Monday, April 2, 2007

My Marriage Life.....

Today, when I opened my pc and as usual lar........ I will go login to my blog, my website at Cooking Island and my others favourite blogs such as 5XMom, AhPek, Wingz, Earl-ku and etc. Aiyoh!!! Terkejut when I saw my leng cheh, Lilian tag me on her article - Meme - "Why I marry my husband" (ewwss).

I have saw Lilian husband a couple of times and I can say he is a real nice guy. When she come by over at my shop to buy things, when Lilian say wanna try this? The husband will just say, buy lar. He is not a mah fun type or the fussy type. Normally, when I go shopping I always see the same thing happening to some couples. That is when the wife ask the husband opinion about something they want to buy, the husband will start to ask back, "how much". If the item is expensive then, they will start to raise up their voice liau. "Aiyoh, so expensive leh. Put back put back. Don't wan liau". But this is not in Lilian atm lor. He is an adventurous guy. He will tell Lilian, buy and try lar. Wah!!! I know many ladies will envy about this when you get to hear this.

Ok. Back to my story liau. Why I marry my husband - Mr Lawrence Cheah?

1. He Is A Gentleman - not alike some other guys who never pay for meals. Always think that lady should also pay when go out for dinner.

2. He Is A Supportive Person - no matter what happen, he is always there to give me the courage and support to go thru any problems.

3. He Is A Joker - he will tell you lots and lots of jokes and not like some man, very tai lum yan or no sense of humour.

4. Love Me For Who I Am - I am not like those lady who is 36-28-36. But, no matter what, even till today he had never mention about my size and in fact always ask me to go makan with him.

5. He Is A Responsible Guy - He always knows his duty well as a man. He is not rich but he got a plan to make sure his family is always in good condition and his family will not suffer in anything.

5. He Never Let Me Handle Things All By Myself - no matter is hard or good time, he always share it with me.

6. Handsome??? - boleh bring out for show lar. Hahaha.....LOL

7. Most off all - both of us have similar interest. That bring us together.

Some of my friends did say they really envy me coz from the day I know my hubby I tak pernah naik bus to go anywhere. I am honest. The last time, I took a bus were 7 years ago where I need to go to KL with my colleagues for some official work.

It's already a total of 13 years by now including of 5 years courting. If not because of Lilian, I did not realise I have became his wife for almost 8 years - anak also sudah 2, the boy is 4 years old and the girl is 2 years old. All I can say is, I have no regrets of being his wife. *psst : actually he did not know I write about this article. wait till he read this, surely he will call my name loud loud liau*

This article is specially dedicate to my husband. Lilian, if not because of you - guess, I will not write this special story for Lawrence.


A10 said...

yeah erina, lawrence is good looking & 'boleh di bawa majlis' ;) said...

Wuah...Lawrence read liao, tomolo buy 99 roses and propose all over again. Kehkehkeh.

Bit Nee said...

Haha...please let us know how Lawrence reacted to this article. Would love to see his expression hehe... ;) I see another baby on the way leow...:P

erinalaw said...

a10 - ekornya sudah start to come out when he saw your comment. He say this means he is handsome....

5xmom - 99 flowers?Never get from him before wor....... the most is only 24. Kiamsiap hor.

bitnee - another baby? no no no.... my 2 monsters also enough liau. How is your baby going on?

bit nee said...

Baby doing ok, going into my 3rd month this week. Still having problems with the evening sickness and the quite often nausea and dizzyness but otherwise ok la. Excited to see baby very active in the womb :)

kenwahfu said...

Wau, better don`t display too much of him or his boey will khiaw.


erinalaw said...

Kenwahfu - yar hor. Otherwise, he think he is the best liau. True true.... LOL