Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday WomanBizSENSE

We celebrate our WomanBizSENE 1st birthday at Eastern & Oriental Hotel last Friday (27 July 2007). WomanBizSENSE are a group of business ladies where we get together to exchange information or contacts. Joe and Krista were the one who started this group. Many might feel that we ladies have nothing to do and sit gather to gossip. NO WE DON'T!!! This is none of our business. Here, we have ladies who run business such as Real Estate, Internet, Education, Music, Art, Food, Advertising, Financial Planning and etc etc etc. Krista were fast and she wrote about this already. I am bit slow this time. After talking, we did not realise apart from me and Krista, Shiela also had got a blog but I did not manage to get her blog name.

We really had a good time gathering together. The ladies were sharing among ourselves what had happen for the past few months. Joe also invited a speaker to speak to us - using Management Skill in our family. I will tell you more on the next post but now I want to show you the pictures of us at 1885 in E & O Hotel.

This is the private room that Harriet manage to arrange for us.

Nice room, rite? This is where we ladies have our English afternoon tea.

The ladies are catching up with one another.............

Sharing idea .....................????

Our invited speaker, Mazlifah (retired HR Manager of INTEL)

Our seat are nicely arrange with our name tag. So nice............

Nice tarts.............. taste yummy too. Simple and tasty.

Sandwiches and scones

Food were good in 1885 but the most important thing is who we are eating with. We have so many lovely ladies there to share their experience, ideas and bla bla bla. It's so nice to catch up with them. This is my personal thanks to Chef Bob Lee(Executive Chef), Chef Mariam(Pastry Chef) and the Pastry Team for the nice pastry that had prepared. I will be attending another event in E&O coming Oct 07 which is organised by Food Friends. If I have any gathering with my friends, I will surely return to 1885. Hope I will still get the same service again. For anyone who love a quiet and cozy ambiance, I recommend you to drop by here to experience it yourself.

Eastern & Oriental Hotel
10, Lebuh Farquhar
10200 Penang
Tel : 604-222 2182

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Surprise ..........................

Rabbit were talking about the how much she earn from Nuffnang today. At least she got a few cents which is better than nothing, rite? In fact, that is what I told her too. After reading it, I login to Nuffnang to check my visitors. Suddenly, rabbit message come to my mind and click to the column to see how much I earn. Guess what? I got RM0.30. I know all of you are laughing at me now. Anyway, who will give you RM0.30 without a reason, rite? Honestly, I am damn Happy. I am going to tell my hubby about it. Ngoh tak chor lah!!!!
By the way, what can I do with RM0.30 har? *scratch head*

The Greatest Love ......

I have been talking so much about love lately but do all of us actually know the real meaning of love? At times, I could also be lost on this word. Love is priceless and it don't have a limit. There are many types of love - parents love, friends love, animal love and many more to name. But what I want to talk about today is parents love or to be more specified is MOTHER'S LOVE.
Lately the media is writing about Jess Teh, mother to a young and lovely girl called Shearwel Ooi Ying Ying. Today, The Star wrote about Jess Teh again. Jess's mother had forgiven her on all her. The word disowned her which mentioned by Jess father earlier is withdrawl back. Which parents don't love their children especially a mother. Mothers are the one that give the greatest love to their kids. I am a mother and I can know. Love between a mother and baby begin to develop from the moment a mother is pregnant. The baby is in our stomach for 10 months and we share things together. No one will know how a mother feel. Whenever, I got my punishment when I were young, my mum still love me no matter what. After I got cane and later when I go to bed, she will put some oil on the area she beat me. Do you all know why she do it? Whenever a mum punished their kids, she feel the most pain of all. A mother loves her kids so much therefore, she need to guide them and punished them. I were once a young girl who is naughty and also been punished. Today, I am someone mother and also punish my own kids when they are naughty. So, when the news mentioned that Jess's mother forgive her - I can understand why. It a mother's love that no one can understand. It is easy for everyone to say this - if I am her mother, I will ........................... (all sort of statement you will be heard) but when the real thing take place to you, everything will be different. I can fully understand her mother, Ong Sea Huah. But, on the other hand I still hate Jess Teh. Hey, I am also a human, ok? Again, she is the headline for all newspaper. She said she can't sleep well for the past 15 days because she was so sad. She also said she always think of her daughter. As a mother, she and Ying Ying had got the same interest where they love painting, dancing and they both love pink. I really do not not know what to say anymore. Is this a lie or she is regret over what she had done. The moment she lie to the policemen and make a false statement, she is already proven what kind of mother is she. The boyfriend had killed her daughter, her very own daughter but she kept the truth. In return, she make a lie. What I can say here is her love for her boyfriend is greater than her very own daughter.
Everyone is working so hard to provide the best and protect our kids but Jess Teh is the other opposite of us. I am nobody to this little adorable Ying Ying but my heart felt so pain everytime I read about her news. She is so lovely.......................................
What is your opinion on this incident?
You can also login to The Star to find out more stories. To bad, I am not Chinese educated otherwise, I can kepo (busy-body) more stories. Anyone who had read Chinese newspaper wanna share their information with me?

