Thursday, June 14, 2007

Baby Boy OR Baby Girl?

I am so happy to receive a sms from my good friend Bit Nee. I knew she is pregnant and she is quite cun cheong. I can understand coz I have gone thru this before. Excitement, worry, happy and whatever you name it, we newly mom will have this feeling lar. She send me a sms saying that she is expecting a baby girl. Wow!!! I am so happy to hear that. Anyhow, whether is a girl or a boy, I will be really happy for her. She miscarriage her baby 1/2 year ago and I am so glad God made her pregnant again and everything are going on fine now. Congratulation Bit Nee. I will send you the books soon. Hey Bit, I am really busy now and I hope I can knit something for your baby. Let me go and see what I can do - a dress, blacket, mitten or .................... Hey, I have pick up quilting lately too. If I have the time, I want to learn smocking. To buy is very expensive mah.
The next day, my hubby receive a call from his friend, Pet. Sending a good news too. Pet told my hubby that the doctor manage to confirm liau the sex of the baby - it's a baby boy. Pet is so excited and all this while he is hoping for a baby boy too. Infact, his whole family is hoping that it will be a baby boy. The wife had called me few times to talk to me. Sharing how she feel - the pressure and the worry. I told her, it's not healthy for a pregnant lady to have all this bad feeling. It's not good for her and the baby too. I feel, Lilian will be the best person to share with all of us on this topic. Pet is really happy to hear from the doctor that the wife is having a baby boy. He talk non-stop to my hubby about this. When, my hubby was off from the phone he told me about his conversation. He said he was disappointed with some people who wanted a baby boy or a baby girl so much. Why they never think or worry about the health of the mom and the baby? To him, he felt health is the most important thing of all and not the sex of the baby. It's the gift from God and we should accept it happily. I fully agree with him and what do you all think?
During my pregnancy, most of the time I am in the happy mood one. When my hubby see I am feeling down, he will quickly do something to cheer me up. I admit, I am 1 of the lucky woman in the world. Don't get jealous har................... hehehe.
So, tell me what is your point of view? What is the most important thing - the sex of a baby or the health of the mom and baby? Come, come, come................ give me your comment!!!


Huei said...

u have such a great husband!!! hehehe

health of the baby n mummy is most important ofcourse!

baby gals better =P
can pan leng leng for her..tie her hair..she can wear jeans or time can go shopping! ^.^

Anonymous said...

Hi Erina,

I'm totally agreed with your hubby. Great to know there're still some men out there who can think like him! Bravo!!! In my case, my hubby wanted a girl...LOL. Reason was all this while their family have boys so, a girl will be nice. But ... we had a boy! Hahahaa... we had a good laugh at that! Our baby's birth brought joy to his family as well becos he's the only 1st and only grandchild in the family. Another was during my pregnancy, I have no symptoms whatsoever like all my gfs mentioned.. LOL. He never missed taking me for my appointments and always asked the doctor about my health and baby's. BUT.. best of all, my hubby was there for me all the time until I had to go for emergency operation due to pre-eclampsia aka toxemia.

Well, that's life and am glad baby's doing great. He's now 14 mths old and had been high flyer with us...


Bit Nee said...

Initially I wanted a baby boy cos I find it easier to relate to boys as I have many newphews at home(not to mention that I am more of a disciplinarian as compared to my hubby) but he wanted a baby girl cos he say girls are more mature and eventually can help me to take care of the house and the kids as well. When the news came, of cos I was a bit disappointed lor (suprising hor...should be the other way around right haha?) but now I totally agree with my hubby on wanting a girl. My sis says that I come from China "so old fashioned in wanting a boy first haha"! Luckily I have also some close friends like Erina who will rationalise and also cheer me up whenever I am down :)

We have some sort finalised the name and these days we call her by her name already. And guess what..she response to my calling and sometimes when I ask her not to stretch my belly or to create humps, she will calm down. Not sure whether the boys will comply that easily haha!

But the main thing many of you have mentioned is the health of the mom and the baby...the gender is NOT important at all! And this is coming from a mummy to be :P

Bit Nee said...

Oh ya..I forgot in my previous comment! ehehe...I feel so paiseh for Erina to knit something for my bb :P Anyway arigato so much.

It's not the gift that matters... it's the thought that counts :) Thank you my good friend!

erinalaw said...

Huei - I am just so lucky to be his wife. It's not easy to find a partner in life.

