Monday, December 3, 2007

Quick & Yummy Supper

We normally don't have supper but with my sister around at times she will ask me this, 'cheh wat can we have for supper har?' Aiyoh! Luckily she is not like my size otherwise sure have to stop her for eating supper. Hahaha............ Honestly, among the 3 sisters I am the one with bigger size. What to do? I can cook and bake better than them mah. Wahahahaha.........
Few nites ago, as usual my sister was asking me if I can make her some supper and I told her how about pasta with mushroom soup. She gave me a weird look and asking me will that be good. Want to ask me to cook lagi talk so much. That's it, whether she likes it or not it is going to be pasta with mushroom soup.

Boil some spiral pasta with hot water, oil and salt. Drain and keep aside.

Open a can of wild mushroom soup and pour it in the pan. Add 1/2 can of milk and let it simmer. Meanwhile, cut some sausages or luncheon meat and add it in the mushroom soup. You can also fried the sausage or luncheon meat first. It's depends on individual.

Sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top and ready to eat. It really taste great. Yum yum............. My silly sister say she would love to have that again in a few days. Can!!!!! But cook herself. Since it's so simple, she can learn to do it herself, rite?


Sweet Jasmine said...

hi...erina..this is so easy...can cook this when i am short of time..
got something for u...pls claim it...

L'abeille said...

Wah nice pasta wor... wait ah..wait till I keep fit already I'll try out this dish..

Huei said...

add milk? interesting!!! i wan try!! hehehhe said...

I like this simple recipe. Will try it out soon.

erinalaw said...

-Sweet Jasmine-
Most of the time I am very busy and don't have much time to prepare things therefore I keep some can food at home so I can do some simple cooking when needed. At least we won't go hunger mah. hahahaha............ You son got tell you more abt hotel life lagi kah?

Wah you now keep fit lagi kah? You are not like my size yet mah. But hor, I think I also have to keep fit liau. Have put on alot of weight. Very sad ady.

The reason why we add milk is to make it more creamy taste. If you don't like, you can add water only. You can also add some chop shitake mushroom or wild mushroom to enhance the flavour one.

Hope you will like it

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

This is the sort of food I like! I am sure that it is not expensive! Yummy to eat & cheap to made!
Have a nice day!