Monday, May 28, 2007

Stop Using Trans-Fat

Heard of trans-fat? Is it dangerous? What is this all about?
Most of us use the ingredients as it's mention in our recipes and never seem to border so much what is that. After I run my very own ingredient shop called Cooking Island, I have learn alot. What are the danger of certain ingredients and is that advisable to used or not. This is not to say I am so afraid of death but I want to learn more about what we eat to avoid certain dangerous ingredients.
Trans fat is known to increase blood levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL), or "bad" cholesterol, while lowering levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL), known as "good" cholesterol. It can also cause major clogging of arteries, type 2 diabetes and other serious health problems, and was found to increase the risk of heart disease. Many food companies use trans fat instead of oil because it reduces cost, extends storage life of products and can improve flavor and texture.
Last year, I registered for a seminar in Singapore when I were there visiting the International Food Exhibition. The seminar is all about baking trend and I should also registered myself for another one which talk about trans-fat. Fine. Since I have missed that, I decided to do some reading and find out more about trans-fat.
Trans-fat is an unsaturated fatty acid. Consuming too much of trans-fat will increase the risk of coronary heart disease. Trans fat is known to increase blood levels of low density lipoprotein (LDL), or "bad" cholesterol, while lowering levels of high density lipoprotein (HDL), known as "good" cholesterol. It can also cause major clogging of arteries, type 2 diabetes and other serious health problems, and was found to increase the risk of heart disease. Many food companies use trans fat instead of oil because it reduces cost, extends storage life of products and can improve flavor and texture. Find out more about trans-fat. You can find trans-fat in vegetable shortening, margarine and some frying snacks. I suggest you stop using shortening and margarine in your baking or frying. Switch to pure butter or olive oil. Off course, this is your choice to used whatever you wanted but I am here to share with you what I know. I am not here to promote any butter fats. I don't gain any money for doing this.
It's quite a long story to tell you about trans-fat and if you are interested, do check out from some site
Do you also know that the butter cake that you buy from most bakery are not using pure butter? Majority are using 30%pure butter + 70% margarine. There are bakers who added some butter oil essence in their batter to enhance the flavour. So, it's time we learn to bake our own cakes.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan

Well! Well! Well!!! There are lots of ways to spend it together with our family. At least that is what I feel, ok? My hubby enjoy bringing the whole bunch of us (his lovely family lar) to everywhere during the weekend to look for food. If it's happen to be a long weekend then, he will plan for a further trip. For your information, if you tell him where to find good food he will be damn happy. If I tell him which shopping complex got sales hor, he will tell me - it's the same one. Hahaha............ luckily, he had got this wife who don't fancy shopping so much. I only go shopping when I need to buy the household stuff or anything that I need. The best thing about the 2 of us is - we both love food.................. So, what do you think? Is he lucky to have me OR I am so lucky to have him? *scratch head*
Forget about all those nanny nagging stuff. I were supposed to show you some other stuff that I have in Bidor - yam ball (wu kok) and kaya puff (kaya kok) that we bought from a shop called Pun Chun.

The signboard. This shop is located along the main road. Very easy to locate it.

This is the ambiance of the shop. There are lots of things to buy - snacks, biscuits, white coffee and bla bla bla..

Business is damn good. People got to line up to pay. If only my business is like that!

The yummy wu kok (the dough is made from yam and some flour and the filling are bbq meat). This is one of the quick selling item in this shop. Each time come out, you can hear people calling, 5 please, 10 please, 3 boxes. But, I must admit the wu kok is good........

This is the box to put the wu kok. So, why wait some more. See the address and the contact number on the box. Make a plan to bring your family there. Quick quick lor........... school holiday also mah.

See............. my little girl is having 1 kaya puff all to herself. She seems to enjoy it.


Thursday, May 24, 2007


I am so so the busy until I don't have much time to do my things. Just finished baking 20 cakes and a few tarts. Wanted to write my blog and another call come in to order cakes. Alamak........... today is fully my cake making day. Aiyah!!! Business & money punya story, die die also must do lar. Otherwise, my customers run away liau.
There are so many things I wanna share with all of you. Such as :
1. Recipe on bake macaroni
2. My children baking class
3. About trans-fat
4. Antiques
5. Bla bla bla.......................
Nevermind, I will do it no matter what. But maybe later only. Just wait for me,ok?

