Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wanna Try A New Shampoo?

I went for a haircut today. Initially, I wanted to have a long hair but I just don't have the patience. It were about to reach shoulder length and I feel so irritated. Whatmore when my sister and hubby commented that I begin to look very old and not so nice. You know lar, ladies take it very serious when someone commented like that. Whatmore, if they are the close one to you. Cipet punya olang!

So, I called up my hairdresser and decided to have my hair cut. When I reach there, I told my hairstylist I wanted a sexy look haircut. Yes, that is what I told her - SEXY LOOK!!! Hahahaha.......... So, now my hair is real short. Easy to handle. No need to comb also can. Just get some hair gel or liquid and apply only. And, I can do anything I want with my hands.

When I reach home, hubby seem to love my new hair style. Off course, that make me very happy too. Later, I ask him do we still have some gel. He give me a funny look and ask me how much do I need. I knew it, I knew it. He is going to give me some funny and silly answer. This is our conversation.

Me : Dear, do we still have some hair gel?
Hubby : If don't have also never mind mah. I got special gel for you also *wink at me*
Me : Don't try to be funny. Answer me, if don't have I need to go and get it later at the supermarket

Hubby : I can give you mah. White colour gel. Very good for your hair. Help your hair to grow and contain lots of vitamin.

Me : Don't try to be funny

Hubby : If you don't want to use as hair gel, you can also used it as hair condition. Make your hair soft and shining. I call it Pentin Pro Extra Special

Me : Stop it, don't try to be funny and 'lusiau'. You sipeh gili

Hubby : Hahahaha...................... Sometimes, can also used as face mask. Save your money to do facial at the beauty salon.

Me : KNN. MKCH. Talk somemore and you shiok yourself later.

Do you and your spouse have this kind of conversation or we are the funny couple. The 2 of us can talk all kind of nonsense. Really, from serious stuff to funny one and from funny to dirty jokes. Anyway, this make our relationship more fun. Agree???

Darling, it's too late again. I posted what were our conversation early. Hahahahaha..................

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Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Gf want to eat chicken essence! I say I got better essence for her! Sure will turn her into a lioness! He!He! Ur hubby got so much gel meh! What did u feed him with!
Have a nice weekend!