Friday, June 8, 2007

Who Win??? I Win Lar........

Just came back from banana leave lunch with my hubby. Actually, I wanted to eat tosai for breakfast this morning and he say hainanese chicken rice. So, ok lor. Then, the place he go don't have much things to eat - maybe I am fussy. That is what he always say about me. The 2 of us have been together for 12 years liau include 7 years of our marriage. But, still like budak budak. That is what our family members say about us. Don't look like husband and wife. The 2 of us talk nonsense to each other and at times can send sms to each other even though in the same house. In the end, Maxis untung. At times, 'xyz' language also come out. Hahaha.........
Ok, back to the story first. So, the place we go for breakfast this morning is at Mount Eskine Market. No choice and I order Wan Tan Mee. Luckily, it taste ok. So, I just keep quite and makan lor. This is our conversation :-
Hubby : Why so no mood.
Me : No appetite lar
Hubby : Why no appetite leh. Want to eat spicy food kah? Tosai leh?
Me : *stare at him* No lar
Hubby : Later, lunch time I take you go lor
Me : Don't wan lar. No free later. No need to work kah
Hubby : Don't lar merajuk. I date you lar for lunch for banana leave
Me : *smile* See how first
Hubby : Shiok liau lor hear I wan to take you for banana leave rice
- he just can't stop teasing me -
Me : Want to take me for lunch then, don't talk so much. Talk cock saja
Hubby : *look at me and smile* You win lar
Me : Yes, thank you
Hubby : Beh tahan
12:30pm - Invite me for lunch liau. He shout out loud. Makan time liau. Let's go loh poh.
2:00pm - after lunch and this is our conversation in the car
Hubby : Satisfied liau?
Me : *smile*. Yes, thank you
Hubby : Happy mah good lor. If not sure you jump up and down liau
Me : You want to tease me again is it? KNN (kan neneh)
Hubby : Wah lau!!! Taiping mali punya char boh like that ke meh?
Me : Cannot kah? You talk some more and see.......
Hubby : Why char boh always want to win only har. Cannot lost one har?
Me : TNS (tiu nea seng), you full liau lar. So, now talk cock again is it?
Hubby : Fuyoh!!! You no wash mouth this morning kah?
Me : Wash your head
Hubby : Ok lar, you win lar. Don' want to disturb you liau.
Me : Thank you
Hubby : Really cannot tahan you. Lagi can say thank you
Me : It's a manner mah
Hubby : You all char boh always wanna win only.
I am leaving to Kajang liau. So, have a nice weekend and I will show you the hotel I stay at. Muah!!!


Wingz said...

har? u not kambing kajang??

New Kid on the Blog said...

wahahahah.... allo... i can't stop laughing leh...
you two are cute!!
macam budak budak... but shiok to see your hubby teased you like that... fun hor?
of coz, we women must WIN la!

Rabbit said...

It's so hard to control myself from bursting out laughing in the office. kekekekeke! So cute lah both of u. Lovey dovey! Lucky ur lou gong also sek lou poh, sindiri surrender first. Keke!

Kenny Ng said...

LOL... your hubby so gentleman and funny.

erinalaw said...

Wingz - go lar. Come liau also

New Kid On The Blog - women mah!!! No matter also win one. Hehehe...

Rabbit - If you see the 2 of us, u will say we looks like twin or brother and sister. All of them say, we look quite alike.

Kenny - He is funny.............. very gila also

papajoneh said...

thanks for dropping by my blog :)

King's wife said...

Of course the woman wins lah! Hehehe! It's fun to be able to kid around and have silly conversations like these. :)

erinalaw said...

Papajoneh - welcome

king's wife - shiok hor? hehehe.......