Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bread Recipes

The bread competition was over and as I have promise you, here are the recipes for the 5 breads which I am going to share with all of you. What I am proud of myself is I have the guts to go for that competition to compete with the 5 stars hotel chefs. Cheh wah!!! This year there is no Gold Medal for Bread Showpiece - no one qualified for that. Being the first timer, I don't expect to win anything but just want to gain some experience. The result came out in the afternoon for Silver and Bronze Medal. Hmmmmm............ my name is not there. So, no chance liau but I were not unhappy about it. I know I will not get it. Later in the afternoon, my friend call up and told me I got a Diploma for that. Har???? Never hear b4 leh. Only know Diploma is obtain in colleges not from competition leh. But that is what I got!!! *scratch head*

This is my certificate which is sign by the Penang Chief Minister. Ahem!!! Don't play play har. By profession, I am only a secretary but hor can challenge with the 5 star hotel chefs too. My sifu and friends are asking me to go to KL in August for another competition. Aiyoh!!! I don't want to embarrass myself again leh. I only need to brush up for my centrepiece only which I am not good at. Centrepiece is made from bread dough which is mean for decoration and not for makan har.

The bread which I submit for the competition are:-


700g Water
100g Rye Flour
900g Bread Flour
80g Millet
100g Millet Seed
40g Brown Sugar
14g Salt
20g Instant Dried Yeast
20g Bread Improver

1. Place all the dried ingredients in the mixer bowl. Stir it well.
2. Add water and beat till dough is elastic.
3. Put the dough to rest for 30 minutes or till double in size.
4. Then, shape the dough and put in the loaf pan.
5. Let the dough rest for 20 minutes.
6. Bake at 200C for 35 minutes.


150g Water
260g Orange juice with some pulp
2 no Egg
750g Bread flour
20g Milk powder
110g Sugar
6g Salt
12g Instant Dried Yeast
4tbsp Grated orange rind
80g Dried cranberries
60g Chop walnuts
16g Bread improver

2tbsp Apricot Puree – for glazing

1. Place the bread flour, milk powder, sugar, salt, yeast and bread improver in the mixer bowl.
2. Add water and mix. Slowly, add in the orange juice and egg.
3. When the dough is well beat and elastic, put in the grated orange rind , dried cranberries and chop pecan nuts. Mixed well.
4. Then, put the dough aside for resting for about 30 minutes.
5. Shape into any shape you desired and further rest for 20 minutes.
6. Bake at 200C for 20 minutes.

70g Milk
4 nos Egg
450g Bread flour
6g Salt
30g Sugar
100g Melted butter
10g Instant dried yeast
10g Bread improver

1egg yolk + 15g milk for glazing

1. Place all the dry ingredients in the mixer and stir to mix well.
2. Then, add in milk and mix for a while. After that, add egg.
3. Beat till it’s almost elastic and add butter.
4. Beat till ready and put the dough on rest for 30minutes or double in size.
5. Shape it and place in the mould and further rest for 20 minutes.
6. Bake at 200C for 20 minutes.


170g Milk
240g Water
2 Eggs
800g Bread Flour
100g Corn Meal
15g Sugar
10g Salt
11g Instant Dried Yeast
160g Corn in Cream
50g Butter

1. Place all the dry ingredient and stir well.
2. Add water and eggs to mix. Then, put in the corn.
3. After that, add butter and beat till elastic. Put the dough for rest for about 30 minutes or till double in size.
4. Then, shape the dough to desired size. Cover and allow to rest for 20 minutes.
5. Bake at 200oC for 20 minutes.


450g Water
700g Bread flour
50g Wholemeal flour
20g Milk powder
6g Salt
24g Sugar
12g Instant dried yeast
14g Bread improver

80g Black olive, chopped
120g Feta cheese, crumbled
2tbsp Olive oil for brushing

1. Mix the bread flour, wholemeal flour, milk powder, salt, sugar and dried yeast in the mixer. Stir it.
2. Pour in the water to mix well and elastic.
3. When the dough is about to ready, add the black olive oil and feta cheese. Mix well.
4. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes or till double in size.
5. Mould to the desired shape. Further rest for 20 minutes.
6. Bake at 200C for 15 to 20 minutes.

