Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bra & Panties Project

Bra & Panties Project??? Is Erina Law having some problems? Nope Nope Nope. Lilian and myself are trying to get some panties and bras for some of the girls that are staying in Shan Home.
Lilian really take her time out and hunting from one place to another to look for undergarments. The kids are really lucky to have her. If I am at her shoes, I will also get lost. Buying something without having the kids around it's difficult coz they are not there to try. We don't dare to take them out just incase they will trying to run away. Then, we will be in deep deep deep shit lor.
So, happen I drop by there yesterday afternoon and I found out that one of the new girl is going to school today. She don't have any bra at all. Shit!!! Paiseh leh. I took a measurement and call up Lilian. Just incase she had got them. When I found out she haven't got them, I told her I will try from the pasar.
I manage to get 2 pieces from the pasar this morning. Afterall, that is the only 2 smaller size the lady has - size 36. I ask the lady, 'wah! besar lar, size 36 wor'? But, when she show me it's not like the 36 one. I think this one is cupless one - not A, B or C or D. She was looking at me with a weird look. So, I told her it's not for me nor my daughter. I told her that I am getting for someone. She was so good tell me that, if it cannot fit I can always take it back to exchange with her. What a good thing to hear from her.
After that, me and hubby met up with Lilian for Tim Sum and she pass me the panties. Now the kids had got nice panties. Thanks Lilian. The kids will definately going ot love it. I will be going over to the home this afternoon again to pass them the undergarments.
The bras and panties project is not an end to us yet..........................

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Happy Day For Us and Them

Saturday, 13 June 2009 was a happy day for my family, friends and the kids at Shan Home. Me and hubby decided to organise a BBQ party for them. Eventhougth it was a very simple and small one but all of us have a great evening. I had invited only a few friends including Lilian. Sometimes, not that I don't want to invite more people but I am not sure if they would like to go or not.
I found out about this home 2 months ago from a friend of mine. I drop by there about once a week. It's happy to be there. Shan Home is located at Mount Eskine. From the road side, you will see the signboard - Bodhi Heart Sanctuary. Follow that route. It will lead you to Shan Home. This home is situated at the same property with Bodhi Heart.

Signboard near the Mount Eskine road

Luckily my cousin Miki (the thinner one) and his friend (Surya) manage to come over to give help. Thanks to both of you

Uncle Rosan - one of the caretaker

Some of the food

Mine and Sue Ann kids. They are enjoying too

You must be wondering where are the other kids picutes. Nope, I am not putting it up here coz they also want some privacy. You can view a short video from Lilian blog.
Kids that live in this home have many hidden story behind. Living far away from parents it's a very painful experience. No one will understand them. Sometimes due to this, kids might give you funny attitute not because they are naughty but they are trying to take our attention. They also want our love too. So, sometimes I drop by to pass them some food and catch up with the kids. There are 18 of kids altogether now.
My friend Sue Ann wanted to organise another BBQ party for them again in the coming school holiday. Yipeeeee...............................................
If any of you want to donate anything to Shan Home, you can also pass it to me too as I will drop by their place at least once a week there. Afterall, Shan Home is very near to my shop.
Finally, Lilian I am happy for you too because your prayer had been answered by God and Mages is there safely with her sister. If you have any other charity project, do keep me inform. I love to help too in whichever way I could.