Monday, November 26, 2007

Hainanese Chicken Chop

Few weeks ago we went back to Taiping to visit my relatives. As usual whenever we are back there, we will go and hunt for food. What is new leh???? hahaha.................... 1 place that I will always try to drop by is this Hainanese Coffee Shop. I have been there since I am a little girl. My kong kong (paternal grandpa) loves to go to this coffeeshop for his afternoon tea. Last time, when we go there, we normally order the pastry but as I grow older I love to eat their chicken chop.
Every time when we make trip back to Taiping, hubby always want to drop by this coffeeshop for a plate of chicken chop and some tarts.

This is the Hainanse Chicken Chop

Yummy rite?

My little girl just love the chicken chop. If you ask me how about my son? Well!!! He is a pastry lover......

Restoran Yut Sun (it's very near to the road that have got lots of jewel shops)
Jalan Lim Tee Hooi, Taiping Perak
Close on every Sunday
Porks free. There are lots of Muslims who dine at this coffeeshop.


Huei said...

ur daughter soooo cute!!!! heheheh

looking at her enjoying the food..i oso hungry edi! hehehe kids very picky in food wan..when they like..means it's good! =D

wmw said...

Makes me wanna go look for Hainanese Chic's lunchtime! :o)

mumsgather said...

Oh my goodness. The chicken chop really looks yummy. *Growl* (Thats my tummy making noices adi.) Hehe.