Friday, April 25, 2008


Last month, we drove to Kuala Kangsar ........................... apa lagi??? To find good food there lar!!! Hahaha......... We make a wrong turning that bring us to the market. Wow! The market is facing a big riverbank. Quite clean too. As we drive out, a stall attracted me with one of their item - APAM MANIS SEPASANG (sweet pancake pair OR a pair of sweet pancake).

I no bluff you all one. See the list ........... Apam Manis Sepasang at RM1.60

It's wrap with the leaves that they use to make ketupat.

This is how it look inside.

It's big ok. Bigger than my palm. Taste good too.

If you ever go to Kuala Kangsar, try to check it out. Sometimes it's fun to go out and hunt for food. There is where we find something interesting and maybe tasty too.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Good Instant Koey Teow

We have run out of idea where to go for breakfast. Do you have the same problem? Yesterday, we were in town and we spotted a coffee shop at Carnorvan Street - Seng Thor Coffee Shop.

I ordered a bowl of Instant Koay Teow Soup and hubby ordered Loh Mee. I am a person who is very picky about koay teow. I like it smooth. Guess what? This stall have what I wanted. The taste is great too. It's a place that you should give it a try.

Kedai Kopi Seng Thor, Carnorvan Street. (nearby to Komtar) Ask around when you are at Komtar area if you are not familiar where is Carnorvan Street. I called it the coffin street coz there are quite a number of coffin shop there. hehehe.....................

The koay teow soup that I had ordered. RM3/bowl is consider reasonable. It comes with fishball, mincemeat, meat ball and pig liver. You can add egg if you wanted. It's delicious!!!

Loh Mee. Anyway, it's not my favourite. Hubby commented that it was not too bad. I gave it a try and it's taste not too bad. Loh Mee lover can give it a try and tell me about it.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fun Fun Fun ...........................

Few days ago, hubby suggested we take the kids to have some fun at this playland in Gurney Plaza. It's situated at the same floor with the cinema. Kids nowadays are very lucky ..........

Hubby and daughter having some fun.
My daughter is a brave little young lady........... *faint*
My boy is starting to get tired after an hour of running up and down. hahaha............
Take a short rest before they begin to run ..................

My daughter is a very brave person. She is challenging the boy.
If you wanna have fun with your kids during the weekend or after working hour, do try out this place. It's a safe place to play. Please bring long a pair of socks for your kids and yourself too. Otherwise, you are required to buy it from them.
Have A Great Weekend!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Abang IS Koey Teow Goreng

This is a famous stall in Bukit Mertajam - Abang IS Koey Teow Goreng. This stall is located just opposite of the Post Office in Bukit Mertajam. Most of the BM folks know about this place.
During my last meet up with Kenny, he also agree that this a good stall to visit. The stall is open during night time. That is our favourite stall too. Their fried koey teow (flat rice noodle) is the wetty type. The praws ................................ FRESH AND GOOD! That is all I can say.

This is the stall. As I always say .............. I am not a good cameralady *blink eyes*

As usual we will order the fried prawns. The gravy is yummy. Is a must to have when we are there.

The koey teow goreng.

Bill .......... it's not cheap but worth eating there coz their prawns are fresh. If you are not local, try to contact them if you wish to drop by - 017 566 6070.