Monday, November 5, 2007

Nice Cupcakes

I have not been updating my blog often lately as have told all of you am I so busy with work. For the past 2 weeks, I have been receiving good orders from customers. Bake almost 100 of 1kg cakes but most of all I love the little cupcakes that I bake for 1 of my customer. Her family always drop by my shop to pick up their baking needs and she found out that I do make cupcakes for sale. So, she ordered 520 cupcakes from me. Her theme was silver and blue. Guess what? I got to send the cupcakes to E&O Hotel Penang. Fuyoh!!! I am so damn proud of myself.
These are the cupcakes which I had made. The cream come in blue and white colour. I used the silver bake case.

Silver dust is sprinkle on the cupcakes but can't see very clearly.

This week is going to be another busy week for me as I have receive quite a big order for cakes again. Happy? Off course, I am. I have decided to do some charity for the orphanage during end of the month. Want to share some of my joy with some unfortunate too.


Huei said...

so yummyy!!

happy for u that u have so many orders! happy baking!! =D

nicktay said... i am hungry for cupcakes!

belle said...

so nice...... =(( y din teach us this time geh


FUUUuuuuu yohhhhhh!! i wish i can eat them!! hahahaha! thanks for sharing!!! a big big cheers to u!! enjoy ur lifestyle ok:) take care@@

Wingz said...

oi oi our kek how?

BN said...

Wah the cake damn sedap la.... How to make the icing arr?? Can share some tips? My hubby also likes these cupcakes ler....

Anyway thanks for the Christmas fruit cake ler :) Everyone in the house loved it :)