Saturday, November 10, 2007

Happy Birthday Bit Nee

Bit Nee birthday is just 1 day after my anniversary. So easy to remember. I have been thinking what should I get for her. Finally, I found something. Oh yes!!! I also need to send something for her little baby girl, Kaylee. She is be 1 mth old soon.

I got Bit Nee a pair of handmade earring. Hope she will like it. Happy Birthday Mummy!!!

This is what I have knitted for baby Kaylee

The moment she told me that she is expecting a baby girl I begin to knit coz I very slow nowdays due to my tight and busy schedule in my shop. Hope it fit her well.

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BN said...

Hello Mummy,
I am back in ACTION! Means back to work leow. Thanks so much for the it right before I went back to BG :) Thank God for the right timing! hhehe...
Loved the earrings and the baju....very sexy ler... Will let my bb wear when she's older!~
Sekarang baby no hair..cannot wear dress..not very nice haha :P