Friday, November 30, 2007

What Are A Chef To You?

I were on the phone with my friend few days ago and all of a sudden, we begin to bring back old stories about our working life in hotel. Ya, ya, ya! I am a ex-hotelier. Nothing to be hu-har about. Hotelier life is fun and also boring at times. But, what me and my friend were talking about that day is about the chefs. Yes, those CHEFS who think they are the smartest. So, what is a chef to you? And let me share with you what are a chef to us. I am going to make a very simple way of explanation.

To us there are many types of chefs. Here it goes :-
Ok! You might say that I am talking nuts here. All chefs can cook mah! You just read on. To us, cooking chefs means he or she can really do their work one - whom can cook deliciously and also having consistency all the time. A good chefs will know their ingredients well and able to accept customers criticism to improve themselves.

IT chef is a person who damn good in using his pc or laptop but cannot handle pan and pots properly. It's true. Don't underestimate this chefs. They can be better than any of us at anytime. What do a IT chef do? Apa lagi? Stick with the pc or laptop all the time lar. Ahem!!! Not that they are doing work with the pc but looking for some other interesting site. What else? Searching and looking at those humsap pictures lar. I no bluff you one. That is what 1 of the chef did when I were in his office. Lagi, he dare to tell me that girl got big boobsss wor........... What were my reaction? I f*ck him no time lar.

That is our favourite phrase to many chefs among me and my other colleagues last time. Why? Most of the time they will just sit down in the office and write and write. Don't know what they hell they write. Why we call them paper chef? Very simple, can write but cannot cook. That's simple. Not that they are busy planning or writing recipe but don't know what the hell they write also.

Ok. No deny men are born to be humsap. But being humsap also must have gaya and standard lar, rite or not? Sometimes, I find this chefs make men look so cheap. Sorry lar for saying that but it's so true. Eyes see, mouth also want to talk ok BUT hands also want to touch, that is too much liau leh. Some sales person who are ladies normally like to wear sexily to visit the chefs during their sales-call. That is purposely one lar. Then, some chefs will off look mah. Aiyah! Free one who don't look, I also will do the same lar. Afterthat, the mouth also open and begin his humsap talk. Later, pretend to put the hand on the should and raba raba. No deny, some sales girl allow that to happen. Why? Because they want to get sales lar. Even this humsap chefs also dare to disturb their own fellow colleagues one.

There are also chef who are 'chicken' with no balls. They will talk like a loud speaker in front of people but when problem comes, they cabut liau and don't dare to come out to face it. Who will get it? Off course the assistant and the rest of his team lar.

There are more but this are the quite famous one the we normally call them. To me most chefs had got very bad temper. It's true! In front of a customer they are damn so good but at the back of the kitchen ................ fly pan and pots lar. Sometimes plate also. At times, if they are not in the good mood, I pity the subordinate who kena f*ck with no reason. Also, most chefs cannot accept people comments and criticism. It's very very true. I have come across where I told the chef that my customers commented on the dishes and the answer given is, the food is like that already and we are not going to change. Ok lor! Don't change mah don't change lor. If GM ask, I will just answer like how the chef tell me only mah. Apart from that, chefs are very old-fashion at times. They can't accept new stuff. 1 example, have you eaten konnyaku jelly in a hotel? NO RITE? But everyone know about it and most properly our mum had been making it very often too. Chefs always think that they have a good food bible and that's it. They are going to follow it and not going to change. Come on! Technology are improving and so does food ingredients. That is why certain company wanted to hired foodtologist. For what? To improve lar.
Maybe, you could be a hotelier or a ex-hotelier. You can be a non-hotelier too. So, have you come across any chef that you know that have funny attitude that you wish to share?
Note : The above comments are base on my experience. Photos are taken from

My Earning ..................

Today, all of a sudden I go and kepo at Nuffnang to see how much I have earn so far (since July till now). Hahahaha............................ very paiseh to tell u all. Only enough to pay for a few friends to eat at hawker stall only. That also kena tekan break leh. How much???? Only RM37.21! Nuffnang will only make a payment when we reach RM50.00. That means I have another RM12.75 before I get to be paid. How long have to wait leh? Last time, I told my sister and hubby, if I got pay fast I belanja them makan. But looking at it now, they got to 'sek cee kei' (eat themselves). I have make my final decision. When Nuffnang pay me, I want to take this money to do charity. My first payment of RM50.00, I want to share it with others too. I know, I know. Some of you will laugh at me. What can RM50.00 do? How to do charity leh with RM50? Nevermind, laugh lor! I will figure a way to do it one. I so clever, sure can keh. Hahaha...................... So, for others what do you do with your first payment from Nuffnang or other advertiser? Share lar abit on your experience.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Mum's Hainanese Chicken Chop

