Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hardwicke House Penang

What a long silence from me! Almost 2 months friends don't hear from me. My mum were sick and I had been busy taking care of her and I don't have any time or mood to post up any news. Only close friends of mine will know what happen. But, my mum had lost in the battle and she leave us on 17 Oct 2009 (Saturday) at 3.15pm at the age of 59. Yup, it was on Deepavali. Since then, I had been busy running around for prayers and doing some other things. I really don't have the mood to do anything. But, my son make me realise something. On the second day of my mum death, I sat down at the corner where my 6 years old son were with me. He was busy playing with some clips and when he saw me crying he asked me, "mummy, are you sad"? I just keep quite and did not answer his question. He use his index finger and draw a circle and tell me this, "it's a circle of life". He shocked me by saying that. He is only 6 years old and he is a late talker. Well, like he says IT'S A CIRCLE OF LIFE. I got to move on with other things. Being the eldest in the sibling, I have to be strong.

After, 2 months of being silence let me share with you a nice place in town that you can consider of having a good and cheap buffet lunch during the weekdays. It's only RM18++. Off course, don't expect to have big prawns or exclusive items for such a cheap buffet. It sounded cheap and many of you might ask will this be a good one. They might not have a very wide range of items but if I am not mistaken, they have a salad counter which have more than 10 items with 4 different dressing, 1 rice, 1 noodle, 6 main course and quite a good range of desserts inclusing of ice-cream. I have been there a few times for lunch and they are always pack. Try to make a reservation especially on Sunday lunch. Sunday buffet lunch will be at RM20++.

Hardwicke House
One of the dining area. If you have more than 10 pax, try to request for this area. Again, please make a reservation first

I like this area. Guess it meant for those who are there for wine

Some of the dessert that we find it yummy

You like it?
Some of the food we had
We find that the salad was good. My youngest sister who don't like vegetables like their salad so much. What a surprise!!!

The salad bar
The flyer

Hardwicke House
67, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah
10050 Penang
Tel : 604-226 4998
If you are planning for a small function and interested to find out more, try to contact Peter Tan, one of the owner. He will be glad to assist you.
We will try out the Buffet Dinner soon!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Red Bean Soup with Dried Alkaline Dumpling

I were suppost to post this when Babe_KL organise a write up on Merdeka Open House 2009 - My Sweet Malaysia. I must also apologise to her because I did not do it on time. However, I still want to share this lovely 'thong sui' which I love - Red Bean Soup with Dried Alkaline Dumpling.

The ingredients
Red Bean - 150g
Dried Alkaline Dumpling - 50 to 80g
Water - 1000ml
Rock Sugar - depending the sweetness you want
Pandan leaves - 5 leaves, tied knot
Note :
cut the alkaline dumpling into small pieces and dry it under the hot sun for few days until it is really dry. Keep it in the container and put them in the fridge. It can be kept for 1 year.
How to do :
Wash the red bean. Put red bean, water and pandan leaves in the slow cooker and cook for about 3 hours. Then add the dried alkaline dumpling. Cook for about 20 - 30 minutes or till it's soft. Add sugar. Off the electicity and it's ready to be served.

Red Bean Soup with Dried Alkaline Dumpling

This 'thong sui' had been made by my late grandmother. So, I am the 3rd generation serving red bean soup in such a manner.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Longer The Same - Claypot Restaurant, Penang

Claypot Restaurant that situated at Tanjong Tokong Hillside is no longer the same anymore. They have change management for 9 months already. This is one of our family favourite restaurant. Honestly the food is not that good compare to the previous owner. Anyway, they do provide you the good service but I want my good food!!!!
We did not finish the dish ........................... we don't want to waste the food but the food is no good lor. Even my kids cannot finished their rice.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Busy with Packing.........

Hari Raya will be coming soon and I will be busy like a bee again. I am busy mixing and packing all the cookies premix. Let me share with you.

10 type of diffrent cookies premix........ phew!

