Saturday, June 30, 2007

WHY 7?

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Actually, this few days I am quite lazy to do a lot of things. Have not been doing my reading, knitting and baking. Even want to talk to my supplier also no mood. Is it the weather or it's something wrong with me? Nope, I am not having my period har nor pregnant. Choi! Choi! Choi!Just no mood and too tired. I have been a good girl and no activities on bed, ok? *eyes want to close already, slept for 3 hours yesterday nite*

I am going to tell you the 7 male I love most. Hey, my heart is very BIG and it had got space for everyone that I love.

1. PATERNAL GRANDPA, my dearest yeh yeh. No doubt, he had left but I love him alot. ALOT ALOT ok? He had taught me the art of eating. Eat also got art? Yes! He always says this to me, 'the rich and the poor each have their art of eating'. When, I were young I always ask myself even eating also got art one meh? How you eat effect your health too. All this years, most of us think what we eat is how our health will be. But, we have forgotten even the way we eat is also important. Can you believe it, my grandpa take almost half an hour to finish his 1 plate of rice for lunch and dinner. So long? Yes, it is. He say, we must slowly chew up what is in our mouth before we push it to another part. Never eat like a hungry ghost. I do that and I have not had my gastric for years liau. There are lots of things he taught me about food. No doubt, you are no longer with me but I always have the good memory we have in my mind and heart. You are the best yeh yeh!

2. MY FATHER. My dad is a person who is very strict over our study. When I were young, dad will check my school bag everyday to ensure my homework is done and my books are in good condition. No 'dog-ear' for my books and that is the term he use. If he found there are book like that in my bag, he will ask me to take out and use a thicker and heavier book to place on top of it. He don't like books to be untidy. He was the one who taught me to write cursive when I were only 7 years old. Among the 3 siblings, I have the most beautiful writing. My dad always make sure I write 1 page of writing everyday since I were only 4. Not writing A, B, C and so forth nor any words. It's a sentence - THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPED OVER THE LAZY DOG. Why this sentence? In this whole sentence it had got the letter A to Z. Check it out. So, thank you dad for coaching me in my writing when I were still young and because of you I have got beautiful writing today.

3. MY UNCLE. You were the one who had taught me so much about food. From cooking to baking. And off course, I also got the scolding from him. But, it's ok. I always tell myself this, to enable myself to be successful, I have to take up what people comment about me and what are their advises. My famous Siam Laksa and Sambal Dried Prawn are also taught by him. There are lots of things I have learn -stew duck with mushroom and potato, steam rice with chicken & mushroom, curry lengkuas and lots more to name. Thank you again for coaching me.

4. MY BREAD SIFU. I love making cakes and cookies than any other things. But after my sifu taught me about bread somehow, I fall in love with bread so deeply. He taught me how to enjoy eating bread. White bread? Nope. I love bread with lots of grains and rye. Yum yum. You no like grains? Do you know how good are this grains? Do you know what it can do for us? When we eat those bread that contains lots of grains and when we shallow, as this grains go down thru our intestine, it will scrape away what is stuck or stick at our intestine.

5. MY COUSIN, ALEX CHONG. He died at very young age of 22years old. And it's already 13 years since he had left. No doctors knows what is the cause of his death. He had taught me to be creative. How to do things by ourselves and it won't cost much. When I were still young in the primary and secondary school , I made my own greeting cards and bookmarks for my friends. I even made some gifts to be given away. He says whatever the gift is, it's not a matter how much it cost but it's how much love we have used to make the gift.

6. MY HUBBY, MY DARLING, MY LOHKONG, MY WALKING ATM (hahaha.....will I be getting extra pocket money from you next month since I so manja? Pleaseeeeee.......). We were courting for 5 years and married for 7 years already. Being his wife is something that I am very proud off. I am not showing off har. Who say long distance love don't work? Take up your hand. Anyhow, it works for us. It does. During our courting years, he travel alot in his career. I only got to see him most is once a month and it's for few hours only , that is also because his flight transit is in Penang. Otherwise, I will only be seeing him once every 3 or 4 months. Last time, not that canggih mah and we have handphone or email mah. But, somehow or maybe it's our fate to tied up the knot. I have been love and pampered by him alot. My dear hubby signature dishes for me - IndoMee Goreng. I must admit somehow he made the best one leh. Anyone want to try?