Did I ever tell you that my mum is a mixture of Hainanese and Hakka? Yes, double H's! My mum is a great cook. During our younger time, we normally pack food to school. Everyday, we will have different type of food. See how lucky we are. Now, become the son-in- law lucky time pulak. WHY? I tell you hor...............
Anyway, my mum have only 1 son in law for the time being who is non other my foodholic hubby. Everytime, he will go to my mum and tell her , "ma, very long time no cook chicken chop liau hor or very long time no cook laksa" and his list goes on lar. Then, my mum will do it the next day or the following week when we go back. So, we had chicken chop last week. Her style is different. She will grill the marinated chicken before frying them. The shiok part is she use wood to cook this time. Alamak, like dad tarak beli gas stove itu macam but food cook by wood taste better one leh. Anyway, all of us enjoy the fun of preparing and off course the yummy food too. I don't know what is next he will ask mum to cook.
Any man want to register for my mum son-in -law. I still have another 2 sisters who are still available. 1 at late 20's and there other one is just 19 only. Quick quick quick! Hahaha...........

Hainanese Chicken Chop

Few weeks ago we went back to Taiping to visit my relatives. As usual whenever we are back there, we will go and hunt for food. What is new leh???? hahaha.................... 1 place that I will always try to drop by is this Hainanese Coffee Shop. I have been there since I am a little girl. My kong kong (paternal grandpa) loves to go to this coffeeshop for his afternoon tea. Last time, when we go there, we normally order the pastry but as I grow older I love to eat their chicken chop.
Every time when we make trip back to Taiping, hubby always want to drop by this coffeeshop for a plate of chicken chop and some tarts.

This is the Hainanse Chicken Chop

Yummy rite?

My little girl just love the chicken chop. If you ask me how about my son? Well!!! He is a pastry lover......

Restoran Yut Sun (it's very near to the road that have got lots of jewel shops)
Jalan Lim Tee Hooi, Taiping Perak
Close on every Sunday
Porks free. There are lots of Muslims who dine at this coffeeshop.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Jom Makan Kat Kampung ....

Whenever it's an off day or holiday, hubby will look and hunt for place to eat. He loves to eat and that give me a reason to learn to cook - to be a better cook! Hahahaha.......................

So, last Sunday hubby took us to this place near to Juru Light Industrial for lunch. Lunch in a Kampung (village)! It's was fun and nice. Food was good too.

Let me show you some pictures.

We choose to sit in a hut.

Overseeing the sea

It use to be 'paya bakau' and there are some small crabs. According to them, that is the maximum size of the crab. The funny part is, 1 side of the claw is big and the other size is very small.

Also lots of this fish and I do not know what are they called.

See the fish and the crab?
These are what we had order ................ Fried Kangkong
Looks very simple but it taste good. Lots of squid and prawn too.

Telur Bistri (if I am not mistaken). Fried Egg with minced chicken meat and with some sweet gravy. Recommended by the waitress. Tasty good also leh!

Ayam Masak Kicap

Ikan Masak 3 rasa (3 flavour fish) - sweet, sour & spicy. Should have called it 3's fish mah, rite? Fish is very fresh

Lastly, Nasi Goreng Kampung. There were lots of ikan bilis and squid in it. Taste yummy........

There were 4 adults and 2 kids - it cost us only RM80 include of 2 jugs of watermelon juice. Reasonable price. With the fresh and good food, it's worth that price. Infact, the serving were quite big too to feed us all. No doubt is not like a high-class restaurant but once awhile it's a good place to eat. Leaving in the city is already a hectic so at times it's great to go away to some quiet place to eat.

Both my kids just love it there and they were enjoying themselves so much.

We plan to go back again but this time for dinner because we want to try out their ikan bakar.


Dataran Semilang, Sungai Semilang Juru
14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang

Contact No : 04-507 7232 / 017-441 6401

Saturday, November 17, 2007

MORE TO COME.........................

Oh......... here come another weekend. Soon the year of 2007 will be over. What surprise me is today, L'abeille and XT drop by over at my shop. They are here coz XT grandma just pass away. My deepest condolences to XT and his family. Very nice couple!!! I love meeting people. That is the reason why I give up my job as secretary to join the hospitality industry as a PR. Talk non stop and meet different people from different part of the world. That give hubby a reason to say that I am a very talkative person.
Another thing ........... XT punya kereta, Nissan XTrail kena kick by a horse. YES, it's true. It happen near The Ship at Batu Ferringhi. I am not sure whether L'abeille will blog about it or not. Another it's not a good experience. So next time if we see horse at the roadside, please go far far har. Don't say I don't warn any of you. Anyhow, I also feel so sorry coz I did not have much time to catch up with her. Normally, during the weekend I am very busy - like a siew char bor (mad lady). hahaha................ nevermind, I trust there is always another time. My apologise to you, L'abeille.
I shall be writing more next week ...............................

