Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Beware Who You Are Looking At!!!

As usual before I go back to my shop, me and my hubby will go for our breakfast. Must feed ourselves well before we start to work mah......... So, today we decided to go for Indian breakfast - Tosai. The shop that we went to were quite crowded this morning. Found a place, sit down and order our food. Me and my hubby like to look around what are going on and kepo sikit lor. Sitting in front of us were a lady and a man. This man is from Public Mutual Fund and he was explaining some plans to this lady. I were whispering to my hubby that nowadays are very hard to cari makan. So, he giggle and nod his head. Why I say that? Hey it's only 8.30am leh and he is so busy working liau. Hardworking sales person. Very hardworking!!!
They left after 15 minutes and we were about to finish our food. This guy came back and stand in front of us. At first, we thought he left something behind and wanted to ask us if we see it. But, we were wrong. He pass us his card and told us that his friend say we were looking at them just now and maybe we are interested with the plan. My hubby say no but he insisted to pass us his business card. Then, he left. The two of us laugh and find him stupid.
Will you do what this guy is doing????


New Kid on the Blog said...

I will not lor... because I moh tam, and pah chou (not brave & shy).
But, it's getting difficult to earn a living nowadays.... Don't you agree?

Kenny Ng said...

I think that guy was too desperate or too new in this field.

Anonymous said...

Cari makan very susah nowadays. There are just like insurance agents. Very hardworking and persistant.


Rabbit said...

That's why mummy say eating mia time don look here look there. Stare at ur own food can already. Keke!

erinalaw said...

New Kid On The Blog - Moh Tam is one thing but hor it's so funny mah. I won't dare to buy my unit trust from him also lar.

Kenny - I agree with you also

Anonymous - that is why i very scare of those insurance agent punya olang.

Rabbit - Must look around one. In case I spotted one lengcai leh. Then, it make my food more tasty mah. Hahaha...........