Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Kids

Many of my friends were asking me how is my kids getting on and who they look like. Okay, since today I am a little bit free I decided to blog about my 2 little monsters. Hahaha.... this is what me and my hubby call them. My son, Delwin is 4 years old now and this is a cheeky guy. He can trick anyone even adult. I am serious and about his "ngau lek" (energy) - even 3 adult man can hold him if he wants to go against you. But somehow hor, we never taught him how to hold a book correctly when he read. He did it himself at the age of 1 year plus. This make me very proud of him. His favourite food, no one will ever guess it rite - huat kueh!!! Never ever let him see huat kueh or else he will chase after it. He is also a fruits lover - banana, grapes and apples are his favourite.

About my little girl Delwina, she is 2 years old already lor. This little girl always look for food only and hor she don't chincai put things in her mouth one. At times when we buy her cookies and she don't like it, habis lar....... see who is the unlucky one that she will goes to to ask you to finish up the whole thing. Her mouth also tak boleh finish talking one. Talk and talk and talk tarak habis one. Most of all she is daddy pet lar. Girls.........


kenwahfu said...

I see you got great and beautiful kids. Great to know you.I`m from Penang too.


erinalaw said...

Kenwahfu - Thanks. Since you are from Penang, you must have also attend the blogger meet at e-gate, ya?

zewt said...

hi there. thanks for dropping by my blog. hope to see more.

Delwin and Delwina... what will be the 3rd one call? assuming you're gonna get one :)