Saturday, June 30, 2007


I wanted to make something for some kids so, I decided to make them some little muffin. I used the muffin mixed that are currently selling in my shop. I made them 4 flavours all together - blueberry, kiwi, orange poppyseed and chocolate chips. The kids just love it. I made almost 150 nos for just 30 kids. When it come back, the container is clean. I just love it when the food I made are finished up - that show it's yummy.


Rabbit said...

wah! So averagely the kids had 5 nos each lor? Wahhhhhhh! I also want ler!

erinalaw said...

Rabbit - ok ok. You hop to my place hor then, i give you, can kah?

Huei said...

i wana eatt!!!i wan blueberry n chocolate chip! hehehe =D