7. Lastly, DELWIN. Who is he? My son lar!!! He is 4 years old this year and he had brought alot of laughter in my life. The day he were born, we were surprised to see him smiling - that is the first thing he does, not crying. Even my gyne were surprise. That is my boy. Even till today, he smile alot. I love hearing him laugh. It somehow make me feel so happy. Do I punish him? Everytime when he does something wrong and he knows I will for sure to punish him, he will quickly come over to kiss me on my lips. He will make me smile and melt my heart first but mummy will still give him the punishment. Some people call him Mr. Cool coz he don't bother about what people are doing.

I am not going to tag anyone and furthermore, I am so tired liau. So, I should let everyone relax, sit back and enjoying reading blogs. Have a nice weekend!


I wanted to make something for some kids so, I decided to make them some little muffin. I used the muffin mixed that are currently selling in my shop. I made them 4 flavours all together - blueberry, kiwi, orange poppyseed and chocolate chips. The kids just love it. I made almost 150 nos for just 30 kids. When it come back, the container is clean. I just love it when the food I made are finished up - that show it's yummy.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Thank You For The Beautiful Flowers

Last Saturday, my good friend Bit Nee had sent this to me thru Noel. Noel is an International Florist. You can place an order and they will be able to send your order to anywhere in the world. When I came back from my class in the afternoon on last Saturday, 23 June I saw this on my table. It's from Bit Nee. I am so touch!!! This tai toh poh (pregnant lady) susah susah also send me flowers. I am so kum-thong. Thanks Bit Nee. Thank you so much. Your this little gift does means alot to me. My birthday is not on 23 June but she is sending it 1 day earlier to my shop because I off on Sunday. To Earl-ku, Hongkiat, Belle and Ching Ling - my apologise for not being able to take you for breakfast on Sunday coz I were having some activities on that day. I promise, your next visit I take you guys for seafood, ok?

Don't get jealous of my beautiful flower har? See the teddy bears? It's keychain. Lovely ................ I still have this basket of flower on my table till today. I shall dried up the purple everlasting flower to make bookmarks. Let me think of something and I should recycle whatever that can to make it into something.

I am 1 year older liau!!! *tears roll down*........ Nope! Nope! Nope! You all wrong already. I am 1 year mature, getting more sexy and beautiful and more hiau (that is what my friends said to me). Few of them send me sms and say they are looking forward to see me more hiau. What a what to wish me.

You all must be wondering, how come I did not post my darling gift leh? Nope!!! Coz, I want to specially thanks Bit Nee for her lovely gift ............. all the way from KL. Still wanna to know what I get from my hubby? Ok lar, tell you all.................................... maybe next time lar. I paiseh liau.

Colourful Cookies

In another few months, our Muslim friends will be celebrating Hari Raya and I have decided to conduct a class on making cookies. One of the recipe is Fruity Cookies - that is what I call them. One of my customer call it Biskut Sampan.................. *scratch head*. I did not realise my cutter look like a sampan. So, I told them that since most malays like their cookies to look nice to eat and a little bit colourful, this is what I want to share with them. I teach them to use fruit fillings to make it look colourful - kiwi fruit filling, strawberry fruit fillings, lemon fruit fillings, mango fruit fillings or any fruit fillings that they they wish to use. If they love peanut butter then, they can also used that instead of fruit fillings.

These are the uncooked cookies. Nice or not?

See!!! I arrange them it into a flower shape.

This is the end-product.

My customers are so excited and they say with this, it also make their cookies look nice and tasty. Hmmm.......................... sedapnya.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Salted Chicken

Salted Chicken is always our favourite especially my hubby. I must say he is lucky to have me lor. WHY? Because I also love to eat and love to cook and bake at the same time mah. Hahaha.... Actually hor, I am very proud of myself. Again WHY? The older folks always said - if a woman can go to work and go into the kitchen is the perfect one - this is how the saying goes in cantonese , "yeap tak chu fong chut tak theang thong". I am one of them lor. Ahem!!! *face read liau*. Loh Kong, I know you got read my blog one so this time, you better put a comment for me hor otherwise tonite you eat yourself liau. Yes, it's a MUST, ok? Hahaha........
Few weeks ago, we were in Ipoh and whenever we are there my hubby must go to this restaurant to buy the salted chicken. MUST one!!! The business here is damn good. The last time I bought is RM15/chicken and that is last year punya story lar. This year they charge RM16/chicken. Still reasonable. They claim theirs are kampung chicken. Kampung or not, I am not too sure. But at times, I do mine at home.
Salted Chicken - RM16/chicken

