Friday, November 30, 2007

My Earning ..................

Today, all of a sudden I go and kepo at Nuffnang to see how much I have earn so far (since July till now). Hahahaha............................ very paiseh to tell u all. Only enough to pay for a few friends to eat at hawker stall only. That also kena tekan break leh. How much???? Only RM37.21! Nuffnang will only make a payment when we reach RM50.00. That means I have another RM12.75 before I get to be paid. How long have to wait leh? Last time, I told my sister and hubby, if I got pay fast I belanja them makan. But looking at it now, they got to 'sek cee kei' (eat themselves). I have make my final decision. When Nuffnang pay me, I want to take this money to do charity. My first payment of RM50.00, I want to share it with others too. I know, I know. Some of you will laugh at me. What can RM50.00 do? How to do charity leh with RM50? Nevermind, laugh lor! I will figure a way to do it one. I so clever, sure can keh. Hahaha...................... So, for others what do you do with your first payment from Nuffnang or other advertiser? Share lar abit on your experience.


Larry said...

Hi, you can donate back to Nuffnang if you don't want the money.

erinalaw said...

Hahaha ............ donate back to Nuffnang? Hmmm........ I did not mention I don't want the money wor. Guess Nuffnang don't even want my RM50 - too little mah. They easily earn more than that in a minute lar. Moreover, donate means we are giving to a more needy person leh.

mumsgather said...

Haha. My earnings from Nuffnang also same as you. I think maybe it will take another year or two before reach RM50.00 Lol!

Huei said...

haih..i oso sama sama

my advertlets earning er..0.02 per DAY! walau..really very sad

nuffnang better got 70+..but it has been very long..haihh

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