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Last week, it was such a big disappointment to me when the result announced that Melinda is going home. Why her? She is so much better than Jordin. Is it because Simon said, she will be in the final therefore, everyone try to vote for Jordin even though they know Melinda is better. Is it because they want prove that Simon is wrong. To me, Melinda is like another Diana Ross. Too bad, the American had voted her out. But she will be a good and popular singer one day even though she is not selected to go into the finale. Go Melinda!!! I know you can make it. If she ever had a album, I will surely buy it. However, do you all agree with me that Melinda should not be the one that go home? Don't you think she does better than Jordin?

I hope Blake will be the winner but again it depends on the American vote. I like his beatbox style. Something nice and new. He can really sing very well. Do you think he will be the winner? If I can vote, I will surely vote for Blade. We need fresh and new blood in the entertainment industry. Agree? What is your comment?

I don't find that Jordin had got a good voice. Will you vote her to be the winner? Come on........... I know she is young, beautiful and sexy too but be realistic leh.

Malaysian! Who will you vote for the American Idol? I know lar, we are in Malaysia and they are in America but we all listen to songs too and I believe all of us are looking forward for good entertainers. So, Blake or Jordin?

Monday, May 21, 2007

My Favourite - Wan Tan Mee

I got tagged by Kenny.

Actually, I were about to write on my favourite Wan Tan Mee which I had in Bidor liau. Luckily, haven't started otherwise sure die liau. Mana to find food lagi? Hahaha............... talking about food - it's always my favourite topic. I can talk with you day and night. Thank god, my hubby is also a food lover otherwise, I sek chee kei (eat myself) chor. LOL

Wan Tan Mee is always my favourite ever since I am young. I am quite picky on wan tan mee - noodle must be fine, not soggy and the way their cook it must be important too. It must have some crispness too. Very fussy lady hor?

There are 3 stalls that served pretty good Wan Tan Mee in Penang. I have blog about this 2 stalls before - Mee Juta & Assorted Wan Tan Mee. The other stall is located at Anson Road (next to a bookshop). Last 3 weeks when my hubby suggested we make a trip to Bidor to look for food - we found this famous Wan Tan Mee.

The shop that we went to is called Pun Chun. It's a very famous shop for their noodles and duck drumstick herbal soup. Very nice too. If I am not mistaken, the wan tan mee cost RM3.60/plate. Apart from the wan tan mee, they served very good wantan too. Inside is some minced meat with some whole prawns. Yes, not minced prawn har!!! It's whole prawns (off course, it's the small size one lar). My little daughter finished up a whole plate of wan tan mee by herself. I am not joking, ok? She is only 2 years old. My son loves the wantan. He finished a bowl of 10 wantan inside.

See! How my little girl enjoying her wan tan mee.

My son enjoying a bowl of wantan by himself.

See how nice the wantan is.........

I am done and now I wanna tag :-

1. 5XMom - this one is called Master of Food liau.............. hahaha.

2. Hor ny ang moh - he is leaving in the East Coast and I hope he can share with us some nice food there.

3. King's Wife - she is another food lover

4. Soleilina - this is???? she can tell you more place to eat than me.

5. Earl-Ku

***Start Copy***

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Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?

Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Anyone Want Lotus?

For your information the lotus I am talking about here is a kind of water plan. This is a very unique plant to me. The root can be eaten - most of the people use it to boil soup or stir fried it. The lotus seed can be consume too. The flowers, the Buddhist devotees normally place it near to the Buddha.
Previously, you will see lotus plants near mining area but nowadays, people also plant it in a big pot at their home - for fungsui purposes. Don't ask me how ar. Me no good in fungsui.

I got this picture of a lady plucking the lotus .............. who knows what she pluck. Flower, root or fruit. They are not doing it for fun but for business purposes.