Business here is so so good......... See the boxes? You got to order and they will tell you what time to come back to pick your chicken. I waited 1/2 hour for mine.
Last time, they do everything in the kitchen and you can order and eat in front of the shop. Now no more liau. Business is damn good and they have invest into better equipment where they also used the front part of the restaurant to cook the chickenssssssssss...........
Those white stuff that you see is salt. The chicken are wrapped and cover with the salt until it's cook. The salt is hot wan har. Bawah ada fire,ok?
This is the shop name - Aun Kheng. See the telephone number there?
We bought 4 chickens. 1 for my sister inlaw, 1 for my neighbour and 2 for ourselves. My hubby can eat 1 whole chicken by himself.

Actually, you can also do your own but the salt will cause your wok spoil later due to the saltyness (is there such a word, I am not sure liau). Never mind, I decided to share with you how I made my without cooking the chicken using so much salt.

1 whole kampung chicken (buy the one approximately 600 - 700g) - clean

3 slices of dong guai (sorry, I don't have my dictionary here today and I do not know what it is called in English)

few slice of ginger (to take away the chicken smell)

2 tbsp sea salt

2 pcs of alum foil.

Optional :- 1/2 packet of herbs (pick the one that you used to boil chicken soup). If you buy from the chinese medical hall, tell them you wan RM2 only.


1. Soak the dong guai and the chicken soup herbs in the water. Drain it.

2. Stuff all the herbs inside the chicken.

3. Rub the chicken with some ginger. Then, take some salt and rub all over the chicken and also the inside too.

4. Marinate the chicken for 1 to 1 1/2 hour. Put about 2 slice of ginger beside the chicken and wrap with alum foil.

5. Steam for 35 minutes or till chicken is cook under medium heat. You might get a small bowl of the chicken soup. That is great to eat with rice.

Try it and share with me how it taste.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Making Bak Chang

Since we need to used quite a lot bak chang (meat dumpling) this year, decided to make it myself. I told my mom about my plan she look at me. Ok, ok........ I am no good in wrapping that. I can cook the filling and the rice with good taste but the dumpling I wrap will look very funny one. So, she say she will ask her friend to coach me. That idea is fine with me. Me and my mom love bak chang. My hubby and my sister love kee chang (need to use alkaline water to do this).

I am not going to talk about the story of the scholar anymore but if you wanna read about it, you can drop by at 5XMom and AhPek.

This are the ingredients that we have cook earlier - mushroom, dried shrimp, chestnut, pork, salted duck yolk and some beans apart from the glutinous rice.

I told you liau. I really make the bak chang myself with some guidance from my mom's friend. You know how much we made?

After that, put in the pot to cook for approximately 3 hours++. You got to tie the dumpling well or else all the fillings will come out and you will 'sek ci kei'. I am very happy, all are in nice shape.

These are the bak chang. We make more than 70 dumpling. Mom gave away to some friends and relatives. Reserved some enough for prayer. I just take a few to share with my friends.

And these are the kee chang. Only hubby and my sister love it so, we only make about 40 of this only. Kee chang goes well with gula melaka. You got to cook the gula melaka with some coconut milk.

See! See! See!!! The bak chang I made. Did I temp you?Hmmm................................ so yummy with the mushroom, pork, chestnut and bla bla bla..........

These are the kee chang. I cook the sauce myself. My hubby and sister favourite. If there are balance, you can also cut into small pieces and dried it under the sun for few days. Then, keep it in the friedge and used it in your tong sui. Never heard of it? Alamak!!!

This is my experience of wrapping bak chang for year 2007. No free to write liau................... *busy eating bak chang* :-)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Good Char Koey Tiew

2 weeks ago(if I still remember rite), The Star wrote about one of the Best Hokkien Mee and Char Koey Tiew in Penang which is located at the bus terminal in Tanjong Bungah. Both the shop is at Kedai Kopi Sin Lee Hin. My hubby is a guy who is siau about Hokkien Mee - he say Hokkien-kia must eat Hokkien Mee. Gila punya hokkien-man. So, he insisted that he want to try it. All this while, he say the best is at Macalister Road where they add in mantis prawn and the other one is at Balik Pulau. The one in Balik Pulau is located in a fishing village where they only operate only on every Saturday and Sunday.

