Thursday, June 7, 2007

Steam Egg

I wanted to steam egg for my kids but I do not want to do the usual way. Very 'sian' already. So, I decided to do something different and also added something else to enhance the flavour. Very adventurous hor? Hahaha.............
When it's done, I it tasty and wanted to share the recipe with all of you.
3 eggs
1 salted egg yolk (used a fork to break the yolk into smaller size)
180g water
3 filament stick (slice small)
30g green beans
some chop onion
1/2 cup of yau char kueh (cut small)
salt & pepper for taste
1. Beat eggs and add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
2. Add in salt and pepper to your taste.
3. Pour into a plate and steam for 10 minutes on high fire or till cooked.
Note : Make sure your water is boiling when you place your egg to steam. Do not place anything to steam when the water is not boiling.

This is my steam egg. The picture did not look so clear because I am the photographer. Bad photographer, hor? My kids love it so much.


Anonymous said...

hope u dun mind... the look of the steam egg look 'old' already... is it u overcook it.

erinalaw said...

Anonymous - it's ok. Actually hor, I forget to take the photo. So, after a few hours then only I realise so by that time, the steam egg look like 80 years old nanny skin liau. Hehehe.........