Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Penang - Durian Season

Last weekend, we took the kids for round island and we decided to stop by at Titi Kerawang for our favourite fruit - DURIAN!!! We will go to our favourite stall every durian season.

My daughter was so happy to see so many durian

She really love durian

Yum yum..................... delicious

My son is the only one who don't love durian. So, he just enjoy the beautiful scenery

Daddy ordered 1 cocoa for the kids to try. At least they know how it taste. It is a bit soury

Durian ah................................. The owner told me that if the durian just fall down from the tree, it will not smell that good. Knock the durian a few time on the table/ground. It will bring out the durian smell. I see him did that to one of the durian. It work!!!

Titi Kerawang Stall. They also offer durian buffet during the peak season

The stall is just by the road side. The price they charge is very reasonable

The view

Look at the durian

We will be back again in another 2 weeks. There will be more durians. They also sell other fruits apart from durian - banana, passion fruit (markisa) and etc etc etc.


Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Breakfast

I got this breakfast surprise from hubby and the kids yesterday morning. It was nothing really special but I am so touched by just a simple breakfast. Hubby is really creative, he make east (toast, fried egg and sausage) and west (satay) breakfast.

This is my breakfast

Small card from the kids

If you were me, how would you feel when you have this on Mother's Day morning?

I am a person who don't demand for exclusive stuff but simple stuff like this really make me feel great. Afterall, hubby and the kids do it with their love. Hubby, ask the my son and daughter to wish me Happy Mother's Day. Then, each of them gave me a hug and a kiss....................... how lovely!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Penang - Breakfast at Old Town Cafe

My family is a regular customer of Old Town Cafe at e-gate, Penang. We normally take the kids there for a short break. We were told that the new breakfast set is coming and we wanted to try. It is only available on Monday - Friday. They don't serve it on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday. We manage to go there last week to try.

The menu

I ordered set2 - My Meehoon Set @ RM3.90/set

My mum ordered Set4 - My Noodle Set @ RM4.90/set

Hubby and the kids have Set5 - My Western Set @ RM5.90/set

You can add RM1 to change to other drink

My Meehoon Set - not too bad lar but I prefer the fried tomyam beehoon

This is worth to eat. RM5.90 got sausage, ham, egg, beans, cucumber and toast bread

My Noodle Set - we can do it at home but sometimes we just want to sit down and have someone do it for us. So, got for pay for it lor.........

Anyway, all of us enjoy our breakfast. I have to been to a few Old Town Cafe outlet and I find the one at e-gate got better service. My bad experience is at New World Park and BM. The waiter will pretend they did not see the customers.