Monday, October 10, 2011

Feeding The Poor On The Street

Last Saturday, 8 October 2011 me and my family had successfully feed 50 poor people near the Godness of Mercy Temple (next to Chinese Town Hall). Finally, I have the courage to cook for 50 pax with my hands. Off course I got some helps from my youngest sister and hubby.

You can always see some poor folks sitting there.

Some simple food. Yong Tau fu with Mixed vegetables fried with Chicken. Apart from that, they are also served with Corn & Carrot Soup.

Busy packing.

All are done. Rice, soup, water and cakes. All these are ready to be distribute.

If any of you wish to feed the poor on the street, please bear in mind - NO PORK. We have to respect one another culture.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Back For Cleaning

Did not realise that I have not been writing in my blog for a year. What a shame on myself. Lazy is the excuse. So now, I am back here again to sweep and clean my blog. Hopefully, the lazy excuse is away and I will begin to write back again soon