If you guys ask me which is my favourite then, it will be dried cranberries with orange roll and feta cheese with black olive.
Bread lover out there, do try this and give me your feedback how it turn out to be............ HAPPY BAKING!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Blog Again......... Japanese Restaurant This Time

TNS........ everytime, when you are damn damn so tired and wanted to take a rest, for sure ada olang mali kacau one. Phone calls lar, orders lar and bla bla bla. FYI, I don't switch off my handphone one except bateri sudah pinish. hahaha..... I already practice that since last time during my corporate life. When, I am damn free that time no one will call and nothing seems to kacau me. Apa sai har.......

Anyway, since already tak boleh rest and I have been awaken by some people then, I decided to write and blog lar. I am still tired no matter what but sitting down and write is still ok lar. Maybe, I might not be so alert over certain things only. Afterall, today I have got no mood to do other things liau.

Somewhere last week, my hubby took us to a Japanese Restaurant which had opened few months ago along Jalan Tanjong Tokong. Actually, this is our second visit. The first visit, lupa bawa camera............ To me, I find this is the best japanese restaurant in town apart from Kampachi. Oops! belum introduce you the name of the restaurant lagi - it's called Ryoma.

Food over there is great - so fresh and taste fantastic. Don't play play har, the chief chef is from Japan one har. The owner is also a japanese and he can communicate in mandarin. That is the best part leh.......... This is the snack (pea) that will offer to you upon waiting for your order.

Another thing, I like best of this place is about the wireless service bell. Canggih leh!!! No need like other restaurant where we got to call for the waiter or waitress. It's small and they just place it at the corner of the table. The environment of the restaurant is quiet and it's so nice compared to others. It's another good place to unwind after a hard day of work. They also have a few corner where it can fit 3 - 4 person comfortably which have been cover - I call it the box corner. More privacy. They also have a few private rooms.

This is one of the bento set ordered by us. The price is very reasonable - apatah lagi with good taste and quality. If any of you like raw items, this is a highly recommended place to go. Seafood is so fresh. Food is good, ambiance is nice and service is 'yat lau' (great). Give it a try and you will always remember this place call RYOMA

Just got a call from my hubby, he say tonite we are going there again to have dinner with his kawan. Yipee........... Btw, they also give free dessert leh - greentea ice cream.


Finally, the day has come............... Today, is my bread making competition. Awal awal 5pagi sudah bangun. Go to school last time also no need to wake up so early. We are requested to place our things there from 6 to 8 am. After that, it will be the judging time. Btw, I am joining the Bread Making in Battle of The Chefs, Penang. It's at Bayview Beach hotel. It's open to public to view and I am not sure what time it's open for them to see. All I know is yesterday I sleep late and this morning early early have to wake up liau. Again, my hubby got to help lar. Yesterday, help me to clear my stuff and a little bit of decorating. If you go and see the display hor, if you see the simplest one then, it's mine. To me the most important things is the edible bread and not so much of the mock bread. We are requested to make 5 different type with different dough edible bread and a centrepiece (for showcase saja lar). Hey, that is Hotel Artist kerja ok? Bakers are meant to make and bake bread.

Anyway, my breads are all there and waiting to be judge. Like I say earlier, menang or kalah is not so much important for me this year. After all, it's my first year in the competition and I just want to gain some experience. I will download the pictures later and share with you guys. Oh ya! For bread lover, I will be sharing the recipes of my 5 types of bread. I promise you, the taste of the bread.......... is moh tak teng (damn good).

Now, I am so damn tired and I needed some rest. But at the same time, I miss blogging so much. I told my hubby this morning, I miss my sembangNtalk so much. After my resting, I shall come back to share more things with you all. I have so much things to write about food, about people, about places and bla bla bla..... anyway, now I can't really concentrate. Let me come back after my nap first zzzzzzzzzzzz ................

Happy Birthday

Last Saturday was our little girl birthday and on Saturday morning, my hubby suggested we make her a cake. I look at him with my big eyes. Where got enough time and I got a few things to do lagi. He wanted so much to make her a cake and he says even a simple one will be good enough. Since, our little girl like lychee - so, I suggested lychee cake. I told him I cannot decorate the cake nicely coz I am also in the rush to prepare some other orders. So, what he did was helping me in the kitchen - apa lagi? Kena jadi tukang cuci lar. Because of her little darling, he personally help in decorating. See........ the power of love from daddy to her little darling. Due to so last minute thing, I only used some candy to put on top and spread some cream. Very lazy mummy...... hahaha. Apa mau buat, I only have 1 hour plus to do that for her and apart from that, I have a few items to clear off.