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wedding Venue

As I have promised, let me present you where my friends and I went to check out for a venue for her wedding dinner - Paradise Sandy Beach Resort, Penang.
Since it's almost dinner time Feon (Assistant Sales Manager) invited us for dinner and we only wanted something special therefore we had chosen Delifrance. I always love to eat at Delifrance since my school day. Anyway, I am a bread lover. Want to see what we had ate?

I had croissant. That is good enough for me.

Ceaser Salad with Nuggets. They were very generous with the parmesan cheese and this make the salad taste so great. Yum yum!!!

Seafood Platter................

This is the Devil Chicken. All of us agreed that the chicken is good. Next time when you are there, do give it a try.

Now the eating session is over and we better hurry up with our main purpose there - view the ballroom and the rooms too. Don't want to take up too much of the sales person time too. Oh ya!!! The sales person who show us around is Feon, very nice lady. It's already 7pm and it's not so nice to take up her time so much. Later, we manage to meet up with Mr. Peter Tan who is incharge of Food & Beverage. If I am not mistaken he is the Director of Operation. Very nice guy.

Let me show you their nice ballroom ....................

This is an area outside the ballroom. I guess it's almost 2,000++ sq. If you are planning for a BBQ part, this venue can be consider. Eh!!! Anyone want to organise a Blogger Party here?

My friend is planning to have her Tea Ceremony outside the ballroom. The Hotel also provide guest a room for Tea Ceremony if it's request. But I think this area out the ballroom is good enough. Spacious also.

Laguna Ballroom. It can go up to 45 tables and the maximum is 55 tables.

The ceiling height is just nice. Not too high and not too low. So, it's easier for the hotel staff to do any decoration if it's being requested by customers.

This is the stage.

This is the invitation cards supply by Paradise Sandy Beach. There are 2 colours for you to choose. Red or Beige. My friend is going to pick the beige colour. I think they are providing one of the nice looking invitation card in Penang.

We were being informed that there will be a Bridal Fair next week. I used my camera to snap a picture from their brochure. So, you can see the details above. During this fair, you will be able to see Bridal Make-up Demonstration, Feng Shui Talk, Ice Carving Demonstration, Baba Nyonya Wedding Presentation, Grand Bridal Show, Traditional Bridal Show and Art of Cake Dressing. There will also be buffet dinner. So, do not miss this opportunity. Married already? Still can go mah!!! For what? Aiyoh!!! Take this opportunity to visit Paradise Sandy Beach, you might be also planning for some other party, gathering or dinner. I told Feon that during my 10th wedding anniversary, I will consider going to their hotel and she say 10th anniversary will be long to go. Woi!!! I am already married for 7 years and just another 3 more years to go only. Anyone want to join me there?

After that, we went to have a look at the rooms. If you confirm your wedding dinner to be held there, you will be given a free Bridal Suite. Feon show us one of the Suite Room. Honestly, I love the room. Why? It's beautiful. Most hotels used white bed cover and nothing so big deal about their room but here in Paradise Sandy Beach is different. No wonder my cousins told me their rooms were FANTASTIC when there were here in Penang 1 month ago.

This is the living room

In the Suite, there is a Kitchen too. Isn't it great???

This is the living room. Do you see the picture on the wall. It's beautiful but I could not take a good picture. You know what? I were told that the pictures were taken by their General Manager and later enlarge it to make it into posters. Fuyoh!!! Not only that, all the posters in rooms are taken by their General Manager too. *if only I have a chance to meet him, I must learn from him already*

The balcony................. facing the sea. Romantic?

The most beautiful part.............. the bedroom. Don't you think room is nice? The room is so damn romantic. I almost want to sleep on the bed already.

