Saturday, March 21, 2009

Help With Love

Lilian will be helping up in cooking for the poor and homeless today with her group of church member. One thing I admired her is she help without picking on the skin color or religion. You are black, white, yellow or whatever color your skin is she will help if she can. You are buddist, indian, christian or islam she will also help. Lilian, in future if you needed any help whether in the kitchen to wash or cook do let me know. If you need people to buy ingredients you can also let me know. I can ask some of my supplier to send the goods to my shop and I will send it to where you want it to be - your house, church or any of your friends kitchen. Should have help you to get the chicken from my supplier. Then, it will be much easier for you . All the best to Lilian and her team.
My prayer - may the weather be good today so that it's easier for the team to deliver the food to the needy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tamarind & Sour Plum

Sour Plum - it can eaten like this or it can be added in our drinks. Infact, you can get this drink from the local kopitiam. Normally the pregnant ladies like to eat this. Apparently this sour plum help the pregnanat ladies from vomitting. Anyway, it does not help me during my pregnancy.

Tamarind - this is a fresh one. It can be eaten like this. When it's eaten fresh the taste will be different. Once they had season it with salt, that is meant to use for cooking. It was my first time eating this yesterday which was given by a friend. To me, it taste better than sour plum. You can get it from the wet market.
This is how it look like. The taste is abit sour and sweet.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Home Cook Food Is Always The Best

Nothing is better or maybe tastier than home cook food. I don't claim that I am the best cook but as long as my family are happy with the food I am preparing, that is consider good. My son love my pastry, my daughter and hubby love my cooking. No complaining means food is good, rite? Since economy is so slow and I don't feel like eating yesterday. Normally, on my off day I am very lazy to move around. Most of the time, I will stay at home............................
Yesterday, I make something very simple for my family. Very simple........................ but yet it was nice and special.

Steam white profet with mushroom, beancurd and tomato. Add in some sour plum to give it a better taste. This is for the kids.
Assam Prawn (Prawn cook with Tamarind) for me and hubby. It's hubby favourite.

I always love to have vegetables during meal time. I bought some 'choi sum far' (sawi). Cook it with some boiling water and served with garlic oil and soya sauce. Hubby like the vege to be served with garlic and I like mine to served with meat floss. So this is what I do. Don't you think I am so smart to serve the vegetable with 2 flavours?

What can I say ........................... simple, clean, nice, yummy, preparing it with love and most important cook it with love. Fuyoh, I am such a good carrer woman, loving mum and also most important a caring wife!!! How many should I score? hehehe......................

Penang - Coffee Island

Last week, a friend of mine drop by my shop and we went over to Coffee Island for lunch. It's my first time there. Honestly, I love this place. This place had been operated for almost 4 months already.
In Coffee Island, you get to choose either to sit outside where you can enjoy the natural air or you can sit indoor to have the cool air from the air-cond. There is also a small corner for customer to surf net. If not mistaken, it's free of charge.

I ordered Iced Forest Fruits Tea (RM5.50). It's good. Refreshing

My friend ordered Honey Lemon Juice (RM4.90) which she said not too bad either

My friend order Dhoby Ghaut Fried Mee (RM7.50)

For myself, I had ordered Cheesy Chicken Chop Rice (RM10.50)

We realise alot of customer ordering bread. So, we decided to order 1 to shared. Steam Bread with Kaya & Butter (RM3.60). Nothing really special except that the bread is soft

The total bill come to RM35.20 inclusive of service charge.
Overall, we find the food is quite good and reasonable. A recommended place to unwind after a hard day of work. Also suitable for business discussion. They have a wide range of local food too. You can find other famous local hawker food - which name after them. For example what my friend had ordered, Dhoby Ghaut Fried Mee.
Few days ago, me and hubby took a friend from Melaka to dine here. He love this place too. Cozy and relaxing.
Coffee Island
77, Persiaran Gurney
10250 Penang
Tel : 227 2377
Open daily
11am - 3am

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bali Hai Seafood - Are Outside Food Clean?

Once awhile me and hubby will go for tim sum after we drop our kids in the nursery. As usual, today we went to Bali Hai Seafood at Gurney Drive for tim sum. We normally go there too because it's located not too far from my shop.
Loh Mai Kai (glutinous rice with chicken & mushroom) is one of my favourite. So, we ordered 2 loh mai kai. While enjoying the timsum and talking to hubby suddenly, I found a fly in my food. Yuks......................... eeee................................. nmch. Wtf is this!!! Hubby called the person in charge and when he told him about it, she just smile and then she said they will not charged us the loh mai kai. So, she use her pen to cut away the order in the chit and just walk away. MCH, I don't want free food. I can afford for that. She did not even say sorry about it.

See the extra 'black bean' in my loh mai kai?

Now, can you see it????

1 loh mai kai is RM2.50. So, blue pen is used to amend in my card to indicated no charge.
Never thought that a restaurant like Bali Hai Seafood is so unresponsible. When, hubby go to the counter to pay, he mention to the lady boss. She act like nothing and did not even apologise for the incident. Food is so so in Bali Hai but where is the hygiene? Where is the cleaniness? That show, how clean the kitchen is and how hygiene the workers are too!!! So, do think twice if you want to go to Bali Hai to dine. I am so dissapointed with them. This place use to be one of our favourite restaurant but now.............................................


Monday, March 2, 2009

Back To Old Kitchen

How the old folks back their cakes that required top and bottom heat? Back at my grandma and mum early age they do not have oven that have this special feature - top and bottom heat. But they still can make their cakes and kuih with this method.
Few months ago mum show me how it was done after she had not do it for so so so long. She showed me by making kuih ubi kayu.

Top - covering the cake tin with burning chacoal
Middle - a tray of kuih ubi kayu batter
Bottom - also burning chacoal
The chacoal that are burning should only have small fire.

See........................... It's took about 40 minutes to cook.

It's ready. The middle is slightly burn because I did not spread the chocoal evenly on top.