Monday, July 16, 2007

Do You Date Your Wife Or Husband?

Life before married is always fun especially during courting period. So nice. So romantic. So shiok. But, what about after married?

I always hear people commenting that life after married is so much different. When during courting time, their partner is so damn good but after married.................... they begin to complaint alot. Their partner never take them out so often liau lar, hardly go out for dinner together and bla bla bla bla bla.
I see most married couple no longer do what they used to do during courting time. Very sad hor? But, it's a fact. Are we Asian like that? Why can't we have more romantic time after marriage apart from what we do on the bed lar, ok?
After 5 years of marriage, sometimes my hubby still date me to go out. Yes, we do. When my kids are over at my parents house, my hubby will either sms me or call me to date me out in the evening. What we do and where we go? Sometimes, we go watch movies, go jalan jalan by the beach or go cari makan. We have been doing that for many years liau. At times, when the kids are in nursery we go for lunch together lor. This is a time where the 2 of us spend together. Not that we don't have time to spend together at home but this is a different time. Dinner don't have to be an exclusive one but sometimes the 2 of us just go for satay or rojak at Gurney Drive. No serious talk during this hours - only some fun talk. Too much serious talk also make the relationship bored. Guess this could be one of the way to strengthen the marriage. There are lots of funny stuff that we still do even though we are married for 5 years. We still tease each other at times. Do we argue? YES, we do!!! No couple on earth that don't argue ok? My sister always said that by doing this, it have got some fun too. I don't know what she meant by that but if someone tell you that they don't argue - this means they lie. Are your 10 fingers same length? No, rite? So it's the same to human. All of us are different and all of us have different point of view. But, we can still do something to strengthen our relationship. Some will say that if the relationship don't work out in 2 or 3 years time they will just get divorce. In this case why get marry? The situation will even be worse if they have kids - this is where the innocent one get involve. Off course there are certain circumstances where only divorce is the answer. But, if it's possible who don't want a happy ending, rite?
Guess, till today I am one of the lucky lady but I enjoy it when my hubby call me up for a date. Remind me of our olden days. Hehehe................... So, do you date your wife or hubby? Give it a try and trust me, the both of you will be very happy. Again, it also help to strengthen the relationship. Try do it once or twice a month.
Everyone is having blue Monday but today I am having a great Monday. Because later, my hubby is going to date me for Nasi Dalcha. Nothing special rite? But it's the time that the both of us going to have some fun.
Stay happy and try calling your spouse to date him/her. Then, later share with me how you feel about it.


Laura said...

Hi There,

That's a good write up. I agree with you. You need to put some romance back into your marriage. You are a very lucky lady to find such a romantic man. All married couples should practice that. Put the children and all those housechores and problems aside and just spend time with each other to strengthened the bonding.

Differences of opinions are unavoidable in any relationships. .Agree to disgree sometimes and just dont let any disagreements come inbetween the two of you. Better to settle any differences quickly if possible or call a time out and just let it pass..Live and let live. Nothing is more important than your love for each other....



ipohchai said...

being married for over 2 years, I do still date my wife for movie, dinner or a holiday.

things would change a lil bit later on as she would be due to deliver our first baby in a few months time.

Hopefully it would turn better

Huei said...

awwww so sweet!!! ur husband is a very good man!

how nice to stay in penang..suka suka can go to the romantic!

yea lo..EVERY couple argues..impossible to have a couple that dun argue..unless they've been dating for a mth onli! =P heheheh

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Both u & ur hubby so sweet! Made for each other.

Bit Nee said...

Gosh I miss those days where we dress up for the date and when I see my then bf (now hubby) will still feel butterflies in the stomach!

I totally agree with Erina that to keep a relationship going,the romance cannot die off. Both of us have to work towards it. So if my hubby doesn't wanna date me, I will date him lor heheheh. Make sure he dress for me lor :)

belle said...

m not married but i think i witness your lovey dovey with yr hubby!
i dont see much married couples out there still laugh and fun as much as you guys..