This is the shop. For Penangnites, this kopitiam is near Nisin and Muthu Frozen Food

This is the what Star claim to be one of the best Hokkien Mee in Penang. Looks good but smell so so only and taste not really good. Hokkien Mee must have got a strong smell of prawn but not for this one. Very disappointed!!!

This is the char koey tiew. The portion come very small only. For men, guess they have to order 2 plates. Ladies, ok lar. The char koey tiew is good. Worth to go for it!!! If you don't like the lady at Lorong Selamat (the lansi fei fei lady) then, you can give it a try for this one.

I am so busy but steal 10 minutes from my dinner time to share with you about this. There are too many things that I wanna share but just don't have that much time to do it. Well, I really have to. Sayonara....................... have a great weekend.

Sorry! I Am Busy

I will not be able to share much this 2 days coz I am so busy preparing for my class tomorrow. I will be conducting a baking class tomorrow at my shop premises. Next Saturday, even worst. I guess I have to cut myself into a few pieces liau. Next Saturday, I will be conducting a cooking class for kids and afternoon I have a class to attend. So, I can't make it for Nuffnang meet up at the Gurney Plaza. *cried*. So, I will not have chance to meet up with all the lenglui and lengcai. I have to rush all my things and get my things in time. I am hoping to attend a 3 days course conducted by Wilton in August at KL. *i am praying hard and please pray for me too*. The course no cheap leh. 3 days (9am till 5pm) for RM2.5k. I am going to pokai lor. Anyway, can pinjam or sponsor me kah. Hahaha................ I promise to bake you good cakes, cookies or even cook free for you for 1 week.
Have a great weekend and I promise to come back with more stuff.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

What is PKM???

What the hell is PKM stand for har? All of us hear of PJK, PJN, ABC, XYZ, VCD, DVD and bla bla bla. But what is PKM? Ok, let me share with you. It had got nothing to do with medal of most distinguish order, short form for any things or name of any places. It's somehow a special way to address some one that you need to beware off in the society. *don't scratch head ah*. We don't give a title to someone without a reason. Just like, we don't do something without a purpose. *everyone take chair, sit down and let this "Malaysian Fei Cheh" story sama lu*

And now the story begin.............. cheang cheang cheang!!!

There is this company called Soi Soi Private Ltd and the VP had hired a Singaporean who had jobless for 6 mths as Inside Sales Director. When he first came in he was really a Mr. Nice. Everyone love him and respect him. Even the auntie who sweep floor says that he is a good man. As hour goes by, days goes by, week goes by and months goes by......................... the stripe in his body begin to come out liau. Black, blue, orange, white and green stripe also come out. Some say the tanduk (horn) of the devil also grow out. Fuyoh!!! So keng leh. Even the baby deers and cows have to take years to grow their horns. This PKM (nickname - japanese lunch box) getting more and more lansi everyday. Understand or not what is called Japanese lunch box. Don't know??? Get someone to belanja you at the japanese restaurant and ask the service crew what is the term in japanese for their lunch box.
He begin to show off his power liau. After 3 months, he make an evil plan. He wants to control the game all by himself and kick off his own boss who had pity him without a job for 6 months. And then, no one knows how he 'poh lum pa' (polish the top management balls) kau kau. Who don't like to be polish? Off course, they shiok mah but don't ask me how he can polish so many BALLS at one time. I can only polish 2 balls all this while. So, the PKM seize powers from the VP that who had hired him. PKM immediately change title by himself - from Inside Sales Director to Managing Director. Wah lau!!! Keng leh!!! I also have to take 5 years to obtain the title of Managing Director of the bed. Maybe, he sells his ass to the top management to get this position. Within 1 year, he kick off the VP and the President of Asia. Then, he terminate those staffs who are hired by the VP - this time even the sapu lantai auntie kena. As long as those who hired by Mr. VP will get it no matter how low is your rank and how good is your performance in job. Over 20 people were terminated within 1 year. Imagine, when he terminate them, he want them to leave the office within 1/2 hour. Security guard are asked to monitor them during the 1/2 hour that they use to pack their stuff. Those staff who had just started a family, who had just got a new born baby and buy a new home - imagine....................... Put yourself in one of the staff shoes and let me know how would you feel?
Another worst case was, PKM do not allow the office staff to attend the funeral of a guy's dad whom he had terminated 2 days ago. Not only that, no 'pek kim' (donation) allowed. What is this PKM? Is he a reptile?
Imagine, he made more than 20 people lost their jobs - even some still faces difficulty in finding a job because he made them sign a document where they are not allow to go back to the same industry for a period of 1 year. How are this people going to survive? HE SCREW UP EVERYTHING IN THE COMPANY. When the finance person found out that he misuse company fund (to me I call him chiak lui ong - what is your version?), immediately this lady also kena sack lar. What a pity? Where is JUSTICE??? The sad part is over 20 people lost their job but this PKM still having good life? And because of this, he were conferred the title of PKM - PUK* MAK. Congratulation to him. So, anyone wanted this title? Me? No, thank you. I rather take the title of PJM - Pingat Jasa Masyarakat.
If you are 1 of the 20 people that had lost your job, what will you do when you see him on the street???? Quickly quickly comment........................ if you read and don't comment means you agree with what the PKM does, is it???
HAVE A NICE WEEKEND ...............