Kids are really kids, my son is so happy to see the cake. Whatmore, lychee are one of their favourite. They can't wait to cut the cake liau......... My son loves pastries alot. He is a person who enjoy food. The 2 monsters tak boleh tunggu liau to blow the cake and cut already.

Without realising, my girl is already 2 years old already lor. Soon, she will be going to primary school then to secondary. After that, maybe to oversea for further study and later have her own very family............... by that time, I could be 60 years old liau. What I do is everyday go and tar tai kek. Aiyoh!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Kids

Many of my friends were asking me how is my kids getting on and who they look like. Okay, since today I am a little bit free I decided to blog about my 2 little monsters. Hahaha.... this is what me and my hubby call them. My son, Delwin is 4 years old now and this is a cheeky guy. He can trick anyone even adult. I am serious and about his "ngau lek" (energy) - even 3 adult man can hold him if he wants to go against you. But somehow hor, we never taught him how to hold a book correctly when he read. He did it himself at the age of 1 year plus. This make me very proud of him. His favourite food, no one will ever guess it rite - huat kueh!!! Never ever let him see huat kueh or else he will chase after it. He is also a fruits lover - banana, grapes and apples are his favourite.

About my little girl Delwina, she is 2 years old already lor. This little girl always look for food only and hor she don't chincai put things in her mouth one. At times when we buy her cookies and she don't like it, habis lar....... see who is the unlucky one that she will goes to to ask you to finish up the whole thing. Her mouth also tak boleh finish talking one. Talk and talk and talk tarak habis one. Most of all she is daddy pet lar. Girls.........

Love For Family

Actually, I have this habit of doing 2 or 3 things at a time. Like blogging, reading and talking on the phone at satu masa. How I do it? Hahaha.... secretary's are trained to do things fast and effective. So, today I were running thru my recipes which I am getting ready for the competition next Tuesday and sambil baca blog lar - my favourite 5xmom. Checking back on her story what I have miss out so far - sekali drawn my attention on this title - Sayang Suami. I will surely share with you about my experience later. Anyway, this is my first time going in for competition. Oh ya! I forgot to mention what competition I join hor? Sorry ar, not beauty punya competition lar. I know where is my stand. I am joining a bread making competition. This is a competition open for hoteliers, restaurant and bakey. My purpose is not to win but just to have some fun and to gain some experince. In this competition we have to provide 5 edible bread and a centre piece which tak boleh makan - for deco only. Aiyah!!! This I share with you next week after the competition.

Now come back to my blog title - Love For Family. I know we are living in a 21st century where male and female are at a same level but someone a duty of a wife and a mother is still the same. Cooking for the family does not mean you need to cook 4 dishes with a soup mah. Simple one like my leng cheh do - pasta. This is also good enough to make our hubby heart melt lar. Why? Because you cook with love mah. Hey!!! Let me tell you har. Cook with love and just simple cook do make a different in the taste. Don't believe? Give it a try. Have you never hear of the best way to the man heart is thru his stomach? I still remember this clearly....... when I were still working in the hospitality industry (I am ex-hotelier), my GM, Jeffrey Mong once told me this where 1 morning I bought breakfast for my colleuges and him. He said, Erina the best way to the man heart is thru his stomach. Eh!!! not thru sex meh? Hahaha.... LOL. Cook a simple meal and have the family at the dining table to eat together is a different feeling. We can also talk and kepo about things that had happen mah. Don't give excuse you got to work har. Many people also work alrite? My leng cheh, Lilian also work but she still cook for the family mah. I also work alrite. My friend Jocelyn also work but hor you must pay her the respect. Before she go to work, she will drop by the market and buy what she need then bring to the office. At times, she buy at the weekend and keep in the fridge lar. After kerja, she go home and cook ok? She cook only for herself and hubby. I can know the trouble of cooking just for 2 person. Even want to buy veges also susah ok. Buy too many cannot finish, buy too little the vege seller will stare at us pulak. And, after cooking leh? Apa lagi? Washing time lar. Har...... this is where the husband can play their role. Help lar to do some washing. Dah lah cook you free meal so, help to wash and clean up lor. After doig all this messy job, go ask your darling for something - surely easy to get one. Tone down your voice sikit... aiyoh guarantee you 100% he give you what you want.

Monday, April 9, 2007

If This Is A Last Post ......

I were tag by Lilian which she was also been tag by her K-kia. According to this young guy, this is created my Urban Monk and the purpose is for charity. Half way of writing, go over to read AhPek blog, alamak kena tag by him. Better go and check out who else tag me.

