Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kiddie Birthday Cupcakes

My son's birthday had just pass few days ago and since this is his last year in kindy, I make him some special cupcakes for him to share with his buddies. For his classmate, I make extra one for them to pack back in a small little box. I asked Delwin what cake he wants me to make. He kept on telling me apple cake. Aiyoh!!! After thinking for a couple of days, I decided to make him apple carrot cupcakes with cheese frosting. Most kids love cheese.

Apple Carrot Cupcakes with Cheese Frosting

Animals are his favourite. I got him elephant, zebra, tiger and lion

Nice or not?

I kept a few for him to share with his sister. He just love it and tell me, it's yummy!!!

Kids are not too difficult to satisfied them. Just a small cake, they are happy with it. The school teachers told me that the cakes are all finished up. I make a total of 120 cupcakes to feed more than 50 kids. As long as they happy, I am happy too!!!
I am planning to make some nice dessert to pampered myself this weekend.

Friday, February 27, 2009


How is the economy doing? I guess that is what everyone is discussing and talking about. Everyday, we hear so much about it and who don't get worry?
Few weeks ago when I went back to my hometown in Taiping, I were told by my aunt and cousins that there is this place visited by hundred of people everyday near Tesco Kamunting. They told me that people go there around 7pm to touch the wildboar. *blink eyes*
Cousin : You will see some buses park along the roadside. People from KL, Penang and Johor
also come. Some even come from Singapore.
Me : Go there touch wildboar for what and why at 7pm leh?
Cousin : Go touch the wildboar to get good luck. Some strike 4D. The wildboar at the Indian
temple near the hillside. When it's praying at 7pm, they will ring the bell and all this
wildboar will come out. People will feed them and touch them.
Me : Wildboar wor? Can bite people one leh. No scare meh?
Cousin : The wildboar over there are not wild. Some are friendly too. You want to go and see?
Me : Sure or not? I see hubby want to take me there or not.
Cousin : I know you kepo one, go and have a look lar. No suddenly, Kamunting become very
popular liau. Over in Aulong, people go and 'borrow pineapple' from the Datuk Kong.
Don't be surprise hor, alot of people also. That area full of buses and cars from
Me : Not bad hor, not Taiping become popular liau. Woi! You got go and pray kah? Ada
kena boh?
Cousin : My mum ada kena after pray the Datuk Kong - 'borrow pineapple'. Neh, your cousin
from KL come back for holiday also go there. She kena a few times liau.
Me : Like that, I don't have to work also never mind lar. Everyday go touch wildboar and
'borrow pineapple'.
Cousin : 'Borrow Pineapple' must pay back one, ok? You think what, borrow and not need to
pay. Borrow people thing must pay or not?
So, I decided to drop by this Indian temple to check it out. It's only 10 minutes from my aunt house. After dinner over at my aunt place, hubby agreed to drop me and my mum to see that place. Off course, my kids were enjoying too because they never see wildboar before mah.

Touching the wildboar

Mama wildboar and baby wildboar eating

People buy nasi lemak at the stall to feed the wildboar

People feeding the wildboar

The Indian temple


Small girl also pray
When time is bad and people is desperate for money, they are willing to try to do anything except for doing something against the law. Do I believe this??? I don't know. I have not reach that stage so, I dare not answer this question. Maybe .............................................. Never answer NO too early. Maybe, I go there and sell Nasi Lemak. Wahahaha..................

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Chinese New Year Dishes

It was just like yesterday that we were talking about the Chinese New Year and here it will be ending soon. Time really goes on very fast and that prove, all of us have to appreciate what we have and take every opportunity given to us seriously.

This year, CNY is a very simple and quiet celebration for me. Since my parents are away for holiday that means I don't have to go home till they are back. My brother in law father just pass away before the CNY and they will not be celebrating this festive season. This make everything very quiet without them. So, we just go back to my in-law place to celebrate. Anyway, it's still in Penang.

Therefore, I decided to make things simple too since I have been so tired working. Hubby also agreed that we just cook simple meal at home. Penang island is always pack-up when it's a holiday season.

What we have are really simple. Just enough to feed me, hubby, our 2 kids and share some with my neighbour. Oh yes! I have very nice neighbour. We always share food. During CNY, she will share some of the dishes she cook with me and I will pass her some. Isn't it nice?

Mushroom with Sea Cucumber and Pork Rib. I decorated it with brocolli to make the dish look tastier

Steam Drunken Chicken. Yup, there is wine in it. Lily bud and dates are added to enhance the flavour. My kids love the gravy very much. This is I learn from my late Hainanese grandma

This is hubby and my son favourite soup. Pig stomach with Fsh Maw and Chicken Soup. They just love it. I always add in some carrots, cabbage and button mushroom to make the soup taste even sweeter.

"Ju Hoo Char" (Sweet Turnip fried with shreeded dried squid). Guess this is everyone favourite where you can see them serving in anyone house during CNY

This is a special dipping sauce where we go with the "Ju Hoo Char". Yup, it's my Hainanase grandma secret recipe. All her children and grandchidren know how to do this.

The taste? Salty+sourey+spicy+sweet= YUMMY. hahahaha

On the 1st day of CNY, we normally go 1/2 day vegetarian. I am so lazy to cook so much and I decided to cook only Loh Hon Cai. This one is a different type that you have outside. You can't get this in any vegetarian shop. Again, it's my Hainanese grandma who taught us
The rest of the day, we eat out. Too tired to cook. Afterall, it's only 4 of us. When will all the lazy bugs get away from me???? Today, we will be going back to my parents house to have CNY dinner together. Hahaha............ still not too late mah. Afterall, it's not the 15th day of CNY. I had ordered crabs from my regular seafood supplier. Will cook it tonight!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Am Out Of My Shell

I am so lazy to blog for such a long long time due to my busy schedule. Everytime I wanna blog, I feel so lazy and tired after a hard day of work. Good order and support is what my shop got this year. Thanks to friends and customers from KL, Taiping, Johor and not forgetting Penang.

This is what I am busy with for Christmas 2008 :-

Christmas Hamper - containing 3 types of cookies and a fruit cake


German Stollen. All nicely pack in a basket with candy sticks and cookies. We got lots of order for this. I love making stollen. I love the smell ...............................

Chinese New Year 2009 :-
Have been busy baking for CNY even before Christmas. Apparently, I got better order than last year. Thanks to all my customers, friends and family.

Top Item for continuous 3 years - Sunflowerseed Flakes
Pineapple Rolls. Another popular demand. Pineapple paste are not from cans. We cook it ourselves!!!

Greenpea cookies that melt in your mouth and not in your hand............

Cornflakes cookies

This is special for this year............ Special Chocolate Almond. Look like Almond London but a totally different taste.

I hope I'm not too late to wish all of you a Happy Moo Moo Year! May the year of Ox bring you lots of prosperity and luck. Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!