Baby Boy OR Baby Girl?

I am so happy to receive a sms from my good friend Bit Nee. I knew she is pregnant and she is quite cun cheong. I can understand coz I have gone thru this before. Excitement, worry, happy and whatever you name it, we newly mom will have this feeling lar. She send me a sms saying that she is expecting a baby girl. Wow!!! I am so happy to hear that. Anyhow, whether is a girl or a boy, I will be really happy for her. She miscarriage her baby 1/2 year ago and I am so glad God made her pregnant again and everything are going on fine now. Congratulation Bit Nee. I will send you the books soon. Hey Bit, I am really busy now and I hope I can knit something for your baby. Let me go and see what I can do - a dress, blacket, mitten or .................... Hey, I have pick up quilting lately too. If I have the time, I want to learn smocking. To buy is very expensive mah.
The next day, my hubby receive a call from his friend, Pet. Sending a good news too. Pet told my hubby that the doctor manage to confirm liau the sex of the baby - it's a baby boy. Pet is so excited and all this while he is hoping for a baby boy too. Infact, his whole family is hoping that it will be a baby boy. The wife had called me few times to talk to me. Sharing how she feel - the pressure and the worry. I told her, it's not healthy for a pregnant lady to have all this bad feeling. It's not good for her and the baby too. I feel, Lilian will be the best person to share with all of us on this topic. Pet is really happy to hear from the doctor that the wife is having a baby boy. He talk non-stop to my hubby about this. When, my hubby was off from the phone he told me about his conversation. He said he was disappointed with some people who wanted a baby boy or a baby girl so much. Why they never think or worry about the health of the mom and the baby? To him, he felt health is the most important thing of all and not the sex of the baby. It's the gift from God and we should accept it happily. I fully agree with him and what do you all think?
During my pregnancy, most of the time I am in the happy mood one. When my hubby see I am feeling down, he will quickly do something to cheer me up. I admit, I am 1 of the lucky woman in the world. Don't get jealous har................... hehehe.
So, tell me what is your point of view? What is the most important thing - the sex of a baby or the health of the mom and baby? Come, come, come................ give me your comment!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daddy's Love

Father's Day is coming soon and what do you plan for your dad? It's this Sunday, 17 June 2007. Nothing? No plan yet? Don't know? Hey!!! Come on. What is this? Don't you think your dad is important?

This is what I realise - when it's Mother's Day, you can see every kids in the family is so excited. Go shopping and plan where to go for dinner but when it comes to Father's Day, it more quiet down. Even the cakes in the bakery are not so sell able. Why is this happening? What is going wrong here?

Daddy's are as important as mummy, ok? Just that their duty are different. I can understand how certain kids feel towards their dad but no matter what, that is our dad. A month ago when I were on my "Jalan Jalan Cari Makan" trip in Bidor, I saw this girl who slap her dad. I do not know what were the conversation. I were sitting inside eating and I hear her screaming her dad and then slap him twice. They were selling fruits outside this shop. I get really mad and wanted to walk to her and tell her off but I did not. I have forgotten to take some photos and post it for all of you to see. No matter what, it's not rite for us as their kids to hit them. NO!!!

