Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's Our Courting Cum Wedding Anniversary

Today were our 13 years anniversary of our courting and also 8 years of our official registration of being husband and wife. We pick this day to be our registration day - so we don't have to remember so many days. Hahahaha................... It's my anniversary and hubby friend call up to ask me to make a cake for their anniversary too. TNS! It's my big day also mah and I just don't feel like baking today but since he so sincere, ok lar. But, no cake for me keh? In fact I am feeling a little sad lor. Hubby is busy as he had got some guests from US. They come at the wrong timing. So, I got to 'sek ci kei' (eat myself) *sob-sob*. Every year without fail we will celebrate this day. Even even celebrate the day where we had our actual wedding which will be in another 2 months.
I am so sian, so sad, so disappointed. What am I going to do later leh???
Ok. Show you the cake which I made for someone wedding anniversary who is on the same day as mine.

This cake weight almost 2kg. Inside this cake are lots of fresh fruits.

I put the cake in a bigger box so I can place some fresh flowers and dried roses (the one meant for drinking one har). I tried it liau. When you open the box, you can smell of roses because of the dried roses. So nice smell .............................

This is the best thing that I like most which I had been using alot lately. Silver dust - edible one har. It make the cake look so classy.

Anyone want to order cake boh? Wingz, I know I still own you something - the cockolate cake. Making the batang now and I will try to do a test whereby I will try to send it to you and let's see how it will be.


Wingz said...

happy belated anniversary!!!

mrs b said...

love the cake, its different, with class as you say. happy anniversary too!