Many people know about dried lotus seed but how about fresh one. Ok, I know most Perakian know about this and some knows the trick on this too. I will share with some of you later. In Perak, it is quite easy to find fresh lotus seed but lately it's getting harder coz nobody wanna pluck lotus fruit anymore. The lotus fruit nowadays don't come cheap too. I still remember when I were still young (I am still young now,ok). - what I mean is slightly younger than now lar. Lotus fruit come in a a bundle of 3 or 4 which cost us 50cents only (hoi, itu pun about 10years plus ago only). I bought my at RM2/bundle. Wah lau!!! Never mind because I love it so much and have not have it for so long - buy.

This is the seed that we get from inside. There are many in 1 fruit. About 30 to 40 seeds. Before you eat them, you got to unskin it first. Fresh one will have a sweet taste. See the green thing in inside the seed. This mean, the fruit is a little bit old liau and if you see this make sure you take out the green thing. It's bitter taste. I were told by my mom that this are used as medicine to cure a kind of sickness and she cannot remember liau. So, I can't share with you too.

This one???? hahaha.................... apa lagi, kena dig out all the seed liau by me. But still look nice.

Back to the trick I were talking about earlier. Guess, I have accidentally deleted my pictures of the little lotus seed so, cannot show it to you all. The smaller size lotus seed actually don't have any flesh inside. So what we do with it is, we take this small seed and pock it at someone forehead. I know you people are going to say childish. But that is for fun only ma. You guys go ahead argue about the childish thing and I am going to enjoy my tong sui which I had added some fresh lotus seed in it. Yum yum...................... yee mai fu chok tong sui. Inside it had got barley, beancurd skin, egg and off course my favourite - fresh lotus seed.
I am a tong sui lover!!!

Leaning Tower

Leaning Tower? The one in Paris? Sorry har, me no money to go there yet. Maybe, in another 10 years lar. Wait long long or dream more often then, maybe dream become reality(mong keng seng chan). Wake up Erina Law! It's not time to dream yet. *wash face n continue writing blog*

Actually, I am talking about the Leaning Tower in Teluk Intan. My sakai punya hubby said he never been to Teluk Intan and insisted we must make a trip there to see the tower. Aiyoh!!! I told him liau that there is nothing one in Teluk Intan. It's a very small town. So, don't wanna disappoint him and agree that we will drop by there.

This pagoda like structure were built in 1885 by a Chinese contractor called Mr. Leong Choon Choong. This was built for water storage. Read more from this site

There is a clock inside and it's control by this funny iron. I also don't what is it called. Just show the the pictures only. No one knows how it works. This iron hor will go up and down one. The wonderful part is - the time in this clock never go wrong wor. *scratch head*This is the the thing that I am talking about where my hubby manage to get a closer view of it. He were so busy talking to a pak cik (old uncle) asking him how does this thing work. If you wanna know more hor....................... visit lar Teluk Intan. Afterall, this year is Visit Malaysia Year mah. Like my hubby always tease me, if you don't know much about the place of interest of Malaysia then, don't talk so much about places in oversea. We should be proud where we are from mah. At least if our friends or people that we meet from oversea ask us, we know mah. Ok ok, you are damn rite darling. One kiss for you. Muahhh....

Old Church

I have been so busy lately and I tried so hard to steal some time to spend on my blog. But everytime, when I wanna do it there is surely someone who call me on the phone to discuss over things or I am asked to do some work. Even for today, I were suppose to have a lunch appointment with a few old buddy but got to cancel it. Very busy and too busy. Since it is lunch time now and most of my customers are having their lunch too so, I decided to skip my lunch and used it to blog. Cheh wah!!! I realise there are a few more that I need to write because I promise all of you that I will share about my trip to Bidor and Teluk Intan. Being a Perakian, I am damn proud of my state so I wanna share with you about my beautiful state - none other than Perak, Darul Ridzuan.

We were driving from Teluk Intan to Bidor and something draw my attention. I am not a christian but somehow, I love to see old churches. For your information, from Std 1 till Form 5 - I go to the convent har. I know I know, someone of you will say that convent girl kah? Cheap lar - 5cents for a kiss and 10cents for a sleep. I am so used to hear that liau. So what? You think all convent girls like that meh? Let's forget about this convent story first. You wanna fight then, go ahead. Me, got no time for this liau.

