Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Making Yoghurt - Recipe

Yoghurt are good for those who are on diet and also good for kids. Some of us wanted to make our own but do not know how to go about it. Both my kids begin to consume yoghurt since they were 3 months old. This mummy mad? Nope! Yoghurt good for digestion mah. But, I used their milk powder to do the yoghurt, so it's ok. Even till now, I made yoghurt for them by using kids milk powder. I realise many children love eating yoghurt so I want to share with you the recipe on how to make it. It's good for those who are on diet and for your children too.

Recipe :

1000ml Warm Water (not boiling water)
400g Milk Powder(depends on what milk powder your kids take)/Lowfat Milk Powder
125g Natural Yoghurt

Method :

1. Place the milk powder in the warm water (use a clean pot for this) and stir well. Make sure the powder are properly mix.
2. Then, pour the natural yoghurt in it and mix well.
3. Cover the pot and place aside at a more cooling place. Leave it for more than 8 hours. Do not open it so often as the water from the cover might drop in the yoghurt. Do not leave it in the fridge for it to cultivate.
Tips : You can prepare it in the morning and used it in the evening OR make it at night and used it the next day. After 8 hours is still ok.

This is how it look like after 8 hours. Creamy look, rite? Not ready to used yet ok. If you consume yogurt quite often, I suggest you take 125g out from the pot and keep it in the fridge so you do not need to buy natural yoghurt again.

Add some honey. I used only 150g honey. The sweetness is depends on individual.

Divide the yoghurt into 2 portion or more if you want. For me, I making 2 flavour therefore I divide them into 2 bowl. The above one is soursop. I used about 300g of soursop flesh.

The other portion, I add in with 250g of blueberry pie filling. Stir it well. Then, you can keep it in the fridge for about a week. There is no preservation therefore we can't keep it too long. Guess that is what we want rite? Natural, no preservative, sweetness is control, clean and etc etc etc.

My son is enjoying his soursop yoghurt. We can't get this flavour in the supermarket, rite? Both my children love yoghurt very much. They consume it almost everyday.

Happy Making!!!


belle said...

1st! hahah~
i never like yogurt eeee! but i dont know why..after seeing you pictures..its so tempting T T
will try soon!thks!!

Sweet Jasmine said...

Very yummy yogurt you got there! I use to make yogurt from low-fat milk...wah! blueberry pie filling?? must get from Cooking Island...lol.

ipohchai said...

Eee... I don't eat yogurt le

New Kid on the Blog said...

somebody told me you need to have a yogurt machine to make yogurt, but then after this, I reliaze is easy as ABC....

the natural yogurt can be purchased in any supermarket?

Anonymous said...

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miss.reenee said...

wow looks good! must try d next time =)

King's wife said...

Aiya...who's that idiot anon above? Spoiling it for everyone!

Making yoghurt is so easy ah? Looks good.

Rabbit said...

Haha! Hey I got the same comment as well! The spoilers!

Wahhhh cost saving hor? But wait, will it taste like milk ah? Cos my parents dont really like milk. if it doesnt really taste like milk then I can try making lor.

Kenny Ng said...

I want I want!

Anonymous said...

hi Erina,

WOahhh yoghurt! my favourite! i eat it everday as breakfast! muhahaahhahah...A few questions to ask.

Can we use milk in stead of milk powder?

Which brand of milk/milk powder and natural yoghurt do you recommend??

I love yoghurt which is creamy! Currently i'm consuming Anlene's yoghurt.

Ai Yen

Huei said...

ohhh cool!!! i didnt know u can make yoghurt like that! how does natural yoghurt taste like? i've never been a fan..but it sounds interesting..and looks SOOOO yummy!!!!

u mean u can keep reusing whatever u make each time for the natural yoghurt?

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Yuck! Yuck! So yoghurt is stale milk! No wander taste sooo yucky!! This is my personal opinion only ok. It is just that I 'don't know' how to eat! BUt nice infor anyway. Have a nice day!

BN said...

Yawor...I also dun like milk powder...can I just use milk? Low fat one can arr?? Will it taste too milky ar?? ermm..I dun really enjoy the too milky taste but Matt enjoys it :(

As for the measurements, if I wanna make smaller portions, I just divide everything into half can?

erinalaw said...

Wah!!! Lots of question to answer here. :-) but, I am happy to answer it one by one.

Belle - It's nice!!! Can keep fit lagileh.

Sweet Jasmine - Can make other flavour also - mango, strawberry, cranberry and macam macam lagi

Ipohchai - aiyoh!!! Eat already good for digestion also mah

New Kid On The Blog - Easy until budak kecil also can do. Natural yoghurt can buy from supermarket. If you eat everyday, just buy 1 time to make the starter. After that, you can take from your own yoghurt liau.

Annoymous - Thank you but I am not a fan of Harry Potter. We are here talking about food. You come to the wrong channel already.

Ms. Reenee - try try try. Then, can share with your family, relatives and kawan kawan. hehehe...

King's Wife - making yoghurt very easy only lar. Try lar. Don't know who is that idiot trying to be funny here. Spoilt our mood only, hor?

Rabbit - i know you also got a gila commentor on your side. u won't smell so much of milk in yoghurt actually. You can use fruit puree to cover the smell also. Want to try carrot yoghurt or durian yoghurt? hahaha..... Anyway, you can make carrot yoghurt drink.

Kenny Ng - you got take yoghurt kah? Address please. I ask them to send to you.

Ai Yen - Use milk powder lar. Taste better mah. Milk powder depend on you lor. Anlene also can. Natural yoghurt, I also buy anlene one. But if you cannot find, you can buy other brand too.

Huei - very easy only. Everytime when you yoghurt ready liau, u take out 125g again from your newly made natural yoghurt and keep for the next badge. But there is no preservative in our yoghurt therefore the life-shell is short only - max is about 10 days.

Horny - wait till you 'HIGH' punya jam or you are at the most horny stage, put it in your mouth, you sure say damn good liau. hahaha.....

bn - What is the different between milk powder and milk leh? Also susu at the end mah. If you are on diet, you can use low fat lor. You can also use the fruit puree to cover the smell. You can half the portion if you cannot finish so much. Mummy, take lots of susu lar. Good for baby. I almost finish the baju for your girl liau

Anonymous said...

hi erina,

MIlk powder tastes better?? I din know that! ok I shall use milk powder then! ehheeheh...coz i seldom consume milk powder so i do not know which brand tastes nicer! hehehe :)

Ai yen