Almond Chocolate Cookies Premix - all time favourite

Chocolate Chips and Almond Cookies Premix

Cinnamon Biscotti Premix

Coconut Cookies Premix

Cornflakes Cookies Premix

Greenpea Cookies Premix

Pineapple Roll Premix - never get bored with it

Semperit Premix

Special Herbs Cheese Cookies Premix. Hot Item!!!

No premix for this. Only ready product. Honey cornflakes. It's kids favourite
Packing is not all done yet. Still got lots of things. Hope I can get them all done in time.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Recipe - Strawberry Jam

Making your own fruit jam is not difficult after all. Strawberry seem to be everyone favourite. Lately, I see there are lots of strawberry selling at the wet market which is not very expensive. So, I bought some and decided to make some jam for my kids and mum. Btw, this my mum favourite.
Strawberry - cut wedges

Cook with some water and brown sugar in a pan

In the process of cooking with a medium fire

The jam is ready

Let it cool before closing the container. This is what I get

Supper for the kids - Toast bread with butter and strawberry jam

500g strawberry, washed and cut wedges
100g water
100g brown sugar (it depends on how sweet you want it to be. If needed, add more)
Method :
1. Put all the ingredients in the pan and cook it on the slow fired. Continue to stir the mixture every few minutes.
2. Cook until it is thicken. This take about 35 to 45 minutes.
3. Once it is ready, off the fired and let it cool. Keep in the container.
Note : There is no presevative in the jam therefore, consume it within 3 - 4 weeks.

3 Layer Tea???

What is 3 layer tea? It's a new beverage that sell in most of the Nasi Kandar Shop. Anyway, it is not really new. They have been selling it for almost 2 months ago. Took this pictures when they just started and only now I remember about it.

The banner - 3 layer tea

This is how it look like. Bottom - Palm Sugar ; Middle - Evaporated Milk; Top - Tea

Some coffeeshop sell at RM2.50 and most Nasi Kandar shop sell at RM3.00. The tea taste good and you should give it a try. Refreshing.............................

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Single For 4 Days! Yahoo............

I were single again for 4 days since yesterday. Hubby is away since yesterday for his business trip. Shiok!!! Yipee..................... Hooooray!!!!! You might say, what a crazy wife. When he is not around, I can do lots of things but the only problem is I am without a personal chauffer for 4 days. KNN. I hate to drive so friends who know me well will never ask me to drive them. If they ask me to go anywhere, they will come over to pick me up. I hate the traffic where you got to stop the car in the jam and with the weather so hot in Penang, I can go crazy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Birthday Cake For Sharing........

When it is your birthday, do people buy you a birthday cake or you give away cakes for others? This year, I decided to make cakes and give it away to kids on my birthday.

Rich chocolate cake for the Orphanage Home

Lychee Cake for the Orphanage Home

Lychee cake for my Mynmar friends
Kids were off course happy to receive cakes.
For those who had send me messages and gifts, thanks alot. You all have make my days fantastic. Lilian, Lawrence did not make any cake for me. Makan, he can lar.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bra & Panties Project

Bra & Panties Project??? Is Erina Law having some problems? Nope Nope Nope. Lilian and myself are trying to get some panties and bras for some of the girls that are staying in Shan Home.
Lilian really take her time out and hunting from one place to another to look for undergarments. The kids are really lucky to have her. If I am at her shoes, I will also get lost. Buying something without having the kids around it's difficult coz they are not there to try. We don't dare to take them out just incase they will trying to run away. Then, we will be in deep deep deep shit lor.
So, happen I drop by there yesterday afternoon and I found out that one of the new girl is going to school today. She don't have any bra at all. Shit!!! Paiseh leh. I took a measurement and call up Lilian. Just incase she had got them. When I found out she haven't got them, I told her I will try from the pasar.
I manage to get 2 pieces from the pasar this morning. Afterall, that is the only 2 smaller size the lady has - size 36. I ask the lady, 'wah! besar lar, size 36 wor'? But, when she show me it's not like the 36 one. I think this one is cupless one - not A, B or C or D. She was looking at me with a weird look. So, I told her it's not for me nor my daughter. I told her that I am getting for someone. She was so good tell me that, if it cannot fit I can always take it back to exchange with her. What a good thing to hear from her.
After that, me and hubby met up with Lilian for Tim Sum and she pass me the panties. Now the kids had got nice panties. Thanks Lilian. The kids will definately going ot love it. I will be going over to the home this afternoon again to pass them the undergarments.
The bras and panties project is not an end to us yet..........................

