Thursday, June 14, 2007

What is PKM???

What the hell is PKM stand for har? All of us hear of PJK, PJN, ABC, XYZ, VCD, DVD and bla bla bla. But what is PKM? Ok, let me share with you. It had got nothing to do with medal of most distinguish order, short form for any things or name of any places. It's somehow a special way to address some one that you need to beware off in the society. *don't scratch head ah*. We don't give a title to someone without a reason. Just like, we don't do something without a purpose. *everyone take chair, sit down and let this "Malaysian Fei Cheh" story sama lu*

And now the story begin.............. cheang cheang cheang!!!

There is this company called Soi Soi Private Ltd and the VP had hired a Singaporean who had jobless for 6 mths as Inside Sales Director. When he first came in he was really a Mr. Nice. Everyone love him and respect him. Even the auntie who sweep floor says that he is a good man. As hour goes by, days goes by, week goes by and months goes by......................... the stripe in his body begin to come out liau. Black, blue, orange, white and green stripe also come out. Some say the tanduk (horn) of the devil also grow out. Fuyoh!!! So keng leh. Even the baby deers and cows have to take years to grow their horns. This PKM (nickname - japanese lunch box) getting more and more lansi everyday. Understand or not what is called Japanese lunch box. Don't know??? Get someone to belanja you at the japanese restaurant and ask the service crew what is the term in japanese for their lunch box.
He begin to show off his power liau. After 3 months, he make an evil plan. He wants to control the game all by himself and kick off his own boss who had pity him without a job for 6 months. And then, no one knows how he 'poh lum pa' (polish the top management balls) kau kau. Who don't like to be polish? Off course, they shiok mah but don't ask me how he can polish so many BALLS at one time. I can only polish 2 balls all this while. So, the PKM seize powers from the VP that who had hired him. PKM immediately change title by himself - from Inside Sales Director to Managing Director. Wah lau!!! Keng leh!!! I also have to take 5 years to obtain the title of Managing Director of the bed. Maybe, he sells his ass to the top management to get this position. Within 1 year, he kick off the VP and the President of Asia. Then, he terminate those staffs who are hired by the VP - this time even the sapu lantai auntie kena. As long as those who hired by Mr. VP will get it no matter how low is your rank and how good is your performance in job. Over 20 people were terminated within 1 year. Imagine, when he terminate them, he want them to leave the office within 1/2 hour. Security guard are asked to monitor them during the 1/2 hour that they use to pack their stuff. Those staff who had just started a family, who had just got a new born baby and buy a new home - imagine....................... Put yourself in one of the staff shoes and let me know how would you feel?
Another worst case was, PKM do not allow the office staff to attend the funeral of a guy's dad whom he had terminated 2 days ago. Not only that, no 'pek kim' (donation) allowed. What is this PKM? Is he a reptile?
Imagine, he made more than 20 people lost their jobs - even some still faces difficulty in finding a job because he made them sign a document where they are not allow to go back to the same industry for a period of 1 year. How are this people going to survive? HE SCREW UP EVERYTHING IN THE COMPANY. When the finance person found out that he misuse company fund (to me I call him chiak lui ong - what is your version?), immediately this lady also kena sack lar. What a pity? Where is JUSTICE??? The sad part is over 20 people lost their job but this PKM still having good life? And because of this, he were conferred the title of PKM - PUK* MAK. Congratulation to him. So, anyone wanted this title? Me? No, thank you. I rather take the title of PJM - Pingat Jasa Masyarakat.
If you are 1 of the 20 people that had lost your job, what will you do when you see him on the street???? Quickly quickly comment........................ if you read and don't comment means you agree with what the PKM does, is it???
HAVE A NICE WEEKEND ...............


nyx said...

Wah so evil this PKM fler. Is this true story ah? If it is, then don't worry... there is justice in this world. What goes around comes around.

Palmdoc said...

This is a real PKM.

Anonymous said...

Hmm maybe the 20 + jobless people create blogs and inform the WWW who's this PKM is... So, the WWW from Malaysia to Mars... will know and people aware of his schemes. Soon, the blogs will be read by his enemies and big, big, big boss (whoever it is). Words and will spread like fire... we'll see what happpens.

Such wicked thing to do and get PKM? Sheeessshhh, at times I wonder how they get the titles? I think the rules or requirements must change and prove that he's eligible for the title. Give them a probation, if they can't fulfil it within certain frame or received any complaints from public... kick his butt off! Another thing, is it true that you can buy titles?

I guessed such PKM, STD, VIP, DRM blahs blahs blahs are the ones that put on Emergency break lights while escorted by traffic police. Ai ya ya yieee!

Well this %^&@%#*^&@# PKM (Hokkien #%^@# Word) sooner or later will taste his own poison...hehehehe.


Rabbit said...

Wuah wuah! First first if i am driving i will run through him in my car, knock him down, then reverse, then knock again, and repeat for a few times. KakA!

Ah Pek said...

ooohhh... PKM stands for pukimak.

erinalaw said...

nyx - it's true one. I pity my friends so, I decided to write about this.

Palmdoc - he is damn a big PKM.

Pixen - Whatever come by will go by too.

Rabbit - you want to langgar him that time hor, tell me ok. I cut down all the telephone booth punya line so nobody can make a emergency call. People can call me witch and I admit I am here.

AhPek - you are finally HERE. Lengcai kor kor ...............