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Do Your Car Have A Sleeping Area?

No matter what car you drive, do your car have an area for someone to sleep? I did not know that Produa car have that until I saw it with my 2 eyes yesterday. See how this boy enjoy his sleep ............................

See how this boy enjoying himself. Shiok leh???

Saturday, November 10, 2007

When Plants Go Bad

A friend of mine send me some of this picture this after and here they are. I wanna share it with you.

Phew! did not realise that I posted so many post. Must be crazy liau today. Actually I still have more but got to go and have a nap already. Very tired......................


What Sign Is That Please?

Last week, we make a trip to Gerik and half way I saw this sign but what does it mean? I never come across this one leh. I ask hubby and he say, beware of deer. hahahaha................. very funny. Anyone have seen this sign before or I am the 'suapah kau' one. So what sign is this?

Happy Birthday Bit Nee

Bit Nee birthday is just 1 day after my anniversary. So easy to remember. I have been thinking what should I get for her. Finally, I found something. Oh yes!!! I also need to send something for her little baby girl, Kaylee. She is be 1 mth old soon.

I got Bit Nee a pair of handmade earring. Hope she will like it. Happy Birthday Mummy!!!

This is what I have knitted for baby Kaylee

The moment she told me that she is expecting a baby girl I begin to knit coz I very slow nowdays due to my tight and busy schedule in my shop. Hope it fit her well.

It's Our Courting Cum Wedding Anniversary

Today were our 13 years anniversary of our courting and also 8 years of our official registration of being husband and wife. We pick this day to be our registration day - so we don't have to remember so many days. Hahahaha................... It's my anniversary and hubby friend call up to ask me to make a cake for their anniversary too. TNS! It's my big day also mah and I just don't feel like baking today but since he so sincere, ok lar. But, no cake for me keh? In fact I am feeling a little sad lor. Hubby is busy as he had got some guests from US. They come at the wrong timing. So, I got to 'sek ci kei' (eat myself) *sob-sob*. Every year without fail we will celebrate this day. Even even celebrate the day where we had our actual wedding which will be in another 2 months.
I am so sian, so sad, so disappointed. What am I going to do later leh???
Ok. Show you the cake which I made for someone wedding anniversary who is on the same day as mine.

This cake weight almost 2kg. Inside this cake are lots of fresh fruits.

I put the cake in a bigger box so I can place some fresh flowers and dried roses (the one meant for drinking one har). I tried it liau. When you open the box, you can smell of roses because of the dried roses. So nice smell .............................

This is the best thing that I like most which I had been using alot lately. Silver dust - edible one har. It make the cake look so classy.

Anyone want to order cake boh? Wingz, I know I still own you something - the cockolate cake. Making the batang now and I will try to do a test whereby I will try to send it to you and let's see how it will be.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wanna Try A New Shampoo?

I went for a haircut today. Initially, I wanted to have a long hair but I just don't have the patience. It were about to reach shoulder length and I feel so irritated. Whatmore when my sister and hubby commented that I begin to look very old and not so nice. You know lar, ladies take it very serious when someone commented like that. Whatmore, if they are the close one to you. Cipet punya olang!

So, I called up my hairdresser and decided to have my hair cut. When I reach there, I told my hairstylist I wanted a sexy look haircut. Yes, that is what I told her - SEXY LOOK!!! Hahahaha.......... So, now my hair is real short. Easy to handle. No need to comb also can. Just get some hair gel or liquid and apply only. And, I can do anything I want with my hands.

When I reach home, hubby seem to love my new hair style. Off course, that make me very happy too. Later, I ask him do we still have some gel. He give me a funny look and ask me how much do I need. I knew it, I knew it. He is going to give me some funny and silly answer. This is our conversation.

Me : Dear, do we still have some hair gel?
Hubby : If don't have also never mind mah. I got special gel for you also *wink at me*
Me : Don't try to be funny. Answer me, if don't have I need to go and get it later at the supermarket

Hubby : I can give you mah. White colour gel. Very good for your hair. Help your hair to grow and contain lots of vitamin.

