Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kids Are Not Stupid

I were reading some article today and suddenly it remind me of an incident whch happen to my friend students who are only 5 years old. Kids are very naif and sometimes they give us answer that is funny but at the same time it make sense too. She told me about an incident happen to her students from the kindy and after that, I keep on laughing.
One day, she was teaching about animals and as usual there will be a lot of questions from students - funny one, silly one and lots of others. This is the conversation between her and some students.
Teacher : What is the fastest animal on earth?
Student 1 : Jaguar
Teacher : Ok. Can anyone tell me which is the slowest animal?
Student 2 : Tortoise lor. They are vely slow one. I can walk faster than them. Why can't they
walk faster teacher?
Student 1 : Is it because they no eat rice like us? Maybe they eat too much kangkong liau. My
mummy say hor eat alot of kangkong can get fongsap (arthritis). Maybe the tortoise
eat too much of kangkong liau and they got fongsap so, they cannot walk fast fast lor.
Teacher : *keep silence and look at the students*
Student 3 : Maybe the tortoise have to eat Tiger biscuits. Like that mah can be strong lor.
Student 4 : Also must drink milk like us mah
Teacher : Children, tortoise don't eat those food
Student 1 : Cannot say cannot eat one. Everytime I tell my mummy I cannot eat those food she
say must try to eat. So, the tortoise also must try to eat mah.
There is a student who sit at the corner very quiet and suddently he said this ..........................
Student 5 : We can make the tortoise walk faster.
Teacher : How ???
Student 5 : Put 1 engine in the tortoise then the tortoise mah can move faster lor. Vely easy
only mah. Teacher, you want your tortoise in that bowl to move faster or not? I can
ask my ahpa to do it for you. I can take the tortoise home today and bring to my
ahpa workshop later. I can ask him to put 1 engine in the tortoise. Want? Free for
Teacher : *speechless*
The children are not stupid but they are very naif. At least they make us laugh, rite? If my 2 kids tell me this, I sure go pengsan. What will you do if your kid tell you this?


Wuching said...

the bionic tortoise!

yu ming said...

hahaha... i have heaps of funny stories as well! That is what keeps me loving my job! :)They really make you laugh... and a lot of times they teach me something in return.

Kenny Ng said...

Hahaha... kids are smart now days

When did u email me? I don't see geh?

erinalaw said...

Wuching - hmmm.......... not bad hor?

Yu Ming - i agree. sometimes my kids teach me back in return. Malu lor.

Kenny - they are damn smart,ok? Like my son, he can trick me in return. Not like us last time, bodoh soi. I email you almost 2 weeks ago lor.

wmw said...

Dropped by from the Ultimate blog you have here!

Huei said...


sure pengsan!!!!

very smart actually!!! hehhehe

erinalaw said...

wmw - thanks.

Huei - you also pengsan leh?

Rabbit said...

*faintzz* If i were that teacher i will au huet~

belle said...

shit man! kida nowdays..i think teacher needs to go for many many update course lol!

erinalaw said...

Rabbit - wait till u have ur own kids, u lagi au huet. hehehe.........

Belle - kids are very smart nowadays. They can be very tricky too.