Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Birthday WomanBizSENSE

We celebrate our WomanBizSENE 1st birthday at Eastern & Oriental Hotel last Friday (27 July 2007). WomanBizSENSE are a group of business ladies where we get together to exchange information or contacts. Joe and Krista were the one who started this group. Many might feel that we ladies have nothing to do and sit gather to gossip. NO WE DON'T!!! This is none of our business. Here, we have ladies who run business such as Real Estate, Internet, Education, Music, Art, Food, Advertising, Financial Planning and etc etc etc. Krista were fast and she wrote about this already. I am bit slow this time. After talking, we did not realise apart from me and Krista, Shiela also had got a blog but I did not manage to get her blog name.

We really had a good time gathering together. The ladies were sharing among ourselves what had happen for the past few months. Joe also invited a speaker to speak to us - using Management Skill in our family. I will tell you more on the next post but now I want to show you the pictures of us at 1885 in E & O Hotel.

This is the private room that Harriet manage to arrange for us.

Nice room, rite? This is where we ladies have our English afternoon tea.

The ladies are catching up with one another.............

Sharing idea .....................????

Our invited speaker, Mazlifah (retired HR Manager of INTEL)

Our seat are nicely arrange with our name tag. So nice............

Nice tarts.............. taste yummy too. Simple and tasty.

Sandwiches and scones

Food were good in 1885 but the most important thing is who we are eating with. We have so many lovely ladies there to share their experience, ideas and bla bla bla. It's so nice to catch up with them. This is my personal thanks to Chef Bob Lee(Executive Chef), Chef Mariam(Pastry Chef) and the Pastry Team for the nice pastry that had prepared. I will be attending another event in E&O coming Oct 07 which is organised by Food Friends. If I have any gathering with my friends, I will surely return to 1885. Hope I will still get the same service again. For anyone who love a quiet and cozy ambiance, I recommend you to drop by here to experience it yourself.

Eastern & Oriental Hotel
10, Lebuh Farquhar
10200 Penang
Tel : 604-222 2182


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! This cozy ambiance cost how much? Have a nice day!

BN said...

Wah brings us back to ladies having their afternoon English tea. Everything so prim and proper eheheh! Except that the ladies are not dressed in Victorian clothes :P

Yah a few of my friends who stayed at E&O commented that their service and ambience is even better than in Shang KL.

Yah anyway how much per pax? Just wana kepo..

Huei said...

wah cool! first time i've heard of such gathering..great job!! =D

Rabbit said...

Wah didnt know there is such a thing.
I thought such a thing only exist in drama. hhaha!

Krista said...

Hi Erina: Nice photos! Pity I didn't take photos of the scones and tea. Was too busy chatting I guess. For those who want to know, the private room at E&O Hotel is only for bookings RM2K and above but thanks to Harriet, we ladies managed to get the room for a lot less (yes, talk about Women Power in Negotiating). It's a great place for private events of 20 pax or so too. Erina, have linked to your website from my original post on this too. ;-)