Thursday, July 19, 2007


Tonite I will be going to Paradise Sandy Beach Resort for dinner with some friends. I were told they are having some good promotion - Steak & Wine. But, our main objective is not going to dine but my friend is going over to see their ballroom. She is going to get marry end of the year. Let me go there and kepo tonite and I shall tell you more later.

I were there last year for 1 of my friend wedding. What is my comment? Good. I like the ambience. Food is not bad too. But I love the table gift they give us. Not sure if I still keep the picture. If I can find it, I shall post it later too.


Huei said...

yayy blog about it!

so nice can have wedding by the beach..or at a beach resort..Y kl no beach!?!?! >.<

belle said...

enjoy tonyt and plz plz plz bring alot alot pictures back! cannot eat must let me drool abit ahhahaha

erinalaw said...

Huei - very nice hor, wedding by the beach. Lagi romantic

Bell - ok.ok