Saturday, July 21, 2007

Wedding Venue

As I have promised, let me present you where my friends and I went to check out for a venue for her wedding dinner - Paradise Sandy Beach Resort, Penang.
Since it's almost dinner time Feon (Assistant Sales Manager) invited us for dinner and we only wanted something special therefore we had chosen Delifrance. I always love to eat at Delifrance since my school day. Anyway, I am a bread lover. Want to see what we had ate?

I had croissant. That is good enough for me.

Ceaser Salad with Nuggets. They were very generous with the parmesan cheese and this make the salad taste so great. Yum yum!!!

Seafood Platter................

This is the Devil Chicken. All of us agreed that the chicken is good. Next time when you are there, do give it a try.

Now the eating session is over and we better hurry up with our main purpose there - view the ballroom and the rooms too. Don't want to take up too much of the sales person time too. Oh ya!!! The sales person who show us around is Feon, very nice lady. It's already 7pm and it's not so nice to take up her time so much. Later, we manage to meet up with Mr. Peter Tan who is incharge of Food & Beverage. If I am not mistaken he is the Director of Operation. Very nice guy.

Let me show you their nice ballroom ....................

This is an area outside the ballroom. I guess it's almost 2,000++ sq. If you are planning for a BBQ part, this venue can be consider. Eh!!! Anyone want to organise a Blogger Party here?

My friend is planning to have her Tea Ceremony outside the ballroom. The Hotel also provide guest a room for Tea Ceremony if it's request. But I think this area out the ballroom is good enough. Spacious also.

Laguna Ballroom. It can go up to 45 tables and the maximum is 55 tables.

The ceiling height is just nice. Not too high and not too low. So, it's easier for the hotel staff to do any decoration if it's being requested by customers.

This is the stage.

This is the invitation cards supply by Paradise Sandy Beach. There are 2 colours for you to choose. Red or Beige. My friend is going to pick the beige colour. I think they are providing one of the nice looking invitation card in Penang.

We were being informed that there will be a Bridal Fair next week. I used my camera to snap a picture from their brochure. So, you can see the details above. During this fair, you will be able to see Bridal Make-up Demonstration, Feng Shui Talk, Ice Carving Demonstration, Baba Nyonya Wedding Presentation, Grand Bridal Show, Traditional Bridal Show and Art of Cake Dressing. There will also be buffet dinner. So, do not miss this opportunity. Married already? Still can go mah!!! For what? Aiyoh!!! Take this opportunity to visit Paradise Sandy Beach, you might be also planning for some other party, gathering or dinner. I told Feon that during my 10th wedding anniversary, I will consider going to their hotel and she say 10th anniversary will be long to go. Woi!!! I am already married for 7 years and just another 3 more years to go only. Anyone want to join me there?

After that, we went to have a look at the rooms. If you confirm your wedding dinner to be held there, you will be given a free Bridal Suite. Feon show us one of the Suite Room. Honestly, I love the room. Why? It's beautiful. Most hotels used white bed cover and nothing so big deal about their room but here in Paradise Sandy Beach is different. No wonder my cousins told me their rooms were FANTASTIC when there were here in Penang 1 month ago.

This is the living room

In the Suite, there is a Kitchen too. Isn't it great???

This is the living room. Do you see the picture on the wall. It's beautiful but I could not take a good picture. You know what? I were told that the pictures were taken by their General Manager and later enlarge it to make it into posters. Fuyoh!!! Not only that, all the posters in rooms are taken by their General Manager too. *if only I have a chance to meet him, I must learn from him already*

The balcony................. facing the sea. Romantic?

The most beautiful part.............. the bedroom. Don't you think room is nice? The room is so damn romantic. I almost want to sleep on the bed already.

So, how do you think of this hotel? Nice or not? Any bloggers from other state travelling to Penang and looking for a place to stay? You can consider Paradise Sandy Beach. Not too far from Gurney Drive. It's only about 10mins drive. This is surely a good venue for holidaymaker too. I almost forget to tell you that they have a very nice beach too. The beach just at the back of the hotel. I am not too sure whether they do arrange for wedding cocktail near the beach or not. If yes, it's going to be really really romantic.

I will update you with some of their food promotion later. So, if any of you are planning for your wedding do remember to visit Paradise Sandy Beach on 28 - 29 July 2007.

*this is not an advertisement nor sponsored post. this post is written base on my experience*



Wuching said...

the bed is the most sexciting photo of all!

Kenny Ng said...

argh!!!!!! Hungry!!!

Laura said...

Hi Erina,

Another great post from you . Thank you very much for the great pics and the hotel's info.I think you did a very great PRO job for the hotel..keke!What about the cost?Just kaypo only..


Huei said...

wahhhh the devil chicken is so evil!

now i'm hungry!!!!! hehehee

love the suite! free nice!!! =D

L'abeille said...

Makes me want to go for a holiday right now....
Do nothing...go no where...just sleep inside a room as beautiful as this one :)

Rabbit said...

Wah! Look so romantic mia the suite! Ehheeee!

belle said...

if i go pg next time I SURE CALL U BRING ME GO!
we go sleep on the bed *sounds wrong*
but good things must share! ahaha
the lights are so nice !

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

The bed look sooooo inviting!!!So soft so springy so & so....Ha! Ha! Good post. Oh that chicken look very tasty! Have a nice day.

mrs b said...

your review makes me want to go penang for holiday and stay at sb, but i will just contribute to the jammed roads huh?