Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Daddy's Love

Father's Day is coming soon and what do you plan for your dad? It's this Sunday, 17 June 2007. Nothing? No plan yet? Don't know? Hey!!! Come on. What is this? Don't you think your dad is important?

This is what I realise - when it's Mother's Day, you can see every kids in the family is so excited. Go shopping and plan where to go for dinner but when it comes to Father's Day, it more quiet down. Even the cakes in the bakery are not so sell able. Why is this happening? What is going wrong here?

Daddy's are as important as mummy, ok? Just that their duty are different. I can understand how certain kids feel towards their dad but no matter what, that is our dad. A month ago when I were on my "Jalan Jalan Cari Makan" trip in Bidor, I saw this girl who slap her dad. I do not know what were the conversation. I were sitting inside eating and I hear her screaming her dad and then slap him twice. They were selling fruits outside this shop. I get really mad and wanted to walk to her and tell her off but I did not. I have forgotten to take some photos and post it for all of you to see. No matter what, it's not rite for us as their kids to hit them. NO!!!

Daddy's also have got their job to do as a family leader. They may not spend as much time as mother with us but do you know what do they do outside? Working hard to make a living for the family. Make sure that all of us have enough food to eat, have clothes to wear and a good and proper shelter to live in. I were so touch when I read about what Kenny Ng wrote about his dad. You hardly find a guy who write like that. I kept silence for a while and thought of my dad. What he had done for me and the family. Honestly, I have not get beaten or punished by my dad before. None at all! Until today, I am already in my 30's, he still call to check whether I am ok or not. Yes, that is what he does even though I am already a wife to someone and a mother of 2 kids. That is my dad. On my birthday, he will be the first to call to wish me Happy Birthday. I still remember when I were still young and everytime when I get my punishment from my mum, he will be the one who rescue me. Hahahaha........................... We hardly have time to talk but when we do, we will talk non-stop. I still remember when I told my parents that I will be joining a Bread Showcase Competition, my dad is so 'kun cheong'. Ask my mum whether can I do it afterall who am I to challenge the chefs. He knows if I wanted something, I will go all the way out to do it, not matter what. He was also the first person to call me to ask me how was everything and he were so afraid that I feel sad if I lost. I told him, I got a 4th placing where they award me a Diploma. He was so happy. That is DADDY!!!

My hubby is a person who love to cook but will later mess up my kitchen. That is what I don't like. Why??? I got to clean it up mah. Last few days, my hubby told me that I don't need to cook dinner for my son and he say we will go out for dinner. Later, I hear some noise from the kitchen and discover he wanted to cook something. So, I asked him what is he doing. He said, he wanted to cook something for my son who is going to come back soon from nursery. So,he ask me to go out and not to disturb him. Cheh!!! Now he think he can cook better liau. Later, I also peep at him. Hahaha............ he is doing steam rice for his son. See!!! A daddy can also cook for his son even though mummy is around. Want to see what he had done?


















Frying turkey ham, garlic, onion with some butter. Later add in the rice
After that, place it in a bowl. Add an egg in it. This is a different one. He used the porcelain with a cover one. I used that to double boil soup.

After that, he place some cheddar cheese on top. Apa lagi? He wanted to do steam cheese rice. Then, steam it for about 10 minutes.

This is how it looks like after 10 minutes of steaming.

Later, I asked him whether will my son like it or not and he said "off course, I cook with love leh" *give him a funny face look*. When, my son came back he was whispering in my son ear then his son smile and he look at me back with a funny look. What is this 2 male talking about har? So, he say he wanted to feed his son. My hubby asked me to go ahead with what I am doing and he will settle all the things. Good!!! After 15 minutes, they walk out and I were surprise. He smile and said, "finished liau lo". Let's go for our dinner. My son like that??? OMG.....................