So, how do you think of this hotel? Nice or not? Any bloggers from other state travelling to Penang and looking for a place to stay? You can consider Paradise Sandy Beach. Not too far from Gurney Drive. It's only about 10mins drive. This is surely a good venue for holidaymaker too. I almost forget to tell you that they have a very nice beach too. The beach just at the back of the hotel. I am not too sure whether they do arrange for wedding cocktail near the beach or not. If yes, it's going to be really really romantic.

I will update you with some of their food promotion later. So, if any of you are planning for your wedding do remember to visit Paradise Sandy Beach on 28 - 29 July 2007.

*this is not an advertisement nor sponsored post. this post is written base on my experience*


Friday, July 20, 2007


As usual, I will login to check my emails, my own blogs and go kepo reading others blogs every morning. When I were at Horny AngMoh blog, he mentioned that he got an award from Evelyn. He got Awesome Guy Blogger. Off course being a blogger member, I am so happy for him. Honestly, he deserved that. Then, I found out Evelyn herself got an award too - Rockin' Girl Award. Fuyoh!!! The best thing is she gave me an award too............................. Hot Mama Blogger. Wanna see how the logo look like?

This is what she mentioned about me :

Chinese people used to say, the older a ginger gets,the hotter it tastes. Therefore, this award is to awardhot mama/wife bloggers whom are sexy and desirable. ;)So I shall reward this to Erina Law of Sembang N Talk.She is a diligent taukeh neo and has 2 lovely kids with a good hubbyto manja with ;). She is a hot mama with a heart like a teenager.

She make my day!!! I do not know what to say but I really want to thank her for this. I really love the logo. I'm HOT!!! To my readers and fans, thank you so much for reading my blog. What else can I say ..................... I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! Muah. Leave more comments and I am looking forward to share more things with all of you. She say I have heart like a teenager. That make me lagi shiok. You love piggy, ya? I will remember that.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Tonite I will be going to Paradise Sandy Beach Resort for dinner with some friends. I were told they are having some good promotion - Steak & Wine. But, our main objective is not going to dine but my friend is going over to see their ballroom. She is going to get marry end of the year. Let me go there and kepo tonite and I shall tell you more later.

I were there last year for 1 of my friend wedding. What is my comment? Good. I like the ambience. Food is not bad too. But I love the table gift they give us. Not sure if I still keep the picture. If I can find it, I shall post it later too.

What Happen?

Earl-ku were in Penang about a month ago. Infact he did not tell me earlier that he will be here for the Bloggers Party in Gurney. I got an sms from him telling me to prepare extra chopstick for 4 person for dinner. I got blur and reply him. Then, he told me he is in Penang liau. So, I told him that we shall go for dinner the next day include Belle, ChingLing and Hong Kiat. Since my parents were away for holiday, I got no choice but to bring along my 2 kids. Off course, my hubby joined us too. Otherwise, how am I going to take care the 2 monsters. What happen is, Earl-ku carry my daughter. She never allow stranger to carry her but she allowed him to carry her. See, both of them so happy. What happen????

Earl-ku and my daughter, Delwina
The next thing happen is on son Delwin. He got a love-bite after he come back from school on Monday. *mummy fainted and fall on the ground* As usual, when he come back from school, he will come and hug and kiss me. Then, I saw the red spot on his neck and immediately I get my hubby to see. Aiyoh, love-bite on a 4 years old boy. It take 4 days for the it to go off from his neck. How the girl do it, I don't know. Wah lau!!! Mummy never get love-bite like that before but my son have it. What daddy say??? He damn happy and say his son is so attracted to the girls. Oh my god!!!
Do you see the red spot at his neck?

How would you feel if you are my shoes?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kids Are Not Stupid