Daddy's also have got their job to do as a family leader. They may not spend as much time as mother with us but do you know what do they do outside? Working hard to make a living for the family. Make sure that all of us have enough food to eat, have clothes to wear and a good and proper shelter to live in. I were so touch when I read about what Kenny Ng wrote about his dad. You hardly find a guy who write like that. I kept silence for a while and thought of my dad. What he had done for me and the family. Honestly, I have not get beaten or punished by my dad before. None at all! Until today, I am already in my 30's, he still call to check whether I am ok or not. Yes, that is what he does even though I am already a wife to someone and a mother of 2 kids. That is my dad. On my birthday, he will be the first to call to wish me Happy Birthday. I still remember when I were still young and everytime when I get my punishment from my mum, he will be the one who rescue me. Hahahaha........................... We hardly have time to talk but when we do, we will talk non-stop. I still remember when I told my parents that I will be joining a Bread Showcase Competition, my dad is so 'kun cheong'. Ask my mum whether can I do it afterall who am I to challenge the chefs. He knows if I wanted something, I will go all the way out to do it, not matter what. He was also the first person to call me to ask me how was everything and he were so afraid that I feel sad if I lost. I told him, I got a 4th placing where they award me a Diploma. He was so happy. That is DADDY!!!

My hubby is a person who love to cook but will later mess up my kitchen. That is what I don't like. Why??? I got to clean it up mah. Last few days, my hubby told me that I don't need to cook dinner for my son and he say we will go out for dinner. Later, I hear some noise from the kitchen and discover he wanted to cook something. So, I asked him what is he doing. He said, he wanted to cook something for my son who is going to come back soon from nursery. So,he ask me to go out and not to disturb him. Cheh!!! Now he think he can cook better liau. Later, I also peep at him. Hahaha............ he is doing steam rice for his son. See!!! A daddy can also cook for his son even though mummy is around. Want to see what he had done?


















Frying turkey ham, garlic, onion with some butter. Later add in the rice
After that, place it in a bowl. Add an egg in it. This is a different one. He used the porcelain with a cover one. I used that to double boil soup.

After that, he place some cheddar cheese on top. Apa lagi? He wanted to do steam cheese rice. Then, steam it for about 10 minutes.

This is how it looks like after 10 minutes of steaming.

Later, I asked him whether will my son like it or not and he said "off course, I cook with love leh" *give him a funny face look*. When, my son came back he was whispering in my son ear then his son smile and he look at me back with a funny look. What is this 2 male talking about har? So, he say he wanted to feed his son. My hubby asked me to go ahead with what I am doing and he will settle all the things. Good!!! After 15 minutes, they walk out and I were surprise. He smile and said, "finished liau lo". Let's go for our dinner. My son like that??? OMG.....................

Actually, I steal some to taste and it's not that bad after all leh. So, I asked my hubby how he does it and here is my hubby recipe

1 bowl of rice

2 slice of turkey ham

some chopped garlic and onion

1 tablespoon of butter

1 egg

1 slice of cheddar cheese (break into a few pieces)

Soya sos - he used the malay soya sos which is a little bit sweet. Cap Kipas Udang

Optional : Mix vegetables or any other veges that you like

Fried the onion and garlic with butter. Then, place in the turkey ham. Stir a while and add in the rice. Then, pour in the soya sos. Mix well and put in the bowl. Break the egg on the rice and top it with some cheese. Steam it for 10 minutes. Ready to serve.

So, give it a try and tell me whether you like it or not.

Dear readers, daddy is someone important and special too. Do plan some activities and have fun celebrating Father's Day. Me? I still haven't decide whether I want to cook or take him out. My dad love to eat at home. So, most probably I will cook and make him a cake. My dad is a pastry lover - cakes, bread and cookies are his all time favourite. Most important, I love my dad!!!

To my hubby - this kids are so glad to have you as their dad. You never fail to shower them with your love. No matter how tired you are from work, you still spend good time with them. You are 1 of the world best daddy. I am so proud of you!!!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Who Win??? I Win Lar........