Do you know how long is this church liau moh? Longer than St. Anne in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. Off course, this church is a very small one. So what, a church no matter how small it is - the main purpose is for people to go worship mah. So, size does not matter. It was lock and I could not go in to take more pictures. So, I snap a few from outside.

There are lots of old building in Perak but, I am wondering how come no one know. So, it's time for this faithful Perakian to take some time to go dig out some treasure liau. Hehehe.....

Like I told you, this church is so so so looonng liau. It's 775 years old chor. Wah!!! This is a very old building. What do you think?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Old Well

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How many of us actually have seen a real well? Hey, I am talking about an old well har? I drop by at Taiping when I were on the way to Bidor 2 weeks ago. This well is already more than 100 years old. Don't believe me? My grandmother pass away 3 years ago at the age of 104 and by now if she still alive she will be 107. Now, don't you believe me that this well is already more than 100 years old. Nearby, this area were a mining last time and what do you think it had at the bottom of this well? Yes, bijih timah (tin)!!! Many many years ago when my uncles went down to wash this well they have dig out some tin.

Now, they don't used it anymore to consume. Just used it do some watering of plants only. Btw, this well never dry up before har. Never!!! When, I were small I were thought on how to take water from the well. It's not easy ok? There is a way to do it and I can still do it today.

Honestly, I am very proud to be a Perakian. Even though I am married to a Penangnite but I never fail to tell people that I am a Perakian. I am so proud of my state, my Sultan, my people and my hometown. You can find out more about Perak at

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What Is The Meaning Of Our Name?

Got this tagged by Lilian where she write about Chinese Fungsui and Chinese Names. This morning when I read about what Lilian wrote, I were sitting down and laugh and laugh. But she also reminded us hor not to copy and just paste. *hands-up* I no copy one, I squeeze my otak juice kau kau and then, I will write. hehehe.

I don't know why hor last time people have got this funny funny name called, Ah Kow (dog), Ah Gu (cow), Ah Miew (cat), Ah Fah (flower), Ah Cooi (Water) and so on lar. Until I read about what Lilian wrote, baru I know why they are given such a name.
My surname is Lau. I had got an aunt where her parents gave her the name Char Bor (lady). Today she is already 50pluss and not married. With that name of Lau Char Bor (Lau -old and Char Bor -lady = Old lady), don't u think it suit her? Dah lar tarak kahwin and now with this name is so ngam for her hor? Very bad of me to say this. If my mom hear this sure kena kaukau from her. When, I were in Property industry last time, we have got a Planning Manager who name Ah Kau, his surname is Gun - Gun Ah Kau. We always make fun behind his back. We always say, fire(Gun) the cow. I know, I know! It's very bad of us to say like that. So, I don't wanna continue liau making fun of people name.
So, this is a lesson we must learn. The name we wanna give our kids - surname also play a part har? So, when I have my kids I always remind my hubby to give them a good name. Otherwise, they will curse us for life. And people will always make fun of them too. Both me and my hubby, we don't know mandarin. They call us the banana people. Banana also banana lar. I get my mom to help coz, she is Chinese educated. At first, my hubby wanna name my son Cheah Sui Loon, HK famous jewellery manufacturer. They have the same surname. Just that their surname are spell differently. Then, my mom advice it don't suit my son. So after tink tink here and tink tink there, got liau. His name is Loong(sound similar to dragon but different meaning) at the back. His is loong is 'sang yee heng loong' - meaning good business. Settle one liau!!! Then, when I were having my daughter, another headache pulak. Got to ask my mom to advice and finally my hubby found a name - Kar Yan. That means she will remember the good things that the family had done for her. Anyway, it's just coincidence saja. My hubby wanna that name because HK actress like Lee Kar Yan is pretty wor. So, he wan his daughter to be like her - pretty.................
And for my name - I won't tell you what, but you can guess. In chinese it means beautiful valley (my original valley also nice one, that don't have to ask liau) and in English May is the month where the sun shine brightly.
I see Lilian no tag AhPek, so now I wanna tag this people and Ah Pek is a must one coz he will have lots of dirty stuff to say about this.
4. Zewt

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Who Are FunSee FanSee????

