Saturday, June 30, 2007

WHY 7?

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Actually, this few days I am quite lazy to do a lot of things. Have not been doing my reading, knitting and baking. Even want to talk to my supplier also no mood. Is it the weather or it's something wrong with me? Nope, I am not having my period har nor pregnant. Choi! Choi! Choi!Just no mood and too tired. I have been a good girl and no activities on bed, ok? *eyes want to close already, slept for 3 hours yesterday nite*

I am going to tell you the 7 male I love most. Hey, my heart is very BIG and it had got space for everyone that I love.

1. PATERNAL GRANDPA, my dearest yeh yeh. No doubt, he had left but I love him alot. ALOT ALOT ok? He had taught me the art of eating. Eat also got art? Yes! He always says this to me, 'the rich and the poor each have their art of eating'. When, I were young I always ask myself even eating also got art one meh? How you eat effect your health too. All this years, most of us think what we eat is how our health will be. But, we have forgotten even the way we eat is also important. Can you believe it, my grandpa take almost half an hour to finish his 1 plate of rice for lunch and dinner. So long? Yes, it is. He say, we must slowly chew up what is in our mouth before we push it to another part. Never eat like a hungry ghost. I do that and I have not had my gastric for years liau. There are lots of things he taught me about food. No doubt, you are no longer with me but I always have the good memory we have in my mind and heart. You are the best yeh yeh!

2. MY FATHER. My dad is a person who is very strict over our study. When I were young, dad will check my school bag everyday to ensure my homework is done and my books are in good condition. No 'dog-ear' for my books and that is the term he use. If he found there are book like that in my bag, he will ask me to take out and use a thicker and heavier book to place on top of it. He don't like books to be untidy. He was the one who taught me to write cursive when I were only 7 years old. Among the 3 siblings, I have the most beautiful writing. My dad always make sure I write 1 page of writing everyday since I were only 4. Not writing A, B, C and so forth nor any words. It's a sentence - THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPED OVER THE LAZY DOG. Why this sentence? In this whole sentence it had got the letter A to Z. Check it out. So, thank you dad for coaching me in my writing when I were still young and because of you I have got beautiful writing today.

3. MY UNCLE. You were the one who had taught me so much about food. From cooking to baking. And off course, I also got the scolding from him. But, it's ok. I always tell myself this, to enable myself to be successful, I have to take up what people comment about me and what are their advises. My famous Siam Laksa and Sambal Dried Prawn are also taught by him. There are lots of things I have learn -stew duck with mushroom and potato, steam rice with chicken & mushroom, curry lengkuas and lots more to name. Thank you again for coaching me.

4. MY BREAD SIFU. I love making cakes and cookies than any other things. But after my sifu taught me about bread somehow, I fall in love with bread so deeply. He taught me how to enjoy eating bread. White bread? Nope. I love bread with lots of grains and rye. Yum yum. You no like grains? Do you know how good are this grains? Do you know what it can do for us? When we eat those bread that contains lots of grains and when we shallow, as this grains go down thru our intestine, it will scrape away what is stuck or stick at our intestine.

5. MY COUSIN, ALEX CHONG. He died at very young age of 22years old. And it's already 13 years since he had left. No doctors knows what is the cause of his death. He had taught me to be creative. How to do things by ourselves and it won't cost much. When I were still young in the primary and secondary school , I made my own greeting cards and bookmarks for my friends. I even made some gifts to be given away. He says whatever the gift is, it's not a matter how much it cost but it's how much love we have used to make the gift.

6. MY HUBBY, MY DARLING, MY LOHKONG, MY WALKING ATM (hahaha.....will I be getting extra pocket money from you next month since I so manja? Pleaseeeeee.......). We were courting for 5 years and married for 7 years already. Being his wife is something that I am very proud off. I am not showing off har. Who say long distance love don't work? Take up your hand. Anyhow, it works for us. It does. During our courting years, he travel alot in his career. I only got to see him most is once a month and it's for few hours only , that is also because his flight transit is in Penang. Otherwise, I will only be seeing him once every 3 or 4 months. Last time, not that canggih mah and we have handphone or email mah. But, somehow or maybe it's our fate to tied up the knot. I have been love and pampered by him alot. My dear hubby signature dishes for me - IndoMee Goreng. I must admit somehow he made the best one leh. Anyone want to try?

7. Lastly, DELWIN. Who is he? My son lar!!! He is 4 years old this year and he had brought alot of laughter in my life. The day he were born, we were surprised to see him smiling - that is the first thing he does, not crying. Even my gyne were surprise. That is my boy. Even till today, he smile alot. I love hearing him laugh. It somehow make me feel so happy. Do I punish him? Everytime when he does something wrong and he knows I will for sure to punish him, he will quickly come over to kiss me on my lips. He will make me smile and melt my heart first but mummy will still give him the punishment. Some people call him Mr. Cool coz he don't bother about what people are doing.

I am not going to tag anyone and furthermore, I am so tired liau. So, I should let everyone relax, sit back and enjoying reading blogs. Have a nice weekend!


miss.reenee said...

erina, thanks for doing the tag!

Bit Nee said...

Indeed a beautiful dedication to all the 7 most wonderful MALE in your life. In life it is difficult to find even one but you have managed to find seven guys whom you care and have shared your experience with :) Am so happie for you! Seven is a perfect no!

Rabbit said...

Wah, ur lou kong lum sei liao lor reading ur #6. Keke!

Huei said...

wahh ur dad so strict! but good..u learned alot! hehe =D

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

It is the hot weather!! So hot so no energy! Luckly u still mention ur hubby. Have a nice day.