Friday, June 15, 2007

Sorry! I Am Busy

I will not be able to share much this 2 days coz I am so busy preparing for my class tomorrow. I will be conducting a baking class tomorrow at my shop premises. Next Saturday, even worst. I guess I have to cut myself into a few pieces liau. Next Saturday, I will be conducting a cooking class for kids and afternoon I have a class to attend. So, I can't make it for Nuffnang meet up at the Gurney Plaza. *cried*. So, I will not have chance to meet up with all the lenglui and lengcai. I have to rush all my things and get my things in time. I am hoping to attend a 3 days course conducted by Wilton in August at KL. *i am praying hard and please pray for me too*. The course no cheap leh. 3 days (9am till 5pm) for RM2.5k. I am going to pokai lor. Anyway, can pinjam or sponsor me kah. Hahaha................ I promise to bake you good cakes, cookies or even cook free for you for 1 week.
Have a great weekend and I promise to come back with more stuff.


Rabbit said...

I will pray for you!! *prays in rabbit style*

Wah cooking class for kids ah? Woah kids also going to be clever in cooking already. I also wanna learn!

erinalaw said...

You no need 2 learn keh.......... coz rabbit only eat carrot mah. lol

Anonymous said...

oooooo didn't know you have baking class at your shop! I don't recalled any announcement at your Cooking Island site. Would be nice to do so but then that will make you more busy and don't have time to blog anymore..yikes!!!!

Dang.. why KL always have interesting cooking classes.. :'-(

hehehe.. Erina, you should conduct more classes..:-D

All the best wishes


erinalaw said...

Pixen - I will be going to conduct more later. Did not place it there this at my website this time. I am trying to find something different - a little bit western stuff. Wanna join me? :-)