I were reading some article today and suddenly it remind me of an incident whch happen to my friend students who are only 5 years old. Kids are very naif and sometimes they give us answer that is funny but at the same time it make sense too. She told me about an incident happen to her students from the kindy and after that, I keep on laughing.
One day, she was teaching about animals and as usual there will be a lot of questions from students - funny one, silly one and lots of others. This is the conversation between her and some students.
Teacher : What is the fastest animal on earth?
Student 1 : Jaguar
Teacher : Ok. Can anyone tell me which is the slowest animal?
Student 2 : Tortoise lor. They are vely slow one. I can walk faster than them. Why can't they
walk faster teacher?
Student 1 : Is it because they no eat rice like us? Maybe they eat too much kangkong liau. My
mummy say hor eat alot of kangkong can get fongsap (arthritis). Maybe the tortoise
eat too much of kangkong liau and they got fongsap so, they cannot walk fast fast lor.
Teacher : *keep silence and look at the students*
Student 3 : Maybe the tortoise have to eat Tiger biscuits. Like that mah can be strong lor.
Student 4 : Also must drink milk like us mah
Teacher : Children, tortoise don't eat those food
Student 1 : Cannot say cannot eat one. Everytime I tell my mummy I cannot eat those food she
say must try to eat. So, the tortoise also must try to eat mah.
There is a student who sit at the corner very quiet and suddently he said this ..........................
Student 5 : We can make the tortoise walk faster.
Teacher : How ???
Student 5 : Put 1 engine in the tortoise then the tortoise mah can move faster lor. Vely easy
only mah. Teacher, you want your tortoise in that bowl to move faster or not? I can
ask my ahpa to do it for you. I can take the tortoise home today and bring to my
ahpa workshop later. I can ask him to put 1 engine in the tortoise. Want? Free for
Teacher : *speechless*
The children are not stupid but they are very naif. At least they make us laugh, rite? If my 2 kids tell me this, I sure go pengsan. What will you do if your kid tell you this?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Making Yoghurt - Recipe

Yoghurt are good for those who are on diet and also good for kids. Some of us wanted to make our own but do not know how to go about it. Both my kids begin to consume yoghurt since they were 3 months old. This mummy mad? Nope! Yoghurt good for digestion mah. But, I used their milk powder to do the yoghurt, so it's ok. Even till now, I made yoghurt for them by using kids milk powder. I realise many children love eating yoghurt so I want to share with you the recipe on how to make it. It's good for those who are on diet and for your children too.

Recipe :

1000ml Warm Water (not boiling water)
400g Milk Powder(depends on what milk powder your kids take)/Lowfat Milk Powder
125g Natural Yoghurt

Method :

1. Place the milk powder in the warm water (use a clean pot for this) and stir well. Make sure the powder are properly mix.
2. Then, pour the natural yoghurt in it and mix well.
3. Cover the pot and place aside at a more cooling place. Leave it for more than 8 hours. Do not open it so often as the water from the cover might drop in the yoghurt. Do not leave it in the fridge for it to cultivate.
Tips : You can prepare it in the morning and used it in the evening OR make it at night and used it the next day. After 8 hours is still ok.

This is how it look like after 8 hours. Creamy look, rite? Not ready to used yet ok. If you consume yogurt quite often, I suggest you take 125g out from the pot and keep it in the fridge so you do not need to buy natural yoghurt again.

Add some honey. I used only 150g honey. The sweetness is depends on individual.

Divide the yoghurt into 2 portion or more if you want. For me, I making 2 flavour therefore I divide them into 2 bowl. The above one is soursop. I used about 300g of soursop flesh.

The other portion, I add in with 250g of blueberry pie filling. Stir it well. Then, you can keep it in the fridge for about a week. There is no preservation therefore we can't keep it too long. Guess that is what we want rite? Natural, no preservative, sweetness is control, clean and etc etc etc.

My son is enjoying his soursop yoghurt. We can't get this flavour in the supermarket, rite? Both my children love yoghurt very much. They consume it almost everyday.

Happy Making!!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Transformer Is In My Shop..................

Me and my hubby went for the show, Transformer last Wednesday. The show was damn good. I normally don't like to watch this kind of movie but this was totally different. Very good!!! We did not bring our kids along, only the 2 of us go for the movie.

Guess my hubby felt guilty because he did not bring my son for the show therefore, he make him a transformer ............................ so, transformer visited Cooking Island on Monday. Yes, it is. Here is the transformer ............ Optimus Prime.

This is not a normal foil cup. It's the tayar from Optimus Prime.

And this is not a location map................. it's the engine layout. *scratch head*

This is a logo specially design .........

Tadaa...................... Autobots transform!!!!!!! *ee-ee-or-or* This is the new version of Optimus Prime. Canggih boh?

To me this olang gila punya kerja. If Autobots really visited Cooking Island, I sure go gila too. What to do, I have such a husband. Tell me, what will you do if you have this kind of husband at home?

AD? What Is That?