Just came back from banana leave lunch with my hubby. Actually, I wanted to eat tosai for breakfast this morning and he say hainanese chicken rice. So, ok lor. Then, the place he go don't have much things to eat - maybe I am fussy. That is what he always say about me. The 2 of us have been together for 12 years liau include 7 years of our marriage. But, still like budak budak. That is what our family members say about us. Don't look like husband and wife. The 2 of us talk nonsense to each other and at times can send sms to each other even though in the same house. In the end, Maxis untung. At times, 'xyz' language also come out. Hahaha.........
Ok, back to the story first. So, the place we go for breakfast this morning is at Mount Eskine Market. No choice and I order Wan Tan Mee. Luckily, it taste ok. So, I just keep quite and makan lor. This is our conversation :-
Hubby : Why so no mood.
Me : No appetite lar
Hubby : Why no appetite leh. Want to eat spicy food kah? Tosai leh?
Me : *stare at him* No lar
Hubby : Later, lunch time I take you go lor
Me : Don't wan lar. No free later. No need to work kah
Hubby : Don't lar merajuk. I date you lar for lunch for banana leave
Me : *smile* See how first
Hubby : Shiok liau lor hear I wan to take you for banana leave rice
- he just can't stop teasing me -
Me : Want to take me for lunch then, don't talk so much. Talk cock saja
Hubby : *look at me and smile* You win lar
Me : Yes, thank you
Hubby : Beh tahan
12:30pm - Invite me for lunch liau. He shout out loud. Makan time liau. Let's go loh poh.
2:00pm - after lunch and this is our conversation in the car
Hubby : Satisfied liau?
Me : *smile*. Yes, thank you
Hubby : Happy mah good lor. If not sure you jump up and down liau
Me : You want to tease me again is it? KNN (kan neneh)
Hubby : Wah lau!!! Taiping mali punya char boh like that ke meh?
Me : Cannot kah? You talk some more and see.......
Hubby : Why char boh always want to win only har. Cannot lost one har?
Me : TNS (tiu nea seng), you full liau lar. So, now talk cock again is it?
Hubby : Fuyoh!!! You no wash mouth this morning kah?
Me : Wash your head
Hubby : Ok lar, you win lar. Don' want to disturb you liau.
Me : Thank you
Hubby : Really cannot tahan you. Lagi can say thank you
Me : It's a manner mah
Hubby : You all char boh always wanna win only.
I am leaving to Kajang liau. So, have a nice weekend and I will show you the hotel I stay at. Muah!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

What People Like To Read???

What do you like to read from someone blog??? Last time (before I really get to know what is blogging all about) I just wonder why people like to read blogs and why someone love to write a blog. To me people are writing a blog are mainly to share their experience with you. Readers pulak leh they want to find out some information, laughter or jokes and bla bla bla bla................
For me, the same!!! I am writing to share and also picking up something to occupy my free time. When I read someone blog is when I find them interesting and informative. Let me share with you a few of my favourite blogs that I must go and read everyday without failing. I might not leave a comment there but I read each of their post.
1. 5XMom - she will talk lots of things from jokes to sex and to people and to everywhere lar
2. Malaysiabest - this blog belong to 5XMom too. Here she share with you about food
3. Horny Ang Moh - he is ang moh or not I am not, I don't know but 1 thing for sure is he is horny
4. Rojaks - this is a joker. Feeling down or sad? This is a good blog to drop by and laugh till you fall from your chair
5. Ahpek - name is ahpek but when he talk hor, like macho man leh. Good in his poem but getting less liau. That is what I miss alot
6. KennyNg - this is another person that will share with you about bands. But, he also talk about some other things that he come across in his daily life
7. Rabbit - Why rabbit? I am not sure. Young and happy go lucky beautiful bunny.
8. King's Wife - is she a king's wife? Yes, yes, yes.......... let's the queen share with you about her life.
9. Earl-Ku - this is another joker that will share with you some humsup stuff and funny things that he come across. There are times, he will talk about food too
10. Masak-masak - don't know what to eat and where to go? Quick, quick, quick!!! Go to this blog and find out more. Recently, she had been mention in female appetite.
Wow!!! Did not realise I have 10 already. Actually, they are more but hor this are the few that I surely drop by to really everyday. The next time, I will share with you some other blogs pulak. I promise!!!

