Monday, August 25, 2008

Special Gift

Kenny Ng just came back from Dubai about a week ago and today we are having a lunch date. Yes, lunch date ............................ :-) He will be leaving back to Dubai on Thursday. Meeting up with this man is not easy hor. Got to make appointment with him few months ahead one. Super duper busy and important man. hehehe................... When did I make my appointment to see him? Wow that was about 5 months back during our last meeting up in February 08.
During our last meet up, he told me that he will bring back some sand for me. I were wondering how is this man going to steal some sand for me..................... *scratch head*. So, during our lunch date today, he pass me a box.

This is the box stated Special Gift with 2 camels. ORIGINAL SANDS!!! Don't play play hor, it's real sand har! I ask him it that what he take from the ground. Then, he said nope. He bought that specially for me as a gift. Aiyoh ........................ sipeh paiseh.

There .......................... the sand. Can see kah? I had tried so long but still can't get a good pictures. Bad photographer. It had got 7 different types of sand there. It's really beautiful and unique. Thanks Kenny. Don't jealous hor with my gift. Where should I put this frame now. If I put at my work table sure got a lot of kepo people who will touch it. What if they break it? Nope. Take it back home ..................... Yes, put together with my others collection. Going to show off to my hubby later.

Kenny ...................... do you think on your next trip back you can bring me a camel kah? Real camel wor. Then, I can ride on it and don't have to pay for petrol liau. This one, I just feed with water only. Petrol very expensive. Water is cheaper. Can? Please .....................

Also wishing you a nice trip back to Dubai. Hope to see you next year, during the CNY. If got promotion then, the next meet up you belanja me liau. :-)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pig Stomach Soup + Yau Char Koay = YUMMY

Hubby and my youngest sister love pig stomach soup alot and for me, I don't like it! Since they have been asking it for sometimes, I decided to boil it for them. Just for the sake of 2 of them!!! This soup don't come cheap too. A pot will easily cost me about RM70.00.
Why so expensive?
Chicken RM17.00
Pig Stomach RM15.00
Pork meat RM5.00
Fish Maw RM25.00
Carrot RM1.50
Cabbage RM1.00
Straw Mushroom RM5.40
Button Mushroom RM2.60
Total RM72.50 (not inclusive of seasoning and gas)

All the ingredients in the pot. Ready for boiling it.
Pig Stomach Soup + Yau Char Koay = YUMMY

When hubby found out that I am boiling this soup, he asked me to buy some Yau Char Koay for him. He said it is very good to go with yau char koay. My answer to him is. 'you gila kah? Where got people eat like this one?' He said that how he saw one of the stall in Singapore serving it. So, I bought some yau char koay and later when my sister tried it, she said it's good. Maybe, you want to tried it yourself and let me know later.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

How Much Is A Slice Of Cake?

Hubby were away on a business trip for a week. Apa lagi???? I become single for a week. Wahaha....................... Off course, I am having lots and lots of fun but at the same time feeling sad too. No personal driver to drive me around. No walking atm with me. I hate eating alone too. Luckily, my youngest sister is back for a holiday. So, yesterday I took my sister to Parkroyal Hotel for a lunch at Cool Bananas. Nice name leh............................. wonder why they call it cool bananas? Hmmmmm......................

cool bananas....................

See the plastic bananas? They are lots of deco using bananas inside the restaurant. There were quite a lot of customers inside so, we got to sit outside.

We ordered a pizza. Choose 4 of your favourite filling. They will have a list for you to pick. We got share this. How does it taste. I will say it was great. We pay RM39 for this pizza. It's a crispy base. We have choosen tuna, smoke turkey, pineapple and mushroom. Some might say that I am so stupid to pay this amount for this pizza but the food is good leh. Hey, this is not the road side pizza I am talking about leh. The 2 of us really enjoy it.

How much do you think I pay for this 1 slice of Chocolate Truffle Cake that come with a scoop of Haagen Dazs? It's RM28!!! RM28 for a slice of cake and a scoop of ice cream wor.................... BUT the cake tasted so great. I will say it's worth for the price. It's really yummy. If I have the chance again, I will be back again but this time I must bring along my walking atm.

People will pay RM50 for 1 durian, RM70 for lobster, RM50 for a small bowl of sharkfin soup and why can't I pay RM28 for a slice of cake that tasted so good? You don't eat that everyday rite? Off course, I can't afford to eat that everyday too. But, in life we want to experience certain things mah.

Parkroyal Hotel, Penang

Tel : 04-881 1133

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cocktail Fruit Cake & Mini Blueberry Cheese Cake

My youngest sister will be back from KL for a holiday and I decided to give her a surprise. She loves pastry alot. YES ALOT!!! One of the favourite cake that she always ask me to make is the cocktail fruit cake. That is what I make her. Off course, she was really happy to see that cake.

Cocktail fruit cake. What is at the side? Chopped pistachio................
Lots of fruits, isn't it?
This one I make for hubby's friend birthday. Blueberry Cheese Cake
Whenever, you bake or cook the most important thing is you must have the patient and love for it. Agree bakers & cooks?