Firstly, I read about Lilian today - about her fansee. Then, I go to visit AhPek blog - this man tag me pulak. Anyone, who tag me I will surely do it one. You can say I give face but actually I respect the person who tag me. If they don't like me hor, what for they tag me leh? But I like the topic that they have tag me. Even before I can complete this, I got another tag from Lilian - shiookk! You can say I gila liau but I love the topic the both of them tag me leh.

Writing a blog is not so easy at first coz you need to understand certain things how does it goes about and later you have to get people to come and read your post. If they give you comments and lots of comments lagi shiok. Otherwise, write for who to read? As you continue to write, you may get lots of fans. Wah!!! I am waiting for the day to become like Lilian, Ah Pek, Rojaks and many more of them.
After 2 months of writing, I am quite happy with what I am doing also. Have been addicted to it too. Just that, I don't have so much time to write. I have been visited by a few of them who are comment on most of my post. Thank you, thank you. This are the people that make me want to write more and talk more. There is somehow a satisfaction that I have gain in doing something. No matter what, I will try to write so all my FunSee Fansee get read to read. Apart from that, I want my FunSee FanSee to grow more in number. If I get over 50comments in a post, I will do a celebration. What type of celebration? Aiyah! Ada balu cakap lar. Now, apa pun tarak lagi.
Hmmm.......... FunSee FanSee, don't you think it sound nice? Lilian, called them her FanSee and AhPek called them his FunSee. I called mine FunSee FanSee. Thank you so much to all my Funsee FanSee and I love you all. Muahhhhh!!!
I wanna tag the following and also thanks them for dropping by to visit me so often :-
Please lar, give face a bit, ok?

Sambal Buah Petai

Starting from today onward till end of this Saturday, I want to share with all of you my trip to Bidor and Teluk Intan.

Me and my husband love eating so much. He always say to everyone, "eat whatever you want while you can, otherwise you will regret. When you get older there are lots of things you cannot consume anymore". That is what he always say lar. Just imagine his waist had gone up to 10inches after 5 years of courting and luckily it maintain now. Anyhow, I also put on weight lar. Hahaha................. he surely will shout at me when I tell all of you he had put on so much weight.

During the public holiday - Labour Day and Wesak Day . The both of us are not working and he had decided to take a short trip to Teluk Intan to see the leaning tower and also looking for some good food. Will also show you have are the things I have bought back. Hmmmm........... apa lagi if not food. When, my mom and I saw this buah petai we were so happy. Coz it is a quite difficult to get buah petai in Penang. What we want is different type which is less smelly. The seed is smaller in size. I bought this bunch for RM12. Luckily my 2 sisters are not around. If not, surely not enough for the 4 of us who are so damn crazy on buah petai.

This is the amount of buah petai that we got after peeling. It had got like skin covering the fruit. Can anyone tell me, should I call this fruit or seed? Please correct me. So, after that you got to unskin it. We normally soak in the water for an hour. Sometimes, you don't be surprise there are some worms har. That are what I have got. Eeee.......... I will show you but not very clear. I am not so good in using this camera and my hubby is not around to help me. So, got to do it myself lor. But not bad also mah rite? Kasi sikit support lar. I were told that buah petai is actually good for those who had got diabetic.

For those of you that have not tried eating this before. Buah petai had got a crunchy texture and a little bit bitter. It was said that it helps to cut down cholesterol too. I can't say much because I don't have much fact about buah petai. Btw, hor what is buah petai called in English har? Anyone know? To me, I love Sambal Buah Petai so much and I cannot walk away if I ever see people selling it.

Can you see the white white thing. It had got a small worm there. Eee................ I told my mom that very rugi lar if here are so many spoilt one. Celaka!!!!

This is my Sambal Buah Petai. Hmmmm........ yum yum. There are brinjal, onion and prawn in this sambal. Does it looks good to you???? It's not difficult to prepare at all...............

Monday, May 14, 2007

Can They Cook?

Teh-reng.............. here come my favourite boy.......... Mr. Cutie. hahaha............... don't you think he is adorable and handsome. Anyone, want to register with his mom for their son-in-law?

