Thursday, June 7, 2007

What People Like To Read???

What do you like to read from someone blog??? Last time (before I really get to know what is blogging all about) I just wonder why people like to read blogs and why someone love to write a blog. To me people are writing a blog are mainly to share their experience with you. Readers pulak leh they want to find out some information, laughter or jokes and bla bla bla bla................
For me, the same!!! I am writing to share and also picking up something to occupy my free time. When I read someone blog is when I find them interesting and informative. Let me share with you a few of my favourite blogs that I must go and read everyday without failing. I might not leave a comment there but I read each of their post.
1. 5XMom - she will talk lots of things from jokes to sex and to people and to everywhere lar
2. Malaysiabest - this blog belong to 5XMom too. Here she share with you about food
3. Horny Ang Moh - he is ang moh or not I am not, I don't know but 1 thing for sure is he is horny
4. Rojaks - this is a joker. Feeling down or sad? This is a good blog to drop by and laugh till you fall from your chair
5. Ahpek - name is ahpek but when he talk hor, like macho man leh. Good in his poem but getting less liau. That is what I miss alot
6. KennyNg - this is another person that will share with you about bands. But, he also talk about some other things that he come across in his daily life
7. Rabbit - Why rabbit? I am not sure. Young and happy go lucky beautiful bunny.
8. King's Wife - is she a king's wife? Yes, yes, yes.......... let's the queen share with you about her life.
9. Earl-Ku - this is another joker that will share with you some humsup stuff and funny things that he come across. There are times, he will talk about food too
10. Masak-masak - don't know what to eat and where to go? Quick, quick, quick!!! Go to this blog and find out more. Recently, she had been mention in female appetite.
Wow!!! Did not realise I have 10 already. Actually, they are more but hor this are the few that I surely drop by to really everyday. The next time, I will share with you some other blogs pulak. I promise!!!


ken said...

wow, it's whole new experience to know what people actually blog about.

anyway, just check up some of my fellow malaysia blogger. i think blog is getting more fun in malaysia when more people come to join us. i have couple of blog, and this is just my new blog talking about money;)

Kenny Ng said...

Fuyohhh... I also in ah? Thank you very very much ah.

erinalaw said...

Ken - Welcome!!! It is getting more fun. Fuyoh! You got few blogs? Good leh.

Kenny - Nei sek coh lar. The next time you balik penang mah belanja sama saya lar............ kekeke

Rabbit said...

Wah! I see my name! Tenkiu you! *bows*

Oh by the way, is this a tag or what? I've seen this in quite some blogs leh.

Wingz said...

wah!!! now i know that at least i got one reader ledi!!! I will lowlik kah yau wan!

erinalaw said...

Rabbit - no no no......... this is not a tag. Just wanna share with some of my readers my fav blogs cheh

Wingz - now you know I am your faithful reader leh? So, apa macam nuffnag sudah bayar sama lu, bila mau belanja chor? Don't pretend har.......

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Woah! Tq Tq very much! I will try to update as much as possible.Sure I am horny.But only in blogsphere. Have a nice day.