If this is my last post, what I will share with you is :-

LIFE .... everyone should appreciate their life. Sometimes, we read in the newspaper, youngster commit suicide due to apa? Because of love lar. Really stupid. Some die because of hutang ah long pulak. There are so many people out there fighting to survive and this siew lan kia (stupid fellow) want to end their life. Do you know the value of life boh? To this people dieing is the end of everything but they just don't realise it's another beginning for their spouse or loved one. The person who die got nothing to worry but they also leave behind other problems for those alive one to settle for them. TNS.... if you are the one who cause it, you ownself kau tim lar. Have the guts to face it and my final word is APPRECIATE YOUR LIFE.

I just want to keep this short and simple to make you guys aware of life. Anyway, I hope this is not my last post har? There are still lots of things I wanna share and afterall, I baru saja start the fun of blogging.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Do All Couple Argue???

After writing about my marriage life, I sat down and ask myself this question - do all couples argue or fight?

I still remember 1 of my friend once told me that she never argue with her husband before no matter what happen. Me and a few friends who hear her comment on that immediately told her - hau siau lar. Where got such thing? Guess she want to show off how loving they are.

I dare to admit that I and my husband have lots of argument ok? Argue over things that we buy for the house, which stall got better food, about kids and etc etc. Hoi!!! Even our fingers also tarak sama panjang lar. Where got such thing call perfect one. Argument in a marriage does not fully mean unhealthy. It depends on what you argue and how bad it is. At times, it make things better. Sometimes, couples thought the both of them know each other very well after years of being together. But, this is not necessary. Sometimes, there are couples who are married for over 10 years but if you ask them things about their partner they might not even know. At times, after some arguments we tend to find out more about each other and love could even grow deeper.

What is your comments on :-
1. Do all couple argue?
2. Is argument in a marriage is unhealthy?

Monday, April 2, 2007

My Marriage Life.....

Today, when I opened my pc and as usual lar........ I will go login to my blog, my website at Cooking Island and my others favourite blogs such as 5XMom, AhPek, Wingz, Earl-ku and etc. Aiyoh!!! Terkejut when I saw my leng cheh, Lilian tag me on her article - Meme - "Why I marry my husband" (ewwss).

I have saw Lilian husband a couple of times and I can say he is a real nice guy. When she come by over at my shop to buy things, when Lilian say wanna try this? The husband will just say, buy lar. He is not a mah fun type or the fussy type. Normally, when I go shopping I always see the same thing happening to some couples. That is when the wife ask the husband opinion about something they want to buy, the husband will start to ask back, "how much". If the item is expensive then, they will start to raise up their voice liau. "Aiyoh, so expensive leh. Put back put back. Don't wan liau". But this is not in Lilian atm lor. He is an adventurous guy. He will tell Lilian, buy and try lar. Wah!!! I know many ladies will envy about this when you get to hear this.

Ok. Back to my story liau. Why I marry my husband - Mr Lawrence Cheah?

1. He Is A Gentleman - not alike some other guys who never pay for meals. Always think that lady should also pay when go out for dinner.

2. He Is A Supportive Person - no matter what happen, he is always there to give me the courage and support to go thru any problems.

3. He Is A Joker - he will tell you lots and lots of jokes and not like some man, very tai lum yan or no sense of humour.

4. Love Me For Who I Am - I am not like those lady who is 36-28-36. But, no matter what, even till today he had never mention about my size and in fact always ask me to go makan with him.

5. He Is A Responsible Guy - He always knows his duty well as a man. He is not rich but he got a plan to make sure his family is always in good condition and his family will not suffer in anything.

5. He Never Let Me Handle Things All By Myself - no matter is hard or good time, he always share it with me.

6. Handsome??? - boleh bring out for show lar. Hahaha.....LOL

7. Most off all - both of us have similar interest. That bring us together.

Some of my friends did say they really envy me coz from the day I know my hubby I tak pernah naik bus to go anywhere. I am honest. The last time, I took a bus were 7 years ago where I need to go to KL with my colleagues for some official work.

It's already a total of 13 years by now including of 5 years courting. If not because of Lilian, I did not realise I have became his wife for almost 8 years - anak also sudah 2, the boy is 4 years old and the girl is 2 years old. All I can say is, I have no regrets of being his wife. *psst : actually he did not know I write about this article. wait till he read this, surely he will call my name loud loud liau*

This article is specially dedicate to my husband. Lilian, if not because of you - guess, I will not write this special story for Lawrence.