Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Greatest Love ......

I have been talking so much about love lately but do all of us actually know the real meaning of love? At times, I could also be lost on this word. Love is priceless and it don't have a limit. There are many types of love - parents love, friends love, animal love and many more to name. But what I want to talk about today is parents love or to be more specified is MOTHER'S LOVE.
Lately the media is writing about Jess Teh, mother to a young and lovely girl called Shearwel Ooi Ying Ying. Today, The Star wrote about Jess Teh again. Jess's mother had forgiven her on all her. The word disowned her which mentioned by Jess father earlier is withdrawl back. Which parents don't love their children especially a mother. Mothers are the one that give the greatest love to their kids. I am a mother and I can know. Love between a mother and baby begin to develop from the moment a mother is pregnant. The baby is in our stomach for 10 months and we share things together. No one will know how a mother feel. Whenever, I got my punishment when I were young, my mum still love me no matter what. After I got cane and later when I go to bed, she will put some oil on the area she beat me. Do you all know why she do it? Whenever a mum punished their kids, she feel the most pain of all. A mother loves her kids so much therefore, she need to guide them and punished them. I were once a young girl who is naughty and also been punished. Today, I am someone mother and also punish my own kids when they are naughty. So, when the news mentioned that Jess's mother forgive her - I can understand why. It a mother's love that no one can understand. It is easy for everyone to say this - if I am her mother, I will ........................... (all sort of statement you will be heard) but when the real thing take place to you, everything will be different. I can fully understand her mother, Ong Sea Huah. But, on the other hand I still hate Jess Teh. Hey, I am also a human, ok? Again, she is the headline for all newspaper. She said she can't sleep well for the past 15 days because she was so sad. She also said she always think of her daughter. As a mother, she and Ying Ying had got the same interest where they love painting, dancing and they both love pink. I really do not not know what to say anymore. Is this a lie or she is regret over what she had done. The moment she lie to the policemen and make a false statement, she is already proven what kind of mother is she. The boyfriend had killed her daughter, her very own daughter but she kept the truth. In return, she make a lie. What I can say here is her love for her boyfriend is greater than her very own daughter.
Everyone is working so hard to provide the best and protect our kids but Jess Teh is the other opposite of us. I am nobody to this little adorable Ying Ying but my heart felt so pain everytime I read about her news. She is so lovely.......................................
What is your opinion on this incident?
You can also login to The Star to find out more stories. To bad, I am not Chinese educated otherwise, I can kepo (busy-body) more stories. Anyone who had read Chinese newspaper wanna share their information with me?


Laura said...

We are not in Jess shoes and why she told a lie. Until we have more info and realised why she did what she did, we should not judge her a good or bad mother. She is innocent until proven guilty.

Huei said...

did u watch the interview on thestar? she didn't even cry..and her answers are so blant..

"how do you feel?"

she didnt even sound sad!

yea, i'm not a mum..but i treat my dog as my daughter, and i love her with all my heart..i am willing to sacrisfy everythign for her..even if she bit me, caused my necklace to get snatched, scratched me and left a scar..i still love her!

BN said...

To be honest, I really am saddened with the whole incident esp when I see Ying Ying's cute photo in the newspaper. Whether cute or not, she is still an innocent kid and became the victim of a ruthless murderer. Sometimes I really wonder what went through the murderer's mind while he did this? If he is not happy with raising other people's kid then give up for adoption or asked Jess Teh's mother to take care of it. But why did he do all this and why did Jess Teh lied about her missing kid?

Yes she is innocent until proven guilty(and I give her the benefit of the doubt) but I am saddened by the fact that she was the accomplice to the whole situation. How could you allow your bf to use petrol to burn your daughter's corpse? Was she threatened by her bf? Maybe... but it doesn't justify the reason of being an accomplice to the whole thing?

The truth hurts...

And yes a mother's love is so GREAT and sometimes no matter what they have done, a mother's love is so VAST to cover the multitude of mistakes/ wrong doings. I have seen that being practised with my MIL - no matter what the son has done, she still forgives and accept him willingly to come back (despite no remorse, sense of guilt from the son). Sigh....

Laura said...

From your perspective , it does not justify the reason of being an accomplice to the whole thing?You may feel indignant over her role in that.

Sometimes, there are also other factors to be taken into considerations. We cannot be jumping into conclusion without understanding what made her do that. This would be unfair to her.

She is in the midst of a divorce and her parents were hostile to her which was why she took her baby away from them .Perhaps it had to do with this new b/f which her parents was not in favour off.

The guy and she was on drugs...Do you know what it is like to be in a divorce situation? What kind of mental and stress she had to faced?
Did she willingly go along or was she coerced ?Was she abused and manipulated? We dont have those answers yet.

Something snapped or happened beyond their control . No mother would want to kill their own children unless she is deranged or becomes suicidal like another case.

It could be a probability of death by misadventure but they tried to cover it up which was wrong or he was high on drugs at that moment and did what he was not aware off.
This are just probabilities and until he tells the truth, no one will know. Because of what he did after her death,the police will become suspicious of the circumstances and will charge him for murder.Will it stick or not, the courts will decide on his fate...
Do you know whats the motive for killing her? I dont know....

erinalaw said...

Laura - No one is accusing her but I agree with what bn said, how can you allow your bf to used petrol to burn your very own daughter. Going thru hard time? I had that experince and honestly, the pain is no one can share with me. The moment she is on drug, is a bad example to our kids already. Anyway, everyone had got a different point of view here. I even agree with Huei, that she did not cry at all when she is being interview. No one is taking anything serious here. I hope you are not too :-). We just want to share some opinion here and off course we are not anyone to judge on this matter.

Huei - I agree with you. When my kids hurts a little bit, I already cannot tahan liau.

BN- she could be innocent but somehow, she still make mistaken. Off course, who are perfect on this earth. No one and not even myself but as a mother we protect our kids and give them the best. Btw, how are you doing now. Your bb girl baju, I siap liau lor. Fai hor? I afraid I don't have much time so I do it much earlier. I even make it bigger so she can wear for longer time mah. This auntie good leh?

Laura said...

It is not whether how can you allow your bf to used petrol to burn your very own daughter

Did she has a choice? Her daughter was dead due to negligence or accidental or intentional? No one knows as yet how the baby died . What you read in the papers is just heresay....she drowned in the tub.There is no concrete proof.It is only specualtion.

Maybe she got the wrong advise from her b/f and if they went to the police, it would be the end of them .They had to dispose of the dead body...maybe , they see too many murder stories and decided this was the best way to dispose the corpse. This is ofcourse just my speculations.

I am not serious but I am saying that your method of thinking is abit flawed. It is not a simple case...We need to delve deeper before we can come to a conclusion....It is just like three blind man touching an elephant and not seeing the complete picture.

Just my views only..

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

i'm quite disagree with you...I find that the whole world you are the only one who is believing her. Yes , the result is not finalise and she managed to get away from murder crime . She may not know what she is doing at that time but all of us are made of blood and flesh. I think that even we were on drugs , we are still conscious on what are we doing at that time , rite ?

You may sounds mature but i think that you have to use your brain to think again based on your thoughts.

I am a man but i think that no mothers or parents on earth is going to see your own blood children to be murder and decomposed by someone . Furthermore , she was accompliance with her BF at that cemetery to witness it together with her BF and made the public like a fool searching for her daughter!!

Last but not least is she your relative ? I will understand if you are standing for her.