Friday, June 22, 2007

Salted Chicken

Salted Chicken is always our favourite especially my hubby. I must say he is lucky to have me lor. WHY? Because I also love to eat and love to cook and bake at the same time mah. Hahaha.... Actually hor, I am very proud of myself. Again WHY? The older folks always said - if a woman can go to work and go into the kitchen is the perfect one - this is how the saying goes in cantonese , "yeap tak chu fong chut tak theang thong". I am one of them lor. Ahem!!! *face read liau*. Loh Kong, I know you got read my blog one so this time, you better put a comment for me hor otherwise tonite you eat yourself liau. Yes, it's a MUST, ok? Hahaha........
Few weeks ago, we were in Ipoh and whenever we are there my hubby must go to this restaurant to buy the salted chicken. MUST one!!! The business here is damn good. The last time I bought is RM15/chicken and that is last year punya story lar. This year they charge RM16/chicken. Still reasonable. They claim theirs are kampung chicken. Kampung or not, I am not too sure. But at times, I do mine at home.
Salted Chicken - RM16/chicken

Business here is so so good......... See the boxes? You got to order and they will tell you what time to come back to pick your chicken. I waited 1/2 hour for mine.
Last time, they do everything in the kitchen and you can order and eat in front of the shop. Now no more liau. Business is damn good and they have invest into better equipment where they also used the front part of the restaurant to cook the chickenssssssssss...........
Those white stuff that you see is salt. The chicken are wrapped and cover with the salt until it's cook. The salt is hot wan har. Bawah ada fire,ok?
This is the shop name - Aun Kheng. See the telephone number there?
We bought 4 chickens. 1 for my sister inlaw, 1 for my neighbour and 2 for ourselves. My hubby can eat 1 whole chicken by himself.

Actually, you can also do your own but the salt will cause your wok spoil later due to the saltyness (is there such a word, I am not sure liau). Never mind, I decided to share with you how I made my without cooking the chicken using so much salt.

1 whole kampung chicken (buy the one approximately 600 - 700g) - clean

3 slices of dong guai (sorry, I don't have my dictionary here today and I do not know what it is called in English)

few slice of ginger (to take away the chicken smell)

2 tbsp sea salt

2 pcs of alum foil.

Optional :- 1/2 packet of herbs (pick the one that you used to boil chicken soup). If you buy from the chinese medical hall, tell them you wan RM2 only.


1. Soak the dong guai and the chicken soup herbs in the water. Drain it.

2. Stuff all the herbs inside the chicken.

3. Rub the chicken with some ginger. Then, take some salt and rub all over the chicken and also the inside too.

4. Marinate the chicken for 1 to 1 1/2 hour. Put about 2 slice of ginger beside the chicken and wrap with alum foil.

5. Steam for 35 minutes or till chicken is cook under medium heat. You might get a small bowl of the chicken soup. That is great to eat with rice.

Try it and share with me how it taste.



lawrence said...

loh poh...ok ok lah.. don't say that i don't comment anymore.

to all readers , ask your whole family to read this blog and comment as much as you can..ok ?

Also ,if happen that you are in Ipoh , you must try this shop..If you don't try, it will be meaningless to be in Ipoh..

Loh Kong.

i think a lot readers will be beh tahan and keep laughing liau. Do you ?

Jasonmumbles said...

This shop's chicken damn chun! Whenever my dad and his friends go north, they would buy like 100 boxes and give out to friends. I miss them! I want!

Bit Nee said...

Yes I agree, this shop has the best salted chicken in Ipoh, some say Malaysia too (Ipoh bias, me Ipoh mali mar)...

Just like Lawrence, my hubby can finish the whole chicken himself too + a bottle of cold beer! Yummy!
Wah finally see Lawrence's name on your blog...gosh u must be super PROUD! Hmmnn...must convince mine to leave some comments in there too :P

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo Mr Lawrance! U r a very very man! This is the first time I heard that got salted chick!!!I must give it a try if in Ipoh next time.BTW can show pic how u made 'salted chick'.If easy might give it a try.Have a nice weekend.

Rabbit said...

Kaka! I really laughed reading ur lou kong's comment. U threaten him to comment mia! Keke!

lawrence said...

hello horny ,

no choice lah have to leave a comment here..otherwise i also get ang pow like you..he he he


Mic said...

Found a lot of wrong spelling, and broken english in your blogs.

erinalaw said...

Lawrence - thanks for your support all this years

Jasonmumbles - wah your dad buy 100 boxes? That's alot leh.

Bit Nee - ya must get Matt to support sikit. hehehe.........

Horny - is that a compliment to him?

Rabbit - got laugh till fall down from chair moh?

Mic - thanks for dropping by and some wrong spelling are purposely written in such way. Broken english? Too bad, guess you come to a wrong place already. If I want to write proper english, I must as well write a book

Sweetpea said...

hey erina, if i can't visit your blog tomorrow... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

New Kid on the Blog said...

Wow... today is Erina's birthday? If so, happy birthday Erina!!!

Yes, me Ipoh mali too..... that's the best salted chicken in Ipoh. And I agreed with you, a woman must yeap tak chu fong chut tak theang thong... nothing is impossible, it's only a lazy woman will tend to give execuse!! [high5 man!]

Kenny Ng said...

Hahaha... your hubby so cute.

Salted chicken ah... aiyoh... I think got more than 10 years never eat it liao.

Huei said...

i'm so hungryy!!!!!!!!!

*curi salted chicken* =P

erinalaw said...

Sweetpea - thanks

New Kid On The Blog - thanks. you also ipoh mali punya kah? Got gang liau.

Kenny - he is cute? No lar.......*face red liau*. Wah!!! You everything also never eat for so long one keh. Ada betul kah?

Huei - hehehe....

Sweetpea said...

Erina, my salted chicken became cold salted drunken chicken! hop to my blog and see why :P