Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Art Blog

My 7 years old son love to draw so much and I decided to start off a blog for him. An artist who is also his teacher encouraged me to create a blog for him to keep all his art.

Delwin, started to draw when he is about 3+ with some guidance from hubby. Slowly, he love drawing so much. Initially, we buy him reams and reams of A4 papers from the bookshops. Sometimes, he will use about 4 - 5 reams of papers per month. Then, we have to find ways to cut down his usage. So, we decided to cut the A4 paper into half because there are times he only draw an animal and he will not use the empty place. Wherever we go, we will bring paper and pen along coz he will draw when we are not doing anything. Now, my 5 years old daughter is being influence by him. She is not a born artist but rather a follower. She just want to join in the fun with the big brother.

Does he look like an artist? Aiyoh!!! Mum & Dad also confuse liau. But, we want to motivate him. It may be a way for him to release his tention and it might be his hobby. Who knows, he will use his skill for something in the future. Everyone have got a way to release their tention, right?

She loves to draw because of her big brother. Whenever the brother is drawing, she will also ask for pen and paper to join in the fun. To be fair, we also send her for art class. Yes, both of them are under the guidance of an artist.

Check out this blog - http://delwincheah.blogspot.com

Monday, March 29, 2010

More Cupcakes To Share

This are some of the cupcakes that I had made for the past few months.

Wedding cupcake in the box

For cake cutting

Ready on the cake tier


Some which we had help to pack

Flower theme

Another one for flower theme

Mixed fruits cupcakes



A bigger flower

Another design

Wedding cupcake again

For cake cutting

Simple and nice

Durian cupcakes


2009 Christmas Cupcakes

Santa on cupcakes?


Ready for delivery

Chocolate cupcakes with fondant

These are for a Malay garden wedding

Banana cupcakes with cheese frosting

Jackfruits cupcakes with cheese frosting

Can you see the jackfruit?

Sprinkle with some gold dust

Ready to be send to customer..................


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hainanese Chefs

A few regular customers pop by over at my shop today and we chatting on some cooking stuff. Yup, customers sometimes drop by and they bring over some food to share with me. How nice!!! Now you know, why I love my job so much. Hahaha......................... We were talking about how chefs works and some of the tips that we got from the chefs which work so great. Suddenly, a lady say this "normally a Hainanase Chef will not share alot". I gave her a smile and everyone start to agree. Being a 25%Hainanese I do not have any comment. Have you ever see a Hainanese cookbook in any bookshop before, do you? I am not too sure are all Hainanese Chef are like that - selfish in passing on their recipes.
What do you think? Are Hainanese Chefs selfish???

Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally ...............................

Finally, I had come out from my shell. After mum had pass away, I always feel so lazy to do things. Am I giving an excuse? Initially, I wanted to put a stop in writing blog but there were so much motivation from friends and hubby. Partly, I also like to 'kepo'. So, I will begin to write again.