My husband always used short form to describe something. I hate him for that. Why? Because I don't know mah!!! Apart from that he will laugh it out loud and say I so 'soi' (another word for stupid). Never mind, he just wait. I make him 'soi' later. Hehehe............
My cousin drop by today and he was wearing a pair of new shoe. So he asked my cousin, apa brand coz the shoes look nice. They were talking and laughing so I also kepo and ask him what brand. Then, my hubby gave me this answer - AD. So, I also ask lor what is that suppose to be. Knn, he laugh out loud and say - ADA DUIT. *look at him with a funny face*. Actually hor, it's suppose to be Alain Delon brand and he is trying to be funny with me. *tonite go home I will ask him to sleep outside liau*. Agree boh?

Do You Date Your Wife Or Husband?

Life before married is always fun especially during courting period. So nice. So romantic. So shiok. But, what about after married?

I always hear people commenting that life after married is so much different. When during courting time, their partner is so damn good but after married.................... they begin to complaint alot. Their partner never take them out so often liau lar, hardly go out for dinner together and bla bla bla bla bla.
I see most married couple no longer do what they used to do during courting time. Very sad hor? But, it's a fact. Are we Asian like that? Why can't we have more romantic time after marriage apart from what we do on the bed lar, ok?
After 5 years of marriage, sometimes my hubby still date me to go out. Yes, we do. When my kids are over at my parents house, my hubby will either sms me or call me to date me out in the evening. What we do and where we go? Sometimes, we go watch movies, go jalan jalan by the beach or go cari makan. We have been doing that for many years liau. At times, when the kids are in nursery we go for lunch together lor. This is a time where the 2 of us spend together. Not that we don't have time to spend together at home but this is a different time. Dinner don't have to be an exclusive one but sometimes the 2 of us just go for satay or rojak at Gurney Drive. No serious talk during this hours - only some fun talk. Too much serious talk also make the relationship bored. Guess this could be one of the way to strengthen the marriage. There are lots of funny stuff that we still do even though we are married for 5 years. We still tease each other at times. Do we argue? YES, we do!!! No couple on earth that don't argue ok? My sister always said that by doing this, it have got some fun too. I don't know what she meant by that but if someone tell you that they don't argue - this means they lie. Are your 10 fingers same length? No, rite? So it's the same to human. All of us are different and all of us have different point of view. But, we can still do something to strengthen our relationship. Some will say that if the relationship don't work out in 2 or 3 years time they will just get divorce. In this case why get marry? The situation will even be worse if they have kids - this is where the innocent one get involve. Off course there are certain circumstances where only divorce is the answer. But, if it's possible who don't want a happy ending, rite?
Guess, till today I am one of the lucky lady but I enjoy it when my hubby call me up for a date. Remind me of our olden days. Hehehe................... So, do you date your wife or hubby? Give it a try and trust me, the both of you will be very happy. Again, it also help to strengthen the relationship. Try do it once or twice a month.
Everyone is having blue Monday but today I am having a great Monday. Because later, my hubby is going to date me for Nasi Dalcha. Nothing special rite? But it's the time that the both of us going to have some fun.
Stay happy and try calling your spouse to date him/her. Then, later share with me how you feel about it.

Friday, July 13, 2007

This Is Expensive!!!

Children toys don't come cheap nowadays. Last week we took our kids for shopping and my son wanted to buy this truck. Honestly, I never buy expensive toys for them except my hubby. To me I don't find it worthwhile buying such expensive toys. You can call me kiamsiap, ok?
Guess how much is this truck? Just a few piece of the blocks.................................... it's RM69.90!!! Damn expensive. We got this from World of Cartoon. I lecture my hubby cukup cukup because he is the one who buy this. Not worth mah, rite? I am not being kiamsiap but to me there are things that worth to buy at RM69.90 but this one ................. no loh. What to do, daddy is always the good guy mah and mummy is always the bad one. My son love this truck so much. Wherever he goes, he will bring that along except to school. He even bring that to bed - beh tahan sama dia.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What Is Love???

I hardly buy newspaper coz I don't have much time to read it. So, I rather read it from the net. Today, I were slightly free this morning and wanted to update myself on the news about the little girl Ying Ying. Taking about this, I really boiling hot liau. This one call mother??? She is not fit!!! Anyhow, what I wanted to talk about here is regarding a teenage girl Chai Kah Mun from KL.
Normally, I will see from the side bar what is most viewed news for the day and after reading about Ying Ying story, this is another one that catch my eyes - Runaways run to Chong first. Now, who want to run away pulak? This girl is only 15 years old and she had run to Datuk Micheal Chong office. She is not there for serious help but in return telling him that she had got a plan to run away from home. She does not want them to entertain the family if they would go to Datuk Chong office to ask for help. She said her dad, Chai had been too controlling over her and she is not allow to go for tuition class. But her dad said, he could not afford it as he is only a Chee Cheong Fun seller. He also added that Kah Mun boyfriend who is from another race challenge him to search for the house once when she runaway from home.
THE STAR - read more
Kuala Lumpur ........ He had previously placed her in a home as he claimed she was “too demanding” – wanting to go out every day and seeking more freedom. “I promised to allow her to continue the relationship once she turned 18. She asked that I allow her to go for tuition classes. I want to but I do not have enough money,” said Chai.