Why I never tell you his name? Don't wan lar. I wan to introduce my daughter to him mah. Hehehe. As usual, I conduct a cooking class once a month in Apple Tree Education. This time, we were making some garlic bread and spaghetti. I get them to cut their own bread and spread the garlic butter. I always feel nice going there to teach them. Woi!!! Teaching kids are much harder ok? But I just love it. They make me look so young when I am being together with them. I get to talk like a small kid when I am being with them. They cheer me up too. No doubt they have lots of questions to ask but I never find them mah fun (troublesome).
I don't how come this kindy hor got so many handsome boys one har? Ahem!!! My son also go to this kindy ok? Apa lagi? One of the handsome student lar. See the boy in sleeveless......... macho look hor? Wah lau!!! Any girls see him sure faint one. hahaha..... Now do you see the boy with specs? Don't think they are only young kids and they don't know anything. He can be smarter than any of you big adult. When, I were talking to them about Tiramisu - the rest of the student look at me with their mouth open so big. Harrr??? What is that? Immediately, he say "Tiramisu is a type of cake mah". For sure, this is a cake lover.
When, I first ask them to sauteed the onions for me, almost all of them want to run away from that table. They say no lar, scare lar and there is this little girl who say "I don't want, the oil later go pi pi piak piak" Hahaha............ I then ensure them that it will be safe and okay. So, I pick one of them to do it. And later.................. everyone is fighting to cook. Kids............. To me, everything had got a first time. We as parents should not give them a negative impact on all things. We got to trained them from young. Off course, fire and electricity are dangerous so, we should guide them and let them know the rules if they want to use them. That is what I teach my son too. One day, they will have to live on their own. They have to learn to be independent. The next time, I should take some photos of my son helping me to bake. He give me lots of problem but, I still allow him to bake with me. The fun is there.
You might ask me, how come all male cook only har? That I have to ask the photographer liau. Ok, on my next post I will features some lenglui. This time, I show you all the lengcai. Catch up on my next post about Kids Cooking Class - this time, we will be making Tiramisu and Baked Macaroni.

Mother's Day Gift

This is the most beautiful paper flower that I ever get from my 4 years old son. The school teach them how to make this and it's nothing special but because it made by him - that make it a special one. Thanks Delwin and mommy love you alot................

Cakes For Mums

Ok. Here are the cakes that I made for my mom and my mother-in-law. That is called fair and square. So, no one can say that I did not give anything to my mother-in-law. I have specially made my mom a Mango Mousse Cake. Mango is her favourite. So, I decorated the side with some almond flakes. Inside the cakes there are lots of cube peach too. Peaches are her favourite too. I decorated the top (surrounding) with some peaches. When I were in the market that day, I saw some dragon fruits which is red flesh. So, I decided to get some. I were praying that it will be sweet. I am so lucky - it was sweet. Red flesh dragonfruits are not cheap ok? I got 2 which is about 1.1kg and they charged me for RM9. Aiyah!!! For my mom expensive also tarak apa lar. In the middle of the cake (top part), I also place lots of cocktail fruits. For you information, my mom love fruits. I brought the cake back to her on Saturday nite and she say she love it. So, after that I place it in the fridge and planning to take that to the restaurant tomorrow. Mana tau, when I wake up in the morning - both my mom and my daughter were already enjoying the cake. hahaha.................... so, tak jadi lar nak bawa pi restaurant makan.
And for my mother-in-law, I made her a chocolate cake. Inside the cake, there are lots of cocktail fruit (another fruits lover). I decorated the side with some oreo biscuits. See the beautiful angels there................ It's called Sugar Image. It comes in sort of like a paper form. I place that in the middle and decorate with some heart shape jelly and apple. The cake is meant for her to take it to the restaurant. We were having a dinner with both her daughters and their family. When everyone see the cake, they make a hu har of the image sugar. Luckily they enjoy the cake.
At least my hard work is not wasted ..................... btw, where is my mother's day cake har? :-(