Actually, I steal some to taste and it's not that bad after all leh. So, I asked my hubby how he does it and here is my hubby recipe

1 bowl of rice

2 slice of turkey ham

some chopped garlic and onion

1 tablespoon of butter

1 egg

1 slice of cheddar cheese (break into a few pieces)

Soya sos - he used the malay soya sos which is a little bit sweet. Cap Kipas Udang

Optional : Mix vegetables or any other veges that you like

Fried the onion and garlic with butter. Then, place in the turkey ham. Stir a while and add in the rice. Then, pour in the soya sos. Mix well and put in the bowl. Break the egg on the rice and top it with some cheese. Steam it for 10 minutes. Ready to serve.

So, give it a try and tell me whether you like it or not.

Dear readers, daddy is someone important and special too. Do plan some activities and have fun celebrating Father's Day. Me? I still haven't decide whether I want to cook or take him out. My dad love to eat at home. So, most probably I will cook and make him a cake. My dad is a pastry lover - cakes, bread and cookies are his all time favourite. Most important, I love my dad!!!

To my hubby - this kids are so glad to have you as their dad. You never fail to shower them with your love. No matter how tired you are from work, you still spend good time with them. You are 1 of the world best daddy. I am so proud of you!!!


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

U r so lucky to have a hubby who like to cook. Most guy onlt like to eat!! Yeah that include me! But I made up by being extra loving! Have a nice day.

Kenny Ng said...

U also have a good daddy, my daddy also like ur daddy still asking me ok or not? Enough money to use or not? This and that... Everytime when he asked this question I really touched n feel want to cry. Thanks for mentioned about my post. Your husband also a great dad, my dad only cannot cook... hahaha

erinalaw said...

Horny - He love to eat too and that is the reason why he learn to cook mah.

Kenny - Ya!!! Guess the 2 of us are lucky to have them as dad hor. Feel paiseh also when they call and ask us this question when we are already so 'tai sui ngao'. My husband is also a good joker. Hahaha........

Bit Nee said...

Haha...The only thing my hubby can cook is fried pasta/pasta - he learnt it while studying in UK! Ever since he came back, he hardly cook leow :( This would be my hubby's first Father's Day celebration. Will be taking him to Tony Roma's for spare ribs dinner. Hopefully this one is as good as the spare ribs we had in Hard Rock in Bali.

erinalaw said...

Bit Nee - it should be next year mah. Baby now still inside the perut leh............ hahaha......

Huei said...


looks SOOOOOOO yummy!!!!!!

i wana tryyy!!! but i duno how to cook >.<

Sweetpea said...

hi, thanks for great recipe. simple and great for kids! must try must try. i was running out of idea wat to cook for my son :)

erinalaw said...

Sweetpea - i have a few recipe for kids meal. Can share later with you too.

Sweetpea said...

ooo thanks! FYI, i made some today and aidan ate it without a hitch! *triumph*

Allyfeel said...

Got here from Sweetpea's link...this recipe looks so yummy la...let me try it out n see if my son love it. He is a very picky eater.

miche said...

hi, i got here from sweatpea...pasal food lor...

i got one question, what happened to the egg? did ur hubby break the yolk? i don't see any sign of the egg in the last pix?

anyway..am sure gonna try it. thanks for sharing. ;)

erinalaw said...

sweetpea - let me share with u some others that I had tried before when my kids are younger.

allyfeel - ok ok. try and let me know

miche - the egg, he stir with the rice lor. tried and let me know.

miche said...

hi Erina, just to let you know that I pinjam your picture in my blog. Here

if not approve, let me know i'll take it down. ;)

lawrence said...

hi all ,

i am hubby of erina .

i really speechless and happy that a few of you use my funky recipe to cook for your kids.

I can't imagine that my "accidental recipe that came off in 5 minutes " can helps some of your picky eater kids. Maybe it could be due to myself an extreme picky and fussy eaters who can understand the needs and qualities of them. he he he he

I really appreciate of you have done and 1 more recipe that i wanna to share with you where my "ngam cham" wife always tell me...You must add "Love" inside your cooking !!

Good Luck !