Steam Egg

I wanted to steam egg for my kids but I do not want to do the usual way. Very 'sian' already. So, I decided to do something different and also added something else to enhance the flavour. Very adventurous hor? Hahaha.............
When it's done, I it tasty and wanted to share the recipe with all of you.
3 eggs
1 salted egg yolk (used a fork to break the yolk into smaller size)
180g water
3 filament stick (slice small)
30g green beans
some chop onion
1/2 cup of yau char kueh (cut small)
salt & pepper for taste
1. Beat eggs and add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
2. Add in salt and pepper to your taste.
3. Pour into a plate and steam for 10 minutes on high fire or till cooked.
Note : Make sure your water is boiling when you place your egg to steam. Do not place anything to steam when the water is not boiling.

This is my steam egg. The picture did not look so clear because I am the photographer. Bad photographer, hor? My kids love it so much.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Beware Who You Are Looking At!!!

As usual before I go back to my shop, me and my hubby will go for our breakfast. Must feed ourselves well before we start to work mah......... So, today we decided to go for Indian breakfast - Tosai. The shop that we went to were quite crowded this morning. Found a place, sit down and order our food. Me and my hubby like to look around what are going on and kepo sikit lor. Sitting in front of us were a lady and a man. This man is from Public Mutual Fund and he was explaining some plans to this lady. I were whispering to my hubby that nowadays are very hard to cari makan. So, he giggle and nod his head. Why I say that? Hey it's only 8.30am leh and he is so busy working liau. Hardworking sales person. Very hardworking!!!
They left after 15 minutes and we were about to finish our food. This guy came back and stand in front of us. At first, we thought he left something behind and wanted to ask us if we see it. But, we were wrong. He pass us his card and told us that his friend say we were looking at them just now and maybe we are interested with the plan. My hubby say no but he insisted to pass us his business card. Then, he left. The two of us laugh and find him stupid.
Will you do what this guy is doing????

Monday, June 4, 2007


I am leaving to Beranang this Friday and I do not know is there any hotel in Kajang. Wingz advised me Metro Inn but they are so 'laku' - fully booked liau. Anyway, I wanna thanks him for helping me. So, do any of you know where can I find a hotel or inn in Kajang.
I do not need a exclusive hotel coz I will arrive there late and the next day I will check out early to drive to Beranang to pick up my sister who has finally completed her National Service training. Finally...................... I am no good in KL route so it's better for me to fidn a hotel or inn nearer to Beranang. Bit Nee, don't think I can pay you a visit this time too. Sorry. But, I am planning for a trip to KL maybe in July or August. I wanna join Wingz, Kenny and a few of them for a golf session. I am not a golfer but would like to go and kepo. Believe me, I have never been to driving range, ok? Never, even my hubby is a golfer - used to be................. he gave up after we had our 1st baby. So, the golf sticks are for deco at home now. Hahaha................
So hor, if any of you know there is a hotel or inn in Kajang, please share with me. Wingz did told me there are quite a few 'chicken den' there wor. What for??? If duck one ok lar. Chicken??? Aiseh!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Best Friend

How many good friends or best friend that you have? How long is your relationship?

I guess everyone do have at least a good or best friend, rite? One of my best friend, Bit Nee -soon to be mummy in few months time. I am so excited. Macam lar, I am going to give birth. Hehehe........... I love babies but 2 are enough for me. My kids are the active type so, we can't take care of another one liau. Moreover, it's not cheap to raise a kid, ok? I and Bit Nee had known each others for almost 20 years liau. Wow!!!! That is so so long, hor? Still remember our olden days. The 2 of us are so siew where we can hang on the phone to talk for hours until we kena scolded. But, still tarak takut. The next time, we talk again. Btw, that time I were from Taiping and Bit Nee is from Batu Gajah. So far leh? I think our record is about 3 hours on the phone. Ya ya ya.............. I know you all sure say hor, porridge also can cook liau. You will also ask what the hell are the 2 of us talk until so long. Apa apa also the 2 of us can talk one - food, study, school, friends, books and bla bla bla. The 2 of us call each other quite often too. Sometimes, it can be 3 -4 times in a week. The minimum that we talk on to the phone is 1 hour plus. We are not 'long winded' (cheong hei) but there are so many things we can talk about.
Now, I am so glad she is pregnant. Hmmm..................... I have got a son at the age of 4 and a girl at the age of 2. So, if she happen to have a girl then, I can ask my son to go after her daughter lor. LOL.
So, how long do you know your good friend and what is the best things that you like to do together.
Have A Nice Weekend. For me, I will go cari makan again. Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan. Let me share with you things that I do during this weekend and in case I find something interesting, I will kepo and share with all of you.