Me : Don't try to be funny

Hubby : If you don't want to use as hair gel, you can also used it as hair condition. Make your hair soft and shining. I call it Pentin Pro Extra Special

Me : Stop it, don't try to be funny and 'lusiau'. You sipeh gili

Hubby : Hahahaha...................... Sometimes, can also used as face mask. Save your money to do facial at the beauty salon.

Me : KNN. MKCH. Talk somemore and you shiok yourself later.

Do you and your spouse have this kind of conversation or we are the funny couple. The 2 of us can talk all kind of nonsense. Really, from serious stuff to funny one and from funny to dirty jokes. Anyway, this make our relationship more fun. Agree???

Darling, it's too late again. I posted what were our conversation early. Hahahahaha..................

My 2 Lovely Kids

The 2 of them are very playful

............ also love to take pictures

off course, at times they do fight. What will I do? Both will get their punishement

Time really past so fast ...................... really fast. My son Delwin is going to be 5 and my daughter Delwina will be 3 next year. Mummy is growing old already :-(

But, they are the most beautiful gift and also the most precious one to me ......................... beside my dear darling hubby.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Nice Cupcakes

I have not been updating my blog often lately as have told all of you am I so busy with work. For the past 2 weeks, I have been receiving good orders from customers. Bake almost 100 of 1kg cakes but most of all I love the little cupcakes that I bake for 1 of my customer. Her family always drop by my shop to pick up their baking needs and she found out that I do make cupcakes for sale. So, she ordered 520 cupcakes from me. Her theme was silver and blue. Guess what? I got to send the cupcakes to E&O Hotel Penang. Fuyoh!!! I am so damn proud of myself.
These are the cupcakes which I had made. The cream come in blue and white colour. I used the silver bake case.

Silver dust is sprinkle on the cupcakes but can't see very clearly.

This week is going to be another busy week for me as I have receive quite a big order for cakes again. Happy? Off course, I am. I have decided to do some charity for the orphanage during end of the month. Want to share some of my joy with some unfortunate too.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Cupcakes - Chocolate & Strawberries Series

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you...............................

My friend, Feon called up to ask me if I am free to make cakes today and I told her it's ok if not a complicated one. Then, she told me it was our friend Karen who will be celebrating her birthday today. Aiyoh!!! If like that lagi can make for her lar no matter what. So, I have make some cupcakes for her and it's from me and Feon.

Happy Birthday Seow Seow! We call her Seow because she is a funny lady. Smile most of the time. This is a Chocolate and Strawberry series cupcakes ........................ specially for Karen, from me and Feon.

There are 11 cupcakes all together.

I also used red and white roses to decorate

Have a nice day and I hope you will love the cakes. Hear from Feon, Karen will be putting a nite over at Paradise Sandy Beach Resort with the husband. Woi!!! You going to make baby there kah. Tonite, the production is over at Paradise lar. Hahahaha......... Anyhow, just make sure you don't wake up all the hotel guests only. Once again, Happy Birthday!!!

This 4 cupcakes I made it specially for Feon. She had been very busy lately with the hotel functions. And I knew she is very tired too. Moreover, her little boy is not feeling well too. So, I think she had not been getting enough sleep too. Therefore, I had make another 4 more cupcakes to send over to her. Hope this will cheer her up. It's not easy being a mummy. But, that is our duty as a mother. You have a nice weekend!

Simple Breakfast With Love

Life had been getting busier and busier each day for me and hubby too. So, most of the time we only have about 4 - 5 hours sleep everyday. Sometimes, if we can get 3 hours of sleep we consider lucky. Moreover, I just got a few new projects so I shall be busier than a bee. Hahaha...... but no matter what, I will spend some time to do my blogging. At times, I feel so guilty when I did not manage to update my blog for a few days. Do you have that kind of feeling like me?

This morning, when I woke up - hubby gave me a surprise. Nope!!! Not standing naked in front of me nor a diamond ring sitting next to my bed. He make simple american breakfast. Fuyoh!!! Lohkong had not been making breakfast for so many years liau leh. Let me count ......... almost more than 5 years liau lor. But most of the time, he is very busy with his work and also business trip. I really shock to see breakfast on the table. When, I ask him why all a sudden and this is what he said, "this is just a simple breakfast I make to spend my early day with my dear wife". So kumthong (felt touched). It's not something expensive or fancy but I think if you were me, you will feel happy even it's a very simple breakfast.

Told you, it's a very simple breakfast. Sausages, fried egg and a few slice of toast breads. Somehow, I find it taste so great. Thank you so much for this wonderful breakfast darling. Next time, how about breakfast on bed. Kahahahah........................