Pixen - I can understand the joy that you both have. My hub see me deliver the baby too. I did not go thru the normal birth. I had to go for caesarian. Lagi hor, not full sleep leh. I am awake. I were so scare. Chicken you can say. But, he almost vormitted when he saw blood and water from my stomach. He were so worried for me coz he knows I am not that brave over this thing. After that, he immediately call all his friends and tell them his experience. Gila punya lelaki but I am glad he is there for me.

Bit Nee - during my time, Lawrence will read story every nite for the baby - both Delwin and Delwina. He will rub my stomach while reading then, talk nonsense with the baby lagi. At time, I find him like olang gila. Hahaha..... very bad of me hor? I get to have my massage from him too but now .... still ada juga lar. But I were like queen during my pregnancy. At times, he will cook for me lagi but only simply food har. For sure no maggi mee only. That is not allow during my pregnancy. He is very strict over the food that I eat. Mah fun!

New Kid on the Blog said...

the baby's health is more important, regardless baby girl or boy and of course the mother too.
nowadays the society is so polluted, baby girl also worried , baby boy also worried... don't you guys think so....???

Anonymous said...

Hi Erina,

Hahaha... your hubby's funny but brave! I opted for full anesthetic cos I'm so tired. There's no pain or contraction after my water bag bursted early morning on the day I was supposed to be admitted. Even after Doc gave prostaglandin, There was still no dilation except the pain. After more than 10 hrs, we have no choice for "C" section.

There're some women I knew who believed that if you opt for "C" section, you're not a fully a woman! That you must 'feel' the pain and contractions to be a complete Female... They're sure NUTS! To new mothers-to-be, please don't listen to such nonsense! You're fully grown & complete female and capable of loving your babies "C" section or not. Those who are able to go for normal deliveries, that's great but for those who can't it's due to medical reasons or complications. Even if they prefer "C" section, it's their own choice.

BTW, Erina you had twins!? Wished I had even though multiple pregnancies existed in my family... Another thing, did you notice that with "C" section babies looks better especially their heads? :-P Babies are less stressful too!

To Bit Nee: I read your Forum... I didn't buy any books at all. My only reference was this site: for all my infos. I loved this site cos they're by mothers for mothers and the subjects are arranged by each trimester. There's also sections for Dad-to-be! I'm also tempted to buy baby food books but in the end I just follow my instincts and hunt recipes online or read at bookstores and altered it to suite my baby's taste. Not all recipes are suitable for babies...LOL. Don't forget each babies are different in attitude and growth rate. You can ask Erina and Lilian about their kids.

The guidance of growth chart by doctors are based on general diagnosis, blah blah blahs. Growth charts are guidelines only cos growth rate of breastfed and formula fed babies are totally different. Growth charts are useful to monitor infant growth, but should not be the sole
determinant of the need for the introduction of complementary feeding. This applies not only to the growth charts in predominant use for the past 40 years, which are based mainly on cohorts of formula-fed infants, but also to the newly recommended WHO growth charts based on infants exclusively or predominantly breastfed for at least 4 months, who continued breastfeeding for at least 12 months and who received complementary foods from the age of 4/6 months. :-P

Lastly, to breast feed or milk formula... It depends on your choice and condition - no doubt breast milk is the best but for mothers that don't have enough (like me but I managed to breastfed until 6 months with milk formula in betweens) or have health problems & need to take in medications like diabetics, heart patients have no choice but to substitute with milk formula. I was informed by nursery nurses that Asian mothers lactate slower than the Western mothers. I think must be due to their lifestyle and country condition...LOL.

So, Bit Nee, don't worry ok? Just relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Feel the miracle both you & hubby created!

Thanks in advance to Erina for letting me using her blog to write to Bit Nee.. [grinning] cos I dislike Windows... hehehe.



Bit Nee said...

Hi Pixen,
Thanks so much for the advise. I do appreciate and like u I appreciate Erina for letting us use her blog to feedback to each other :P

To be honest, I have not read any pregnancy books yet except those magazines and materials which the clinic provides and most of the info I would obtain it from and also and it is quite helpful. Recently Astro has also started this channel 77 about babies and raising kids. They even had a section for "Pregnancies for Dummies" haha which I find extremely helpful too! So I think that's a good start already.

Just hope that this pregnancy will go on smoothly and I'll try to think of more happy thoughts! Thanks :)

erinalaw said...

Pixen - no problem. Please go ahead and I am glad you can share too.

Bit Nee - see......... , there are so many things out there no need to pei chin also keh. hehehe............. Don't try but must stay happy always.