway, my son love it so much.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What Other Things I Do Apart From Blogging?

Guess everyone had a few activities to do apart from what they normally do. I have plenty of things to occupy myself during my free time apart from blogging. What most of us called is HOBBY. Most of my hobby had something to do with art but honestly never ask me to draw. I am a lousy artist in drawing. These are some of the things I do apart from blogging :-

I knit, crochet and sew. But what I love most is knitting. It make me feel so relaxing. Using a ball of yarn to end up with a blouse it's not so easy. A lot of patience is needed. I started picking up sewing 5 years back - during my 1st pregnancy. Till now, I think I had knitting more than 30 over blouses. Love my kit above?

This is what I am working with currently. I want to knit a tube. hehehe............... I normally have a few to do at the same time. The most is I do 4 blouses at a time. When I get bored with that colour, I change to another one lor.

At the same time, I am also making some coaster. Do you love the fabric? It's imported from US. 100% pure cotton. I normally buy them in 1/4 meter and I will buy a few design. Oh ya!!! I am also in the midst of making a teapot warmer. Same fabric as above.

This is table napkin. I hand-made it. I crochet the side like lace. Nice boh?

The next thing I do is cook and bake. I love to cook and bake. I started this since I were only 5 years old. Love my carrot cake above? Nice or not?

This is what I have done lately. Chocolate cake for my son and daughter. See the dinosaur that I put on top? It make the cake so lovely.

Some people ask me how can I have so many interest and how I can do so many things. I want to keep myself occupy and tried to do things I want to do while I can. I want to keep my brain working so I don't die so fast mah................... hahaha. So what do you do apart from reading blog and writing blog?

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another Award

Huei left a message asking me to go and claim an award. *scratch head* Guess what? She want to share her award with me. Nice boh? Huei ............... nothing I can say but only thank you. Thank you for sharing and passing it to me. You make my coming weekend happier. Hope I did not disappoint any of my readers. Muaahhh...................... thanks again Huei.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Brave Enough To Admit

Life had been really busy with me and I miss reading so many blogs. However, I did try my best to quickly go thru some of my favourite blogs but can't leave much comments.

Last few days, I read about this boy called Jeff Lee in The Star - Jeff : Friend Betrayed Me. He was brave enough to admit his mistakes. This young boy left his home in Sabah to come to Kuala Lumpur to look for a better future but who will know something might happen. Jeff Lee were arrested in Jan 07 as he failed to produce his IC when he were asked by a policewoman. So, later he was brought to the Kajang jail and till now they are still waiting for the next hearing date. He also had given the wrong IC number of his own so it make things more complicated. Jeff mentioned that he miss his mother so much and he wish his mother could forgive him. However, Jeff had been staying in the Kajang jail for more than 6 months. I hope he will be able to go home soon to see his mother.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Men Bored With Marital Sex After 5 Years

Yes, that was what mentioned in The Star today with the title - MEN BORED WITH MARITAL SEX AFTER 5 YEARS. This topic really draw my attention. I were wondering is this true? So, men get bored with their wife after 5 years of marriage? Die lor like that...................

In this case, we must all go and get advise from Horny Ang Moh. He can tell you lots of things about sex from A-Z. Maybe, he can share with us about style and ways on bed. Choi! Choi! Choi! Anyway, this is fact about life. If during my grandma time, if we were to talk about sex, they will say we ladies have got no shame. But now, anyone can talk about sex. Basically, we want to share the some knowledge with our friends. Even, nowadays we dare to talk about this subject with our male friend, agree?
Do you have any comment about this topic - MEN BORED WITH MARITAL SEX AFTER 5 YEARS. How do you look at this?

Monday, August 6, 2007

Coconut Drink + Orange?

Last week, we make a trip to Kangar - as usual we are there to look for food. On the way, my hubby suggested we drop by at Alor Setar to get some snacks. However, there were nothing much that we can choose. So, we just grab some simple snacks and drop by a stall for a drink. What attracted us? They served their coconut drink with a slice of orange. How it taste? Great!!! Something unique and tasted great too. Hmmmm....................
For this, you don't have to go all the way to Alor Setar to try. Just get some coconut juice and cut some oranges to place in it. Put lots of ice. It's refreshing. Try to serve your guests when they visit you. It's something new, rite?

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Does He Knows How To Read?

My son is 4 years old this year and most of the time he do funny stuff that is out of our expectation. Last Sunday while we drove back from my mom house to Penang, he did something that make himself look so mature. He was READING NEWSPAPER like a BIG BOSS. OMG!!! He is only 4 wor.............................. He saw my sister reading the newspaper and he wanted to read too therefore, my sister give him the comic page. This are the pictures that I manage to take.

Trying to find a good article to read * I think so*

Still trying to find a better one............. maybe the one he got earlier is boring

Finally, he found something interesting to read. See how serious is he...................
Mummy, all the articles and story are so bored. I am so sian......................