Kah Mun, who cried during the press conference, said she just wanted her father to allow her out of the house, and trust that she would be able to take care of herself. “I don’t want to be locked up all the time,” said Kah Mun.

Chong acted as a mediator and obtained a promise from the father to allow Kah Mun out of the house twice a week. He also urged Kah Mun to understand her father’s concern and financial difficulties.

“Here is an example of a vulnerable single-parent family trying its best not to crack from the everyday pressures of financial limitation, a generation gap and outside influences,” he said.
I were a little disappoint and feeling sad over this news lor. What is going on with the society? The father may be over protective but he may have his worry over her daughter. There are so many cases that young girl are being cheated or raped by boyfriend. Tell me which dad or parents don't wish the best to happen on their kids. She is only 15 years old and don't tell me she know what is love. The love she needed and searching are a different type of love. I called Kah Mun love as puppy love only. There are still lots of things that she had yet to see and experience. Any teenager who read my story might not be agreeable to me but sit down and calm down - think about your future. I have also gone thru the teenage life and I know. I have also seen many things. For example, a teenager who stay next door to my mom's house. She is only 16 years old and she is soon to give birth. Her husband is only 20 years old, working in as a casual worker in a factory. How much money can he earn? Don't think the figure he earn could be enough for himself too. How is he going to take care of the wife and the baby? Now, the burden goes to the parents. Why? Because the parents got to take care of her and her expenses too. This girl is going to miss a lot more fun as a teenager. Only 16 and she is already a mom. When I am 16, I am so happy playing around, go to places that I want to visit and many more. And for her, she got to sit at home and jaga anak.
On the other side, I believe the dad could be over protective. Nowadays, what every teenager are talking about is FREEDOM. Who don't want freedom? But do everyone know how to used it correctly? We as parents should know what our kids need too.
Today, I am a daughter and also a mother to 2 kids so, I felt I am qualify to say this - young people, try to understand your parents. Do not compare yourself with your friends. Everyone are different. Don't blame your parents, they could have tried their best to provide the best to you. Off course, as parents we should not be too over protective. Everyone need some space for their personal things too. We can keep an eye on them but should not treat them as prisoner lor. Today world is very much different from the previous. Parents should learn to be the kids best friends too. What do I mean by this? Meaning, apart from their good friends, we as parents should also be their close friends. By doing this, they will share with us about their feelings, problems and things that are going on with them. By knowing what is going on with them, it is much easier for us to help them. Many parents thought that by giving money to their children means they love them very much. Whoever have this thinking, I can tell you that you are WRONG. Kids are like us adult too - need love, care, attention, understanding and communication too. MONEY is NOT LOVE. Spend time daily with your kids. In return our children will also understand us when we talk to them - there could be time where we face difficulty in our financial or work. We have to teach them to learn certain things. If they can understand us like how we understand them, don't you think the situation will be better ?
Guess, I am bit cheong hei (long winded) liau today.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Funny Things To Share With All Of You......

Weekend is here and since I don't have much time to write, I decided to share with you on this funny animation that my sister show me. I am so sakai or maybe I should say I don't have so much time to search for all this stuff. Since, my sister show it to me, I wanna share with you.

Cool New Graphics - MySpace/Friendster

Cool New Graphics - MySpace/Friendster

Cool New Graphics - MySpace/Friendster
Ok! Ok! I promise to come back with more serious stuff. No more dirty stuff like this liau. I am sure when my hubby see this, he will surely faint. Hahaha...............

Sorry! Life Have Been So Busy Like A Bee

Life have been so damn busy lately - busy like a bee. I know all of you are going to tell me that this is a good sign but I just wish I have 1/2 hour break to write my blog. But, I promise when I come back there will be more update - recipes, food, funny stuff and etc etc.

Cool New Graphics - MySpace/Friendster