Sunday, May 13, 2007


What is this??? A fork and a spoon stick at where? For your information this is a cupboard, ok? I and hubby stay in this hotel called Newton in Shah Alam. Aiyah!!! I think only 2 moons saja lar. Were on our way to visit our suppliers and it's already middle of the nite - almost 2am so just dropped by whatever hotel that they have there. KNN (kun nee neh), when we were about to turn into the hotel, suddenly 1 ah kuah walk pass and gave me a shock - mana lah tau. It's already midnite and maybe hantu leh. Hahaha........ Anyway, thank god - that was a human being. After registered, we quickly go up to our rooms and when we enter the room, I were surprise because the room is very clean and when I saw this I quickly took a photo of it. You can say I sakai lar but have any of you seen this before? None leh................

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Something interesting that I want to share with you traveller or anyone who wish to have a break from home. Paradise Sandy Bay Penang is offering a very good room rate now in conjunction with their 10 years anniversary. It's only valid for a short period of time only leh............. till 24 May 07. So, if you feel like having a break and looking for a nice and comfortable place to stay - you can always consider Paradise. Woi!!! RM99 net only leh.................. Deluxe Studio and lagi with SEA VIEW. Hurry Up! Hurry Up! Get your kids, your wife or husband and maid, quickly go and pack and head to Paradise. Where to find such a good offer lagi other than Paradise.

If you are staying there. Do visit their GAYA'S - it's their very own Beach Side Bar and Restaurant. The environment is good. Bloggers - if you need a place to think and relax, you can always consider here. Buffet is at very reasonable price too. When I were there that day for their buffet dinner, I almost fall asleep. Not because the place is boring. It's because it's windy and cozy. What a good place for dating too. Yup!!! I were there with my hubby lar. Anyhow, I did not get the place I wanted which is nearer to the sea. Fully book liau lor so they gave us a table which is near to the poolside. Not so romantic hor? Never mind, with this I always have a reason and excuse to ask my hubby to take me there again. Smart leh? Women always used their brain to think one then, 'teh' alittle bit. Surely, you will get what you wanted. Ladies, this is what we should have. I mean the skill to persuade our darling. Everyone have got their own way.

Planning for any weeding, anniversary or special dinner? This one, you can contact my friend - lenglui Feon. She is a very nice lady to deal with. She can help you to arrange a memorable wedding dinner. I had attended 1 Wedding dinner of my friend which is so happen handle by her. It was a good one. Apa tunggu lagi? Hurry up and plan for your wedding dinner this year end and you can always call Feon to assist you. For those lenglui, you can also look for Peter Tan. He is the person who is incharge of Food & Beverage.

They also have nice Conference and Meeting Rooms for those who want to hold any meetings, discussion or interview. Who to contact? Aiyah!!! Call for Feon lar. Wings, next time can organise one golf game in Penang. You all can stay here. Just that, I cannot join you all for golf lar. I only know how to pick the balls and hold the balls. Hahaha................ Wonder Lilian play golf or not? Lengcheh, want to join them kah? If I hold the golf stick, you all better stay far far away from me har, don't say I no warn you all.

Remarks: Sorry har, this is not an advertisement and I am not paid to do any advertising for them. But, I find this is an interesting things to share with all my readers and friends. So, happen my friends are working here therefore, I can quote their names. No matter how much you spend there, I don't get any commission har.


These cakes are dedicated to all beautiful moms in the world. Sorry har, these are not make for my mom one, ok? Mummy cake is going to be a special one coz her favourite is Mango & Peach Cake. Will show it to you all later. My mom don't quite like chocolate cake. She is a little bit fussy on cakes - not too dry, texture must be fine, not sweet and not too thick cream. What to do, being a Hainanese and a good cook is like that one lar. Still remember when I were being trained by her to cook (I were only about 6 that time). It is never easy being trained by her, ok? For example if the long beans is cut about 5cm long, all must be about the same one. She does not like it when I cincai cincai do it. Sure kena lecture liau if like that. Because of her, I am a better cook and baker too. Thank you mom and I love you always........................ MUAH!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


I have so kepo lately going around asking what is going to be served for Mother's Day Dinner in their hotels. I have yet to decide where to go. But, I can share with you a few venue which I find their price is reasonable with good food. Anyhow, everyone taste bud are different.

