Tuesday, September 25, 2007


This lovely girl called beelibaala gave a me such a wonderful award. Thanks!!!! I am so glad that I manage to make you smile when you read my blog and I hope I did make everyone SMILE ..............................

Monday, September 24, 2007


Today is a special day in my calender, my dear darling lohkong birthday. I do not know wat cake to bake for him. In fact, he had told me earlier that he does not want a cake. He said that whenever he see a cake, he is afraid of it. Why? Because almost everyday I bake cakes. But, if birthday no cake, no fun rite? So, I have plan this much much earlier. Get my second sister to buy some nice condom from KL which she just send me last week. Hey! Thanks for that. It was my youngest sister who help to arrange for the posting coz I do not want my hubby to suspect anything. Smart leh!!! All of us pretend nothing happen. Even until yesterday nite also I pretend nothing and I knew he were disappointed. Thinking wat kind of wife is that who never wishes him. But, it's ok. This is a silly surprise I made for him after being together for 13 years (tat is include courting har). Since he does not want a big birthday cake, I decided to make him some cupcakes. I have in fact ask my friend who is a hotel artist to carve me something from a styrofoam. Kenny, thanks for that and that is real big one har? Hahaha................
Now, let me show you the special cake that I had made for my dear darling.................
Theng, theng, theng.................................
Here it is .....................................
Some simple cupcakes topped with some whipping cream and peaches. See there are so many hearts. Just for my man..................

Now, can you see what my friend Kenny had made for me? Yes! Yes! Yes! It's a BIG D***

What is for tonite? Hahahaha.................

So, how do you think of my silly cupcakes? Funny or not? Ladies, will you dare to make a cake like this for your man? Guys, would you love to receive such a cake from your dear one? Come come come, give me some honest answer. I dare to do it BUT only for MY DEAR DARLING.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another Lovely Award

Life is always great when you get something nice from someone. Just yesterday, I saw beelibaala left me a message asking me to claim my award from her. Wondering what award it could be and this is what I got from her - I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I love yours too. Honestly, both of us do not know each other. Sometimes, ago she ask me for my MSN. In fact, we did not really have a chance to chat until last Friday if I am not mistaken. We chat for almost and hour. Talk about food, life, marriage life and even giving birth. It's was really great talking to her.
I do not know what to tell you apart from thank you and I love your blog too. Ok! Ok! When you visit me the next time, I belanja you makan, ok?
So, now I want to share this with my favourite bloggers too. Here it goes to you ..................
3. Huei
The above blogs are also my hubby favourite too. If he ever leave comments at your blog, he could be using my name, ok? *shake legs and enjoy a cup of nice coffee*

Monday, September 10, 2007

What is Andropause?

Few weeks ago, we took our daughter to a clinic to see a doctor coz she wasn't felling very well. As usual, I will do the registration. Then, a poster draw my attention. The word low sex drive really bring my eyes to the poster to read on. Later, I ask hubby to take the picture for me and guess what? He stare at me and say, lu siau kah (are you mad)? I say, u paiseh (shy) kah? We were trying to challenge each other. Finally, I were the one who took it. Ok, it's was showing about Andropause. Eh!!! How come men also can menopause one? If I am not mistaken, AhPek did talk about this sometimes ago. Can't imagine if I am sitting in from of AhPek and Hor ny Ang Moh now. I am sure the 2 of them have lots of dirty stuff to share.

This is the poster and it say lack of se*x (type it this way so horny can read it from his holy office pc) can expand waist and lack of energy. No wonder Hor ny always do pokeing lar......
Can you see it clearly .......................... 40 years onwards have to take care liau.
Any men out there to share their opinion?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Making Quiche - Recipe

Life had been a little free this week and I have time to prepare some of my family favourite food. Each one get to give me 1 of their favourite and I will cook it for them. This is my youngest sister favourite as well as my mom favourite too. It's quiche!!! In fact everyone at home love it too. What is quiche? It's actually a tart that used mainly egg and milk or cream. The filling - it can be poultry, vegetables, meat or seafood. Quiche Lorraine is the most famous one and infact quiche is originated from French.

Let me share with you the recipe of quiche.

For the tart shell
340g plain flour
170g unsalted butter
150ml cold water
1/4 tsp salt
Method :
1. Combine the plain flour, salt and butter in a mixer bowl. Mix it. If you are using hand, use your finger tips and mix the mixture resembles coarse breadcrumbs.
2, Add in water gradually till mixture binds together.
3. Mould it into a ball and cover with cling film. Chill for at leas 20 minutes before rolling out.
4. Roll out and put it in the mould. Pricked with a fork at the pastry base. Then, put a greaseproof paper on top with some bake beans to do blind bake. (Note : it's very difficult to find bake beans in Malaysia. What i used is black beans)
5. Then, put it in the oven to bake for 15 - 30minutes at 190C. The time is depending on the size of mould you used.

