Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Finally, the day has come............... Today, is my bread making competition. Awal awal 5pagi sudah bangun. Go to school last time also no need to wake up so early. We are requested to place our things there from 6 to 8 am. After that, it will be the judging time. Btw, I am joining the Bread Making in Battle of The Chefs, Penang. It's at Bayview Beach hotel. It's open to public to view and I am not sure what time it's open for them to see. All I know is yesterday I sleep late and this morning early early have to wake up liau. Again, my hubby got to help lar. Yesterday, help me to clear my stuff and a little bit of decorating. If you go and see the display hor, if you see the simplest one then, it's mine. To me the most important things is the edible bread and not so much of the mock bread. We are requested to make 5 different type with different dough edible bread and a centrepiece (for showcase saja lar). Hey, that is Hotel Artist kerja ok? Bakers are meant to make and bake bread.

Anyway, my breads are all there and waiting to be judge. Like I say earlier, menang or kalah is not so much important for me this year. After all, it's my first year in the competition and I just want to gain some experience. I will download the pictures later and share with you guys. Oh ya! For bread lover, I will be sharing the recipes of my 5 types of bread. I promise you, the taste of the bread.......... is moh tak teng (damn good).

Now, I am so damn tired and I needed some rest. But at the same time, I miss blogging so much. I told my hubby this morning, I miss my sembangNtalk so much. After my resting, I shall come back to share more things with you all. I have so much things to write about food, about people, about places and bla bla bla..... anyway, now I can't really concentrate. Let me come back after my nap first zzzzzzzzzzzz ................

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King's wife said...

Goodie! Got bread recipe. Can't wait. :)