CONTACT NO : 04-222 2000

They have few choices. If you can't make it on Mother's Day itself, you can also go on the Mother's Day Eve. Interesting leh..............

Mother's Day Eve "Wine & Dine Buffet Dinner"
RM88++ (for adult) RM32++ (for child)
Include a stalk of rose for all mothers and entertainment by 'Los Cantores'

Sunday Hi-Tea with Mum
RM38++ (for adult) RM19++ (for child)
Includes free-flow of orange punch & appearance by own Cheery Clown

Mother's Day BBQ Buffet Dinner
RM55++ (for adult) RM27.50++ (for child)
Includes a delightful "Mother's Day Cake" and a stalk of rose for all mothers with entertainment by 'Los Cantores'

Mother's Day Set Dinner
RM188++per person
Includes a delightful "Mother's Day Cake', a glass of house wine and a stalk of rose for all mothers

I knew the chefs here and hor, this taikor chef don't play play lor. He only talk about quality so, he only choose the best for his menu. I no bluf you keh. Please!!! Don't ask me what is Los Cantores. I don't know and never had ask them before. Go and check it out yourself and tell me later.

If you have any queries on room reservation and banquet, you can contact Mr. Khoo Boo Lim (he is my hubby friend). The chefs I leave for myself lar........... hahaha. That one cannot tell one.

CONTACT NO : 04-899 9999

Hi-Tea By The Sea

If you have any enquiries, you can always contact Ms Feon. She very nice keh. Tell her, you get to know her from me and sorry har, no discount even if you quoted my name. For men, if you handsome enough, you can give a it try but hor let me tell you first har - she is MARRIED. So no chance. Anyway, she is a very nice lady to talk. Oh yes!!! This lenglui is from Sales Department, a good friend of mine.

CONTACT NO : 04-892 3333

Mother's Day Hi - Tea
RM28nett per person
Special dishes: Satay, Penang Char Koay Teow, Roti Jala with Ice Cream & etc
Special offer : 1) Free for Mother accompanied by 4 paying adults
2) Special Cake for Mother (1 cake for per bill)

Mother's Day Special Taiwan Porridge
RM25nett per person
Special dishes : Shark's Fin Porridge, "Chee Chung Chuk" & etc
Special offer : 1) Free for Mother accompanied by 4 paying adults
2) Special Cake for Mother (1 cake for per bill)

Sorry har, I don't know who the Sales person here. I only know the Executive Chef and the Front Office Manager. You can contact Ms Polly Neoh if you need any room reservation. Maybe, can ask her to recommend you their Sales person.

CONTACT NO : 04-229 9988

RM28nett (for adult) RM14nett (for child)
There will be special activities for mother and complimentary birthday cake for mother who celebrate birthday on Mother's Day.

Again hor, I only know the chefs there. What to do??? The chefs can cook mah and afterall, I love eating. Hahaha...............

I have plan to make my mum a special cake. Will you all later in my next post. Even my students ( I mean the budak budak) will be making cakes for their mum on the 19th May. Don't play play har........... they will be making Tiramisu.

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OF YOU!!! MUAH.............. Lots of love, hugs and kisses from me.

Friday, May 4, 2007


How many of you that actually must have a cup of coffee every morning??? Before I got pregnant for my first baby, coffee is a must every morning. Anyhow, I love local coffee alot especially those coffee that is served in the Hainanese coffeeshop. My mom is a mixture of Hainanese and Hakka (H&H). Her maternal grandparents are Hainanese and they run a coffeeshop during those olden days. Now, they still have it in Taiping town but a very small one. So, whenever I go back, I will surely drop by to buy some coffee beans that is roasted by themselves. For your information, they don't sell it har. But how I can get it? Aiyah!!! Who am I? The great granddaughter of this Hainanese old man mah. Sure give face a little bit one. Hahaha....... This small stall is now run by my great grandparents daughter. Soon, it will pass over to her daughter too.
Even I have cut down alot on coffee but I still enjoy having a cup of coffee with toast bread and half boiled eggs for breakfast.