Monday, December 31, 2007


Happy New Year to all my readers and friends! May the year of RAT bring you lots and lots of good health n wealth. Thank you too for you support throughout the year of 2007. Hope I will be a better blogger in 2008.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Ho Ho Ho ...........

Time really fly so fast and soon we are going to end the year of 2007 BUT before that all of us are going to celebrate another happy and joyful festive - that is none other than Christmas. This is one of my favourite festive celebration.
Still remember when I were young, I used to follow my aunt and cousin to church. Last few days, I took out my photo album and that bring back some sweet memory. Those were days ............
During this Christmas season, I have got a few order for cupcakes and one of my favourite is the below one :-

A box of cupcakes that contain 16 pieces
Lovely angel rite?
Rudolph the red nose reindeer ......
Opps........... this is not a Christmas cupcakes but I made them for a friend of mine in conjunction with her birthday - I call this THE GARDEN OF ROSES. Apart from the fresh roses, I also place in some dried roses (the one where we used for drinking). So, when someone open this box, they will be able to have a nice smell of roses. So so so refreshing........................

Friday, December 21, 2007

National Service

Soon the new batch of youngster will be going for their National Service. Still remember the last time my youngest sister went for her training, all of us are so worried but after that we find out it's quite good too. Honestly, my sister loves it. She told us that she had learn a lot of things from there but there are also certain sad news that we hear from others camp. Anyhow, I think it's depends on the camp they go and the commander in-charge play a very important role. The one that my sister had at their Kem Millenium, Beranang is very strict. No hanky-panky stuffs are allow. In fact, there is a change in her when she came back. She had become more independent, more careful in things she do and more mature.
This are some memories that I still keep. Me and the family drove all the way to Beranang (in between of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan) to pick her back. We were quite shock to see the place. The campus is really very far far far inside.

The Entrance of Kem Millennium

Parents, officers and students awaiting to go back

Another view of the camp

This is my sister. See she so happy

They are going to miss one another

No matter what, she miss home the most. My son misses her alot too

Found some of this creature at the kampung. Have not seen this for very long time

Going into the camp. We have to pass by the village

The road is just enough for a car to go thru at one time

Wat will happen if another car come from another direction har? *faint*

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

8 Facts About Me

I were tagged by Netster. Actually, I am very lazy to a post that is being tagged by someone. No freedom to write wat I want to bullshit mah. hahaha...................... Anyway, I will still do when someone tag me but just a matter of time when I will do it only. Lazy mah like I told you.
Let me make it simple for you to read. 8 facts about me :-
1. I HATE TO WALK UNDER HOT SUN - you can call me puteri lilin if you want but I just don't like to walk under hot sun. Moreover, it's not romantic also mah.
2. I LOVE TO EAT - I enjoy going from one place to another to hunt for good food and later come back and try it out myself. Anyway, I don't like it in a big portion. Too big portion make the food look so cheap.
3. I LOVE LISTENING TO WAVE & WATER SOUND - that is why i always look for cd's that have this soft music. Make me feel so nice and also help me to take away my stress.
4. I LOVE TO WRAP GIFT IN SMALL SIZE - not that I am kedekut, ok? Sometimes, small gift could cost more than a big size gift. It's just because it look so cute.
5. I DISLIKE SHOPPING DURING SALES - silly lady, that is what you would call me, rite? Go ahead. I don't like to do my shopping during sales time because there are so many people and everyone is pushing one another. Afterall, I am not a shopping kaki also. So, that make hubby a happy man. Hahaha..............
6. I LOVE TO COOK AND BAKE - yes, a person who love to eat will learn to cook and bake too. So, I will not go hunger mah. Anyway, one of the best way to the man heart is thru his stomach. Ladies, that is my advise - learn to cook, even simple dish.
7. I LOVE TO GO HOLIDAY BY THE BEACH OR HILL - living in the city is already very hectic so I love stay in resort/hotel that is near the beach or on the hill.
8. Finally, I AM IN THE MIDST OF COLLECTING AND WRITING SOME RECIPES. Hoping that in another 10 years I will complete and able to publish them. I know, I know 10 years is a very long time but I am so busy and to compile and re-do everything are not easy mah. One day, if you do see any recipe book by Erina Law, please support har?
Told you, I make it so simple for you to get to know me. Just less than 5 minutes, you get to me almost 40% already.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Children Shoe

Nowadays children shoes are very nice and beautiful. Got my little girl this pair of last week. Not very expensive, cost me RM29.90. I just love the colour and the pearl. Last time, my time where got this type of nice shoes. Kids nowadays are very lucky, don't you agree?

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Thank You For Being My Friends

Thanks to you Sweet Jasmine for this beautiful award. I am so glad to know you too and found another food friend. Btw, don't the dogs looks so lovely. I bet Huei will love this. Thanks again Sweet Jasmine for this lovely award. You make my day even brighter today. Good things will definitely have to be share with my lovely friends. Here it goes (maybe a long list but I want them to have it) :
Lilian Chan - it had been great to know you and no doubt you sounded so fierce at time I knew you are are a good friend to have. Someone who can share and talk.
Wingz- no doubt we have yet to have a chance to meet up but it was great talking to you thru msn and phone. Woi! Bila mau send the batang to you har?
L'abeilla - it's fun and nice to know you. Someone who love food like I do. I still own you the cream cracker mix. I haven't forget abt that yet.
Kenny Ng- everytime, when I go online at msn either you are busy or offline. Dare not disturb you. Hope you will have good time working there and come home soon.
Huei - you are such a lovely young lady. Ahem! I am not old but just slightly older than you only. Hehehehe................ I wish I would get to know you more one day, chit chatting thru msn and '8' more things.
Horny - yet to have a chance to chat with you but you are very nice person. Sharing your experience and dare to say it out. Keep it on my horny friend.
Belle - cannot miss out this cute young lady. So long no hear from u liau keh?

Monday, December 3, 2007

Quick & Yummy Supper

We normally don't have supper but with my sister around at times she will ask me this, 'cheh wat can we have for supper har?' Aiyoh! Luckily she is not like my size otherwise sure have to stop her for eating supper. Hahaha............ Honestly, among the 3 sisters I am the one with bigger size. What to do? I can cook and bake better than them mah. Wahahahaha.........
Few nites ago, as usual my sister was asking me if I can make her some supper and I told her how about pasta with mushroom soup. She gave me a weird look and asking me will that be good. Want to ask me to cook lagi talk so much. That's it, whether she likes it or not it is going to be pasta with mushroom soup.

Boil some spiral pasta with hot water, oil and salt. Drain and keep aside.

Open a can of wild mushroom soup and pour it in the pan. Add 1/2 can of milk and let it simmer. Meanwhile, cut some sausages or luncheon meat and add it in the mushroom soup. You can also fried the sausage or luncheon meat first. It's depends on individual.

Sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top and ready to eat. It really taste great. Yum yum............. My silly sister say she would love to have that again in a few days. Can!!!!! But cook herself. Since it's so simple, she can learn to do it herself, rite?