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Happy Day For Us and Them

Saturday, 13 June 2009 was a happy day for my family, friends and the kids at Shan Home. Me and hubby decided to organise a BBQ party for them. Eventhougth it was a very simple and small one but all of us have a great evening. I had invited only a few friends including Lilian. Sometimes, not that I don't want to invite more people but I am not sure if they would like to go or not.
I found out about this home 2 months ago from a friend of mine. I drop by there about once a week. It's happy to be there. Shan Home is located at Mount Eskine. From the road side, you will see the signboard - Bodhi Heart Sanctuary. Follow that route. It will lead you to Shan Home. This home is situated at the same property with Bodhi Heart.

Signboard near the Mount Eskine road

Luckily my cousin Miki (the thinner one) and his friend (Surya) manage to come over to give help. Thanks to both of you

Uncle Rosan - one of the caretaker

Some of the food

Mine and Sue Ann kids. They are enjoying too

You must be wondering where are the other kids picutes. Nope, I am not putting it up here coz they also want some privacy. You can view a short video from Lilian blog.
Kids that live in this home have many hidden story behind. Living far away from parents it's a very painful experience. No one will understand them. Sometimes due to this, kids might give you funny attitute not because they are naughty but they are trying to take our attention. They also want our love too. So, sometimes I drop by to pass them some food and catch up with the kids. There are 18 of kids altogether now.
My friend Sue Ann wanted to organise another BBQ party for them again in the coming school holiday. Yipeeeee...............................................
If any of you want to donate anything to Shan Home, you can also pass it to me too as I will drop by their place at least once a week there. Afterall, Shan Home is very near to my shop.
Finally, Lilian I am happy for you too because your prayer had been answered by God and Mages is there safely with her sister. If you have any other charity project, do keep me inform. I love to help too in whichever way I could.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Penang - Durian Season

Last weekend, we took the kids for round island and we decided to stop by at Titi Kerawang for our favourite fruit - DURIAN!!! We will go to our favourite stall every durian season.

My daughter was so happy to see so many durian

She really love durian

Yum yum..................... delicious

My son is the only one who don't love durian. So, he just enjoy the beautiful scenery

Daddy ordered 1 cocoa for the kids to try. At least they know how it taste. It is a bit soury

Durian ah................................. The owner told me that if the durian just fall down from the tree, it will not smell that good. Knock the durian a few time on the table/ground. It will bring out the durian smell. I see him did that to one of the durian. It work!!!

Titi Kerawang Stall. They also offer durian buffet during the peak season

The stall is just by the road side. The price they charge is very reasonable

The view

Look at the durian

We will be back again in another 2 weeks. There will be more durians. They also sell other fruits apart from durian - banana, passion fruit (markisa) and etc etc etc.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Breakfast

I got this breakfast surprise from hubby and the kids yesterday morning. It was nothing really special but I am so touched by just a simple breakfast. Hubby is really creative, he make east (toast, fried egg and sausage) and west (satay) breakfast.

This is my breakfast

Small card from the kids

If you were me, how would you feel when you have this on Mother's Day morning?

I am a person who don't demand for exclusive stuff but simple stuff like this really make me feel great. Afterall, hubby and the kids do it with their love. Hubby, ask the my son and daughter to wish me Happy Mother's Day. Then, each of them gave me a hug and a kiss....................... how lovely!