Remarks : for me, I used the small tart mould which is only abt 10' diameter.
Note : 1. You can roll out in the tart mould and keep it in the freezer for as long as 1 month
2. When you need to use it, just take it out and thaw it before use
This is the bake tart shell.

For the Filling :
2 cans of Chicken Stew (I used Dinty Moore - see picture below)
Some broccoli - cut small
Some corn
Some chopped pineapple - my youngest sister wanted that to be in *crazy*
70ml fresh milk
4 eggs
Salt & Pepper to your taste

Method :
1. Mix everything together in a bowl. Then, place it in the tart shell and bake at 180C for about 15 minutes or till cooked. You can add some cheese on top or slice tomato.
2. Ready to be served. You can also keep this cook quiche in the fridge (last for 1 week) or in the freezer (last for 2 - 3 months). Whenever you want to consume it, just take it out and thaw. Then, heat it up in the oven or microwave. As simple as ABC .......................

I used this brand which I find it's taste quite good too.

Mixing everything in a big bowl

Add in the milk and egg. Remember to add some pepper or salt to your taste

Pour the filling in your tart shell. Ready to go into the oven liau.

Fresh & Hot Quiche from the oven. This is my sister one, she does not want tomato on the top.

The rest of us wanted to place a slice of tomato on top. Yumyum............

It goes very well with coffee or tea. I am sure everyone will love it. Let me know once you have tried it.

Have a great weekend!!!! Maybe you can do this tomorrow and keep it for your busy weekdays - breakfast, lunch, tea break, dinner or supper also can keh ...............

Monday, September 3, 2007

Who Is The Best To You?

I had told you that life have been very busy lately and I only got to sleep 3 hours daily. My eyes are like panda liau. Look at me also you will know but what to do? There are some stuff that I need to do that make me stay up late but somehow, I find it worthwhile lor. Yesterday, was the last day that I need to complete something therefore my hubby went over to my parents house to pick up my son. Then, my mom ask him weather I have eat or not. I forgot about my dinner also. hahaha.................. it's already 9pm leh. Mom get my hubby to sent me some food. It was our favourite food - Curry Fish. Eemmmmm ....................... She put lots of lady fingers and tomato for me. It's nothing exclusive but mom's is always the best. Even if she fried egg also it will taste better than anyone else - that is for sure. I forget to take a picture of the dishes she send over. Too hungry and I forget about it.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Youngest Chef In Action

Lately, I have so busy. Busy with baking and things that is in my shop. That is the reason why I hardly write. I have so much things to share but yet I don't have much time to allow me to do so. The other day, I were so busy baking some mooncake and my son who just came back from the nursery came into the kitchen and start to 'kepo' (busy-body) with my stuff. It's always like that, whenever I do something in the kitchen he will also want to take part. Thank god, my daughter is not around otherwise, she will follow what the elder brother is doing. *phew*

Wanna see the youngest chef in action?

So happen the is a balance of small dough in my mixer so, I allow him to play with it.

Take out that small dough and begin to do what I am doing. He is a fast learner.

Not enough............. take somemore from the mixer bowl.

Found my roller pin and begin to act like a smart chef lar

See how happy he is .......... later, mummy got to clean up lagi.

Alamak!!! This chef desperate for milk pulak. *fainted*

See .............. want to drink milk and play at the same time.

If you have kids like mind, you sure go crazy. Wait till the next time, I show you my daughter pulak. The flowers in my mom garden always botak. She always pluck all the flowers and sometimes even the leaves.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Will You Agree With Me, Ladies?

While hubby were driving me to my shop today, as usual I will day dream abit lar. *shy* Hey, it' not wrong to day dream abit, right? Then, something come to my mind that why men always treat cars as their wife or mistress har? Hoi, you man think we all ladies are like car also lar? Ok, if you think like that, I believe we women also can think of something else already. Want to know what? You men will surely laugh at me but ladies, please support me!
Since men think cars are their wife or mistress hor then it show the car is like a female object to them lor. So, we ladies are also like car to them. Therefore, if we are like cars it won't be wrong for us to have 4 tyres and a spare one rite? For girls that are not married, they can go dating with different guys lor? (I say DATING har) and for those who are married we can also have spare tyre lor ? Why not rite? If men can do that to us ladies, we can also be like that mah .........
In that case, I also want to go and look for spare tyre liau ........................... hehehe.
Note :- Please don't take this too seriously, it's just my 'moh-liau' (nonsense) comments. Today I need to bake 80 nos of cake so, my brain begin to fly somewhere else to think of something funny.