Friday, June 1, 2007

Best Friend

How many good friends or best friend that you have? How long is your relationship?

I guess everyone do have at least a good or best friend, rite? One of my best friend, Bit Nee -soon to be mummy in few months time. I am so excited. Macam lar, I am going to give birth. Hehehe........... I love babies but 2 are enough for me. My kids are the active type so, we can't take care of another one liau. Moreover, it's not cheap to raise a kid, ok? I and Bit Nee had known each others for almost 20 years liau. Wow!!!! That is so so long, hor? Still remember our olden days. The 2 of us are so siew where we can hang on the phone to talk for hours until we kena scolded. But, still tarak takut. The next time, we talk again. Btw, that time I were from Taiping and Bit Nee is from Batu Gajah. So far leh? I think our record is about 3 hours on the phone. Ya ya ya.............. I know you all sure say hor, porridge also can cook liau. You will also ask what the hell are the 2 of us talk until so long. Apa apa also the 2 of us can talk one - food, study, school, friends, books and bla bla bla. The 2 of us call each other quite often too. Sometimes, it can be 3 -4 times in a week. The minimum that we talk on to the phone is 1 hour plus. We are not 'long winded' (cheong hei) but there are so many things we can talk about.
Now, I am so glad she is pregnant. Hmmm..................... I have got a son at the age of 4 and a girl at the age of 2. So, if she happen to have a girl then, I can ask my son to go after her daughter lor. LOL.
So, how long do you know your good friend and what is the best things that you like to do together.
Have A Nice Weekend. For me, I will go cari makan again. Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan. Let me share with you things that I do during this weekend and in case I find something interesting, I will kepo and share with all of you.


Rabbit said...

Wah! A friend for 20++ years! Nice!

I cant say I have a best friend though, all of them are like.. equal. Or maybe I've just lost contact with them recently. Hehe!

Have a nice weekend!

Bit Nee said...

Oh dear...u make me feel so paiseh leow :P Haha! I guess I have to say that I am thankful to have you as a best friend. Like what rabbit say I have also lost contact with a lot of my friends over the years and am glad that we have to keep in touch still after so many years! Not to mention the tears, the happiness, the concerns, the support and encouragements that we both shared.

Yah both of us used to 'boil' a lot of porridge and the phone bill just sky rocketed(cos she's from Taiping and me from BG mar) and talk about silly stuff. I think guys used to be one of them, but Erina I think the best part was when u came down to BG and we went to Tg Tualang for prawn fried rice and took you to see the mining ship and we stayed overnight at my sis place, remember?? Haha...our golden years :P

Thanks for being a great FRIEND and I am glad to share part of your life too! Muacks... :)

Gallivanter said...

I'm lucky to have a best friend of 10 years. :-)

erinalaw said...

Rabbit - then, quickly hop to look for them liau. Keeping a good friend is not easy leh.

Bit Nee - ya, those were the golden years we had. Something hard to forget.

Gallivanter - you got to treasure it liau. Not easy to keep a good friend for so long.