Saturday, November 10, 2007

What Sign Is That Please?

Last week, we make a trip to Gerik and half way I saw this sign but what does it mean? I never come across this one leh. I ask hubby and he say, beware of deer. hahahaha................. very funny. Anyone have seen this sign before or I am the 'suapah kau' one. So what sign is this?


I Cook4Fun said...

Yeah, that is the sign to beware of deer. We have plenty of deer here so this sign is everywhere. This is the first time I see it in Malaysia road though :)

Huei said...

it's beware of prancing reindeer! heheheh looks like a happy deer!

eh wait!

or it could be santa's parking space! =P hehehe

New Kid on the Blog said...

Beware of deer lor!!! No ah?

ipohchai said...

they have the elephant sign too.
so beware of elephant too :o lol