Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I Must Behave Myself!!!

Guess, I have to becareful on what I am writing in my blog liau. Hubby told me that his friends read my blogs and they told my hubby that my blog is interesting. They also never know that my mouth is full of */%#>/+(%. Now I paiseh already. Anyhow, that is me mah. Nowadays, I hardly post up new stuff and they also ask my hubby why I have been so quiet liau. Itu macam hor, I must make myself hardworking sikit liau. Will try to write more often.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wedding Cup Cakes

Last week, I had received another order for wedding cup cakes. It was one of my good friend wedding. The couple had requested for certain things to be done. The theme colours are pink, black and silver.

How do you think about this cake? Yes, I made the hearts all by myself. Clever leh??? Hahaha .............................. After a few days, I had receive good comments from them. Their guests were impress with the cupcakes and infact some of them wanted to take extra back. Luckily, the couple had order 50 extra cupcakes. Some of those who requested are apparently some VVIP leh (Dato, Datin, Tan Sri ect). *wink eyes*
Congratulation to you Shaun & Karen!

Friday, March 14, 2008

WHY Human Can't Stay In Peace????

What is going wrong with some of these human in Penang har??? No work to do kah? A few friends had called me up earlier during noon time warning me not to go around Komtar area coz their might be riot. Aiyoh!!! At first, I am also like 5XMom - tarak percaya but later about 2.45pm, my cousin who is happen to be in Komtar called me up told me that there are some people buat kacau at Komtar.
You can also read from 5XMom and KhanKhai blogs.
Whatever it is, please put PEACE as your priority for now on. If there is no peace, people will begin to fight. Why you all like to fight har? How old liau??? Abang-abang and pakcik-pakcik sekalian, hidup kita ini mesti mesra. Ajaran dari ugama kan kata kita mesti menghormati orang, jangan sikit sikit nak cari gaduh, mesti BERSABAR dan banyak lagi. Jadi, tolong lar jangan buat kacau lagi!!!! Ini akan membuat negeri Pulau Pinang tak aman saja. Biar kita semua hidup gembira dalam masyarakat yang berbilang kaum.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Had Happen?

I am so lazy and don't have mood to do things lately............................................ What is going wrong with me now???? Maybe, I really need a break. Friends, what will you do if you were me?

Saturday, March 8, 2008


Me awesome wor!!!!

Also a perceful one leh........................

Received these lovely award from Sweet Jasmine couple of days ago and I don't have the time to post it due to my tight schedule. Have a couple of order to complete before I can really take a break. I hardly do blogging at nite because ......................... I am very lazy, wanted to take a good rest after a hard day of work and wanted to spend sometimes with my family. That is the only time I can talk with them. This is also the time I will call my mum on the phone and talk and talk and talk for hours at time. Yes, I go back to Kulim every weekend. It's only about 45 minutes travelling from Penang but I do call my mum couple of times a week. When I go back home I can still have lots and lots of story to talk to my mum. Hehehe.................

And now .......................... I want to share these awards with :

1. AhPek

2. Lilian Chan

3. Kenny Ng

4. Wuching

5. Horny AngMoh

6. Evelyn

7. Huei

8. New Kid On The Blog

Got to cabut liau. Have got a wedding dinner to attend. Must go and do my hair lar, makeup lar and etc etc etc. You know lar, we ladies....................... hehehe.

Have a nice and great weekend!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Beautiful Wedding Cakes

I received an order last week from a couple who will be having their wedding at Lone Pine Batu Ferringhi. It's a garden wedding. Shiok rite? Moreover, it's going to be by the sea. So ........................... romantic. This couple is from Ipoh and they come all the way to Penang just to hold their wedding dinner here. Fuyoh!!!
The bride wanted her cake to be in white but no royal icing or fondant. Therefore, I suggested mousse. After 15mins of discussion, she finally agreed to my idea. She is not a difficult person to deal with. She just want her cupcakes to be simple and nice. The most important things - do not put alot cream. So, I made her LYCHEE MOUSSE CAKE. 50 small cakes and 1 big one. We did not put all her small cakes on the cake tier. Let me show you.........................

There is suppose to be bouquet of white roses on the top cake which they did not put up yet.

This is how her small cake look like. Nice leh. On top, is a petal of white rose which I sprinkle with some satin dust.
Nice and simple. White represent PURE............

I normally will make a few more extra cakes whenever I do something. This is just in case something bad happen and I will have some extra one. After that, I try to play around with the balance one and do some decoration with them. Later, what hapen is ............................. I gave away the cakes to some friends and they love it.

This is the one that I like, with some pink hearts and sprinkle with some silver dust.

This one is yellow hearts and some silver balls at the side.

Some big red hearts at the side and some gold dusts on top.

Hubby say he likes this one better wor ...............................

So, which one do you like? I will be busy again this weekend coz I had another order - 180 chocolate mint cupcakes. Yup! This is for wedding as well. L'abeille, you like the cakes moh? If you